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GOD WARS The Complete Legend v1.0 - HOODLUM

Poster GOD WARS The Complete Legend torrent download
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The game GOD WARS The Complete Legend is a tactical RPG that focuses on turn-based battles. The player controls a group of characters moving on small maps made up of squares, where everything is displayed in an isometric perspective. We give commands to our fighters during battles, ordering them to attack, defend or heal themselves. The result depends on several factors: character statistics, their equipment, skills and location on the map, since the arenas are multi-level, which allows players to attack enemies under them. Compared with God Wars Future Past, the new part of God Wars The Complete Legend offers faster gameplay, more support tools, a higher level of experience and new game characters from Momotaro, Kiji, Saru.
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Border Officer v0.7

Poster Border Officer torrent download
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Border Officer — an adventure game in the style of a simulator with elements of action. Here you will take on the role of a simple person who must do his job properly in order to ensure a bright future for the family. Your task is to work for the state and fulfill all its missions. Your family is big enough, and you are the only one capable of working. You will play the role of an immigrant officer who sets off on an adventure and must be prepared for unexpected events. Since you work for the state, it allocated to you your own car and house. In your hands hold the whole economy. You will be given a certain amount of money that you have to distribute as correctly as possible.

This game has been updated 13-06-2019, 14:51 to the latest version v0.7.

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Train Valley 2 v126 (upd.13.06.2019)

Poster Train Valley 2 torrent download
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Train Valley 2 is a very interesting railway puzzle, and at the same time a strategy, as well as an economic background. Here you will have to build railways, transport, develop and earn money. In general, here you will need to become the real owner of the railway company. And the first thing I would like to say that in comparison with the previous part, the first, in this one you will have more nice and nice graphics and a slightly changed interface. Now, even immediately after training you will not be difficult to take on the most difficult tasks.

This game has been updated 13-06-2019, 08:49 to the latest version v126 (upd.13.06.2019).

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Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground Expansion v1.7.2 - PLAZA

Poster Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground Expansion torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.7.2 TORRENT PLAZA
Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground Expansion is the second expansion for the computer version of the space flight simulator, critically acclaimed by the Kerbal Space Program. This is a multifunctional extension focused on increasing the objective possibilities after reaching the heavenly bodies by adding more interesting research efforts and the expansion of the Toolbox. After landing on a celestial body, various data collection equipment can now be used to conduct scientific experiments.

This game has been updated 13-06-2019, 04:30 to the latest version v1.7.2.

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Tropico 6 v1.05 Rev 101048 - CODEX

Poster Tropico 6 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.05 Rev 101048 TORRENT CODEX
Do you know that dictatorship and totalitarianism has not been canceled as well as the ability to download the Tropico 6 torrent? In this popular and well-known urban planning simulator, each user has the opportunity to choose their own policy of authority. One cohort of players tends to be more loyal to the government, aiming at creating the most natural utopia, where there is no division into classes and everyone lives in equal conditions. The other, on the contrary, is eager to concentrate all the levers of influence solely in his own hands, turning innocent people into anything in a gray mass of slaves who are forced to work 16 hours a day is not for the good of the country, but only for you.

This game has been updated 12-06-2019, 15:28 to the latest version v1.05 Rev 101048.

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Stellaris Galaxy Edition v2.3.1 (Galaxy Edition) - CODEX

Poster Stellaris Galaxy Edition torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.3.1 (Galaxy Edition) TORRENT CODEX
Stellaris Galaxy Edition is a multi-scale game in the strategy genre, where all events will occur in real time. Initially, you have to go on a long journey to explore the vast and endless space. You will be engaged in the colonization of new found systems that are suitable for life and are filled with useful resources. But there will be a series of rather disappointing events, in consequence of which a brutal war between you and your rivals will unfold, where you will fight for the right to own the title of ruler of the entire universe. Before you will open hundreds of thousands of different planets that have the property to be generated randomly. But be very careful, because not all systems are useful and friendly. You need to be as fast as possible in order to colonize the most useful of the planets ahead of the enemy.

This game has been updated 12-06-2019, 14:48 to the latest version v2.3.1 (Galaxy Edition).

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Stellaris Ancient Relics v2.3.1 - HOODLUM

Poster Stellaris Ancient Relics torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.3.1 TORRENT HOODLUM
Ancient Relics is a new Story Pack add-on DLC to Stellaris 4X-strategy developed by Paradox Development Studio. The main theme of the addition was archeology. The release date is currently unknown. Ancient Relics, in addition to tasks, includes an archaeological system, artifacts and their study, new types of ancient civilizations, and several updated functions. For example, developers are going to completely redo the implementation of sectors in the near future, but for now they will simply improve it with the release of Ancient Relics.

This game has been updated 12-06-2019, 14:44 to the latest version v2.3.1.

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SpaceEngine v0.990 (upd.12.06.2019)

Poster SpaceEngine torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.990 (upd.12.06.2019) TORRENT
SpaceEngine game was created for the gamer to try for the pleasure of exploring not only the visible universe on a ship with a beautiful structure, but also flying through uncharted territories generated randomly. Thus, you have to go the hard way of a traveler, studying the expanses of the galaxy, and even visiting other sectors. Entire clusters of galaxies and even more can fly around on your ship, although this cannot happen in physics. Well, and graphics radeed, which is made wisely, using the latest technology, but because the sunrises, sunsets and other colorful events on the planet will surprise you.
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We Need to Go Deeper v0.9.7 - SKIDROW

Poster We Need to Go Deeper torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.9.7 TORRENT SKIDROW
We Need To Go Deeper is a cooperative game where you can perfectly spend time with your friends, setting off on an incredible and very exciting adventure through a fantastic universe, with various challenges and possibilities. To begin, you will need to create your own character, making it unique in its performance and endowing with certain traits of character and appearance. Before you open the underwater world, where you are given the opportunity to control a large submarine. This submarine contains a lot of different elements to which you will be required to supply energy. But this energy itself is not enough for all the elements, so you will need to prioritize in the correct order.

This game has been updated 12-06-2019, 07:33 to the latest version v0.9.7.

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American Truck Simulator Washington - PLAZA

Poster American Truck Simulator Washington torrent download
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American Truck Simulator Washington — new addition DLC to American Truck Simulator, in which you will go to the evergreen state of America — Washington. It is a leading producer of lumber and the largest producer of apples, grapes, potatoes and many other products of the food industry. You can find there a lot of manufacturing companies, software developers, and more.
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