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Sky Rogue v1.1.5

Sky Rogue torrent download
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Sky Rogue is a combat styling game, which is a classic flight simulator, where you have to spend all your strength on conquering the airspace and eliminating all rivals that will prevent you from achieving this goal. You will be in contact not only with the air, but also with the water space, as well as with the earth’s surface — everywhere you will be waited by insidious enemies, capable of much, in order to take your life. You will fly over the countless islands, each of which is unique in its performance, and also has the ability to change randomly.
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Fishing Sim World Lake Arnold - CODEX

Fishing Sim World Lake Arnold torrent download
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Fishing Sim World — a new word in the genre of fishing simulators. Here is one of the most realistic, if not the best, fishing simulator, developed and released by Dovetail Games in 2018. Developers offer connoisseurs of the genre to visit the famous and not very reservoirs, where you can properly fish and catch your biggest catch. If you want to go fishing in the USA, the perch lakes of Florida and New York will be at your disposal. Europe, in turn, can offer about 5 fishing places, where there are various representatives of the depths. Of the five, the well-known reservoir Gigantica Main Lake in France and the Grand Union Canal, the longest British channel, should be highlighted.
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Startup Freak v0.11.0

Startup Freak torrent download
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Startup Freak is an adventure game developed according to the type of strategy where you will take on the role of an entrepreneur who will develop his own business by any means, eliminating all competitors. Initially, you will have a small company that you will gradually develop and modify, making ownership of your own earned capital. You will not only create and test products of one kind or another, but also find a thorough approach to creating a winning strategy. To begin with, you will need to assemble a reliable team of professionals, which you will then replenish with new and new employees.
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Farm Manager 2018 v1.0.20190114.1 - CODEX

Farm Manager 2018 torrent download
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Farm Manager 2018 is another replenishment in the world of farm simulators, where you have to go through a rather difficult path to become a real professional in your business. You find yourself in a completely new, colorful virtual world, where in the course of action you have to overcome a lot of trials, all in order to achieve your goal. The game admires its scale, as you will have the opportunity to conquer thousands and thousands of kilometers of the area, spreading their possessions through them, while conquering and defeating the best lands from competitors. Try to always make a contribution to your business, so that it flourishes at a rapid rate, thereby bringing you revenue. You can cultivate cultivated plants, fertile trees, vegetables and fruits. You will have a lot of opportunities, one of which is livestock. Buy feed, fertilizer for the land, and do not forget about timely watering. You will start your journey from small, but gradually, developing, you will be able to reach unreal heights. Explore the territory, do not forget to take into account the comfort for animals and the fertility of land for plants. Competitors will also be more than enough, so be careful when doing something.

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Farm Manager 2018 Brewing and Winemaking DLC - SKIDROW

Farm Manager 2018 Brewing and Winemaking DLC torrent download
Farm Manager 2018 Brewing & Winemaking DLC — every virtual farmer can now download Farm Manager 2018 and realize his dream of creating the ideal agricultural land. Here is one of the best, if not the best, simulator farmer and everything associated with this type of activity. In this game, special attention is paid to global management, so that you can feel like a real businessman in the agrarian area.

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Hand Simulator v4.0 - SKIDROW

Hand Simulator torrent download
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Hand Simulator — the most that neither is a real hand simulator. To be more precise, you’ll have to manage mostly with your fingers, with which you can do whatever you want, up to the spinner scrolling. In addition, you can learn how to charge a revolver by controlling all ten fingers. At first it will be quite difficult, but then you can get used to it. To just shoot a gun, you have to work hard, as each finger has its own control, and together they do not always function as you would like. A lot of nerves will go away for one or another action, but then you can improve your skills and develop your abilities. You find yourself in the world of the Wild West, where your laws reign. Do your best to become one of the best shooters that everyone in the area will be afraid of.

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Reentry An Orbital Simulator v14.01.2019 - SKIDROW

Reentry An Orbital Simulator torrent download
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Reentry An Orbital Simulator based on real spacecraft. You create a new astronaut, get levels and experience for each movement, completing missions in space. You will have access to missions similar to those that occurred in real life, or to fictional missions designed to challenge you as an astronaut. Spaceships are very complex machines, the main task of which is to study and understand what is outside the Earth’s atmosphere, while maintaining astronauts for a long time. This is achieved through the joint work of hundreds of individual systems and backup systems. With the help of the in-game Space Flight Academy, the flight manuals provided for each spacecraft and checklists, you will learn how to operate and control these machines, as well as explore space in high resolution and realistic environments.
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Airport CEO Alpha 29.5.0 - SKIDROW

Airport CEO torrent download
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Airport CEO is a well-developed airport creation and management simulator that is designed in 2D style. Here you will be responsible for designing and building the airport. In addition, you must carefully monitor the work and functionality. It is necessary to pay attention to every detail. Build everything so that people feel comfortable and are confident that they will be delivered safely to their destination. Do not forget to equip the infrastructure, as well as as often as possible to expand and improve the runways. You will begin with a little one, and then you will promote your possessions in a small way. The gameplay here is very exciting, because a few hours of positive emotions are surely provided to you.
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Happy Room v2.0 Hotfix - SKIDROW

Happy Room torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.0 Hotfix TORRENT SKIDROW
Happy Room is a sandbox game where you have to test different types of murder weapon on human clones. The gameplay has prepared for you more than a hundred different tasks in complexity, each of which is not so easy to pass, if you do not improve your skills. Every time you pass one level or another, you will be able to unlock a powerful and effective weapon that allows you to accurately eliminate the desired target. In addition to weapons you will be able to open useful items and accessories that will be your helpers in a difficult task.

This game has been updated 14-01-2019, 04:41 to the latest version v2.0 Hotfix.

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You have a drunk friend v1.1 - SKIDROW

You have a drunk friend torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.1 TORRENT SKIDROW
You have a drunk friend — a rather strange, but very funny game in its performance, which was presented in the genre of adventure action. Here you are invited to make friendship with an unusual person. He can be very drunk, or become a real heart angel for you. Or even completely — a very angry and bad guy. Any hero you can find in a huge game universe, you just need to put a little effort. Your friend is very drunk, which is why it becomes quite a difficult task before you to sober him up by any available means. You will be in the house where the party took place and did not have the best effect on your friend. Now you make a decision, whatever it is, to save your friend.
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