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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Dodge Modern v1.5.25.4 - PLAZA

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Dodge Modern torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.5.25.4 TORRENT PLAZA
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Dodge Modern is an interesting computer game that invites you to become for a couple of hours those who you may have dreamed of becoming as a child, namely, an auto mechanic. Thus, you will have a chance to show all your skills and knowledge in the structure of cars, because with this you have to earn a living and feed your family. But realizing that it’s not possible to capture the players' attention every year, the developers decided to show something new, because now the developers used some of the finds from the famous TV show «American Chopper». In its spaces, as you know, well-known mechanics tried to find among the piles of rubbish interesting representatives of the automotive business and, with the help of mending and giving them a decent appearance, profit from getting almost double benefit from each sold car.

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Green Hell v0.4.4 (upd.01.03.2019) - ALI213

Green Hell torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.4.4 (upd.01.03.2019) TORRENT ALI213
Green Hell — this new game on the theme of survival in harsh conditions. This time you are waiting for the «green hell» in the depths of the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon. All you have is a walkie-talkie and a well-known voice that calls you. In these incredibly difficult conditions, you will struggle not only with animals or tropical diseases, but also with the play of your own mind. Endless dangers, fear, hunger and thirst are serious tests for the mind, and in such circumstances it is necessary to exert all forces to remain in sound mind. The theme of survival is increasingly gaining popularity among developers, in Green Hell you will find beautiful graphics and many other unique developments that will make the game interesting and exciting.

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Tabletop Simulator Tortuga 1667 v11.1 (upd.01.03.2019) - PLAZA

Tabletop Simulator Tortuga 1667 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Current version v11.1 (upd.01.03.2019) TORRENT PLAZA
Tabletop Simulator Tortuga 1667 and you are a pirate sailing through the waters of the Caribbean. Nearby is the Spanish Galleon, and you have persuaded your teammates to work together to steal all his treasures. That you did not tell your fellow pirates that you have no intention of sharing treasures as soon as you receive them. Your teammates have told you that they share your loyalty and that they will help you leave the greedy pirates on your ship to the rocky island of Tortuga. But you saw your friends' loaded pistols and heard their mutiny whispers. You know that no one can be trusted.
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Railway Empire Germany - CODEX

Railway Empire Germany torrent download
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Railway Empire Germany — marked by the uprisings and the uprisings of the March revolution, the German small states are on the verge of economic collapse. However, with the advent of the first private trains, cross-border communications are increasingly growing, linking major cities and creating industrial centers that will raise a troubled country. In the DLC Railway Empire — Germany you will be a central part of this movement. Strengthen your influence as a railway magnate in Germany and use new construction sites, gaining valuable concessions.
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Space Engineers v1.189 - CODEX

Space Engineers torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Current version v1.189 TORRENT CODEX
Space Engineers is a game on a space theme, where you will fall into an exciting adventure. Here you will become the most real designer of various space installations that you will create from scratch. Not only that it is necessary correctly, considering all the details, to rebuild them, but also it is necessary to check them in action. The game boasts an excellent realization of the game engine, which allows you to do everything, for a hundred your imagination is only capable. All the characters in the game are space engineers who have the highest degree of education. You need to build a lot, travel and investigate the world around us. You will be able to assemble from scratch any device in space, and then disassemble it to the smallest detail. In order to create this or that object, it is necessary to start to learn this, because there is a complete weightlessness around you, which greatly complicates the process.

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theHunter Call of the Wild 2019 Edition - CODEX

theHunter Call of the Wild 2019 Edition torrent download
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theHunter Call of the Wild 2019 Edition is the most dynamic and most realistic hunting simulator in our time. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and the world is as realistic as possible, which will allow you to feel yourself in a world where you will hunt for the most diverse representatives of the animal world. The game can please with its sound effects, as well as the physics of action, which greatly complements the cool atmosphere. You find yourself in a huge world, the area of which exceeds thirteen thousand hectares of land. Each piece contains a huge number of animals that you have to hunt. Each animal has its own character of behavior, so be as careful as possible so as not to become a victim yourself. In your arsenal will be located a variety of weapons, including rifles and knives. Wander through forests and deserts, look for additions to your arsenal, try to act as quietly as possible so as not to frighten away your goal, and then you can become the best hunter in the world.
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Avorion v0.21 - SKIDROW

Avorion torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.21 TORRENT SKIDROW
Avorion is a sandbox game where you will spend all your time in a huge outer space. Everything around is completely unexplored and harbors thousands of secrets. You will be able to go through the whole adventure together with other users, since the game provided us with a multiplayer mode. Moreover, here you can build your own, unique and powerful star club, which will surf the cosmic expanses. Try to explore space for the presence of useful objects, as well as build space bases on different planets. You will meet other players, as well as spend time in the company of your friends to create your own team of stellar explorers. Do trade, improve knowledge and conquer new locations. For completed missions, you will receive rewards for which you can improve your ship, or buy a new one.

This game has been updated 27-02-2019, 09:12 to the latest version v0.21.

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The Sims 4 Stranger Ville v1.50.67.1020 - CODEX

The Sims 4 Stranger Ville torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Current version v1.50.67.1020 TORRENT CODEX
The Sims 4 Stranger Ville is a sequel to the fascinating video game in the life simulator from Maxis for PC. This is the fourth full-fledged part in this franchise, and there were a lot of additions to it, so it’s safe to say that the developers have added the best from previous experience to this part. The release of Sims 4 on PC was produced in 2014, and 1C-SoftClub acted as a localizer in Russian. In this project there is no clearly shown plot, and the whole gameplay is non-linear.
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Depraved v0.17 - SKIDROW

Depraved torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.17 TORRENT SKIDROW
​Sheriffs, cowboys, bandits — all this in the entourage of the Wild West awaits you in a new town-planning simulator. Can you establish a prosperous city from one vehicle with resources? The game has a fairly complex production chain. To build a building, it is not enough just to cut down a tree, you still need to process it. And the process of baking bread is even more laborious and consists of several production chains. The Wild West has always been insane, only strength and strict rules will allow you to save your settlement. In addition to bloodthirsty bandits, you will also be threatened by wild animals.​

This game has been updated 24-02-2019, 16:31 to the latest version v0.17.

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The Bricksperience v2.2.5

The Bricksperience torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.2.5 TORRENT
The Bricksperience is a fascinating project, which is something of a kind of Lego build simulator. Here you have to play the role of such a little man who needs to assemble this or that construction from a huge amount of details. The whole essence of the gameplay is the assembly of various, sometimes fancy and very complex structures. Somewhere you will need to assemble a robot or a dinosaur, and somewhere you will have to work on assembling a huge motorcycle shop, for example, a skyscraper or something similar. Moreover, the assembly will take place on a huge platform and with a first-person view. That is, you will appear on the site surrounded by a huge number of Lego parts, and build.
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