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Wolfpack v0.15 beta

Poster Wolfpack torrent download
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Wolfpack is a very cool submarine control simulator in which you can go to one of the most powerful submarines of the Second World War and complete one of the most important missions. But the most important feature of this game is the realism of all that is there. Surroundings, sea battles, weather conditions, submarine control, aiming guns at targets, interaction with various instruments and much more — everything looks so realistic that sometimes it seems. It seemed to be on a submarine. Yes, and the submarine itself from the inside looks very cool, nothing to complain about.
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Pure Farming 2018 v1.4.1 + DLC - ALI213

Poster Pure Farming 2018 torrent download
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Pure Farming 2018 is a simulation game about farming activities, through which you will learn about all aspects of agricultural business. Develop your farm anywhere in the world! Create a coffee plantation in one of the favorable areas of Colombia, process the rice field in China or start your own grape business somewhere in a secluded corner of Italy. You are waiting for incredible achievements and grandiose discoveries.

This game has been updated 2-05-2019, 16:02 to the latest version v1.4.1 + DLC.

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Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019 Alaska Build 20190502 (Update 10) - RELOADED

Poster Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019 Alaska torrent download
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Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019 Alaska — another peasant simulator technology, mud mash with uncharted beauty. In front of you there will be no roads, only meadows, fields, rivers and mountains. Your equipment may break at any time, fuel supplies are limited, so in such a situation, getting lost and dying is a common thing for someone like you. Use various means to achieve your goals, take a winch to get out of the mud or river, go through the winter snows, hell rain and fog. Realistic physics and nice graphics will not leave indifferent lovers of technology and dirt. The game resembles many similar analogs, but at the same time it is highlighted by a new concept, and in particular the open world with beautiful open spaces of Alaska. And most importantly, do not break in the middle of the wilderness.

This game has been updated 2-05-2019, 10:38 to the latest version Build 20190502 (Update 10).

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PC Building Simulator v1.2.2 (upd.02.05.2019) + Razer Workshop - PLAZA

Poster PC Building Simulator torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2.2 (upd.02.05.2019) + Razer Workshop TORRENT PLAZA
PC Building Simulator is a computer build simulator. If you always wanted to collect the computer of your dreams, then for a start you can do it virtually, in this game. You can collect a variety of configurations and test them for the test. Of course, this is just a simulation, but the results are as close as possible to the real ones. So that you will not be bored simply to collect all possible variations of the PC, there is a story line in the game in which you will take orders from customers to assemble computers for them, taking into account their wishes. Some orders will be quite specific, so you will have to try hard to realize what the client has conceived.

This game has been updated 2-05-2019, 10:27 to the latest version v1.2.2 (upd.02.05.2019) + Razer Workshop.

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MudRunner Old-timers DLC - CODEX

Poster MudRunner Old-timers DLC torrent download
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Get ready to warm up the engines, this is the third free Old-timers DLC for the off-road driving simulator Spintires Mudrunner. In the new DLC players waiting for a new map of Rocky Hills and two cars straight from the 50s of the last century — Chevrolet Napco 3100 and GMC DW950. The Chevrolet Napco 3100 is, in fact, a small truck that could. Take care of him, and he will serve you all his life. And more likely to your children. This is a tank among reconnaissance vehicles. 350 units of strength — not a cat cry! A gas tank of 80 liters should be enough for any tasks that you need to solve.
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Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator v0.2.5 Build 26

Poster Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator torrent download
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Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is as such a simulator of a medieval merchant, in which you will have to try yourself in the role of an ordinary merchant, selling everything that people may need. At the very beginning, you will trade in a small bazaar, where people will approach you and buy from you everything they need. They will ask about various types of goods, order products and ingredients, buy various items and even sometimes demonstrate their dissatisfaction with your service. You will constantly have to adapt to the trends, produce new types of goods, determine the most profitable areas of trading activity and develop.
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Farm Together Chickpea Update 36 - PLAZA

Poster Farm Together Chickpea torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Update 36 TORRENT PLAZA
Farm Together Chickpea is a beautiful third person farm simulator with sandbox elements. Start with taking care of a small area and try to create your own farm. Plant, care, and harvest, breed animals, strive to constantly expand areas of your property, and then you will be able to create a thriving farm. Tired of vegetables, want to do something else? No problem — you can do a farm decoration or just pick up new clothes for your character. It is also worth noting that when you exit the game, time does not stop, so when you start a new one, new cases will be waiting for you.

This game has been updated 25-04-2019, 14:09 to the latest version Update 36.

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Fishing Barents Sea v1.3.3.2649 - PLAZA

Poster Fishing Barents Sea torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.3.3.2649 TORRENT PLAZA
Fishing Barents Sea is a simulator of fishing on various ships. Start your journey with a simple boat left as a legacy from your grandfather, and try to make money on your own company. Buy a good ship, equip it, explore the terrain in search of fishing places, watch the weather and the state of your ship, look for where you can profitably borrow for business improvement and just admire the beauties of northern Norway. Before you open world and various opportunities to make a fortune on fishing.

This game has been updated 23-04-2019, 15:20 to the latest version v1.3.3.2649.

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Virtual Rides 3 v1.5.0 (upd.23.04.2019) Bounce Machine - PLAZA

Poster Virtual Rides 3 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.5.0 (upd.23.04.2019) Bounce Machine TORRENT PLAZA
Virtual Rides 3 Bounce Machine is finally with us! We invite you to the amusement park, which has become even bigger and more colorful now it will impress you like never before. Let imagination lead you. Design more than 10 unique rides, manage them, ride them. We invite you to the amusement park, which has become even bigger and more colorful now it will impress you like never before. Let imagination lead you.

This game has been updated 23-04-2019, 14:50 to the latest version v1.5.0 (upd.23.04.2019) Bounce Machine.

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Who Is This Man v0.27

Poster Who Is This Man torrent download
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Who Is This Man is a simulation spy game with solitude and concealment. Your main task in this game is to communicate interesting things found in the house of the new person you moved to. You must search the entire house and report valuable items after stealing it from him. You can buy all the agent tools that will help you do this on the market. Drone and invisible radio, bear trap, security cameras and much more interesting. But when you do, your goal is to install cameras in the house and set traps. You will be charged depending on the value of the object about which you report, and you can spend them as you wish. You can mine to make money easier.
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