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Workers & Resources Soviet Republic v0.8.1.9

Torrent Workers & Resources Soviet Republic download free pc
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Workers & Resources Soviet Republic is an original real-time strategy game that invites you to develop a megacity in the format of the Soviet Union. Nice atmosphere, familiar transport and style, music, everything will remind you of the USSR. Here you have to manage a fictional state, and the success and prosperity of the country depends solely on your ability to lead. The game mainly focuses on realism, all buildings are inspired by real Soviet-era buildings. In addition, the entire graphic design is designed in dark colors, which reinforces the impression of being in one of the Soviet republics. Sale of goods is possible in two separate markets: east and west. During the sale of their goods to countries that are behind the iron curtain, the gamer receives a payment in dollars, which later needs to be converted into rubles. Therefore, much depends on the exchange rate, try to make a profit on this. An important role is played in the republic and transport.

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Ostriv v0.3.1.1 (upd.08.04.2020)

Torrent Ostriv download free pc
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Ostriv — a new city building simulator, where the main character will get into the eighteenth century. The developers have prepared for you a lot of interesting things, including complete freedom of action, where you can create anything. Create a real, lively and multifunctional city in which residents will be as comfortable and safe as possible. All your residents will have special ambitions and places, so you should listen to them, as well as to monitor their lives. Follow the law and pay taxes, while not causing discontent among the residents of the settlement. Take care to establish both the economy and agriculture. Hire workers who will perform certain duties. Starting with a small settlement you will be able to turn it into a large and functioning city, which will be comfortably and pleasantly located for thousands of people.

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Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition v1.09 - PLAZA

Torrent Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition download free pc
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Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition is an excellent version of the original project, which is better known as the Battles. The developers decided to update the game. That is, change the engine, improve the graphic component, work out the game characters, and simplify the interface. It is safe to say that the resulting project is a little like a re-release, as it looks like a complete project. The storyline tells of several powerful races — orcs, elves, and humans. All of them get into a difficult situation after having lost the favor of the gods. Soon a terrible war will begin, in which everyone will try to save his life, and win back a small plot of land. In addition to the above races, goblins, ents, huge dragons, strange orcs, skeletal warriors, strong minotaurs, and funny gnomes live on the territory. If you can join an alliance with one of them, they will be on your side, which will expand the army. Right now the game download Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition torrent from our site for PC for free.

New update v1.08 → v1.09 Full game Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition - cracked by PLAZA!

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AI War 2 The Spire Rises v2.018 - PLAZA

Torrent AI War 2 The Spire Rises download free pc

AI War 2 The Spire Rises — is the cult continuation of the asymmetric space strategy of AI War Fleet Command. The events of the game develop after 353 years and tell about the struggle of mankind for survival. Hostile artificial intelligence has captured almost the entire universe, and only on the edge of the Milky Way there is little hope of salvation. AI War 2 is a space strategy game in which you have to fight against an inhuman enemy that has conquered almost the entire galaxy. In the shortest possible time, you must strengthen your base, improve technology and organize a combat-ready army.

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Starport Delta v1.0.8 - CODEX

Torrent Starport Delta download free pc
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Starport Delta — is a space station construction simulator in which players must learn how to manage resources, monitor station maintenance and respond in a timely manner to the wishes and needs of residents. The game is a real-time strategy in which the player has to build the most advanced space base, defending himself against the raids of space pirates and storms. The developers promise to implement the real galactic «sandbox» — players will be able to freely manage and develop the space station, extracting unique resources in different sectors.

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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord e1.0.7

Torrent Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord download free pc
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Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord — is an excellent role-playing game project, where action elements also perfectly complement the whole atmosphere. Here you again have to get into an unusual world, as well as go through the continuation of a fascinating story from the first part. You find yourself in the Middle Ages, with its laws and orders, where the development of events will directly depend on your actions. Separately, I want to note the fascinating gameplay, as well as the unusual performance in terms of the graphic component. You will need to demonstrate all your abilities related to strategy and tactics, and do not forget about your wit, because a lot of dangers and obstacles await you on your way.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:16 to the latest version e1.0.7.

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Odd Realm v0.9.0.2 (upd.06.04.2020) - SKIDROW

Torrent Odd Realm download free pc
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Odd Realm — is a sandbox with elements of survival, developed in pixel style, where you can coolly show all your strategic skills to survive in an insane and very dangerous world. For a start, you will take control of a small group of villagers who will go on a journey of adventure and get a good place for further living and development. As soon as the deed is done, engage in the creation of a prosperous settlement, which will be multifunctional and in which it will live as comfortably as possible. It will not be easy to cope with this kind of task, as you will fight with rivals, overcome a number of obstacles.

This game has been updated 6-04-2020, 06:15 to the latest version v0.9.0.2 (upd.06.04.2020).

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Radio General

Torrent Radio General download free pc
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Remember Radio Commander, released this fall? The game provided an opportunity to feel in the role of commander of the US forces in Vietnam, having only a walkie-talkie and a map on hand. Now another strategy is under development called Radio General, which carries the same idea into the setting of World War II. It is being developed by another studio under the name Foolish Mortals. In Radio General, you will again find yourself in the general’s tent, and you will only have a walkie-talkie, a piece of map and a unit of the 1st Canadian Army. You can give commands to the soldiers using the game interface or through your microphone; information on the implementation of orders will also have to listen exclusively on the radio. The game will include not only a single-player campaign, but also a multiplayer and map editor.

This game Radio General will soon be available for download on Skidrow Games PC website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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Ancient Enemy

Torrent Ancient Enemy download free pc
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Ancient Enemy — is a mixture of a fantasy role-playing card game and a visual novel, in which you are waiting for battles with enemies, saving the whole world, magic, random events and much more. The events of the game take place in an unusual fantasy world, crowded with fantasy creatures, bandits, and evil in its most real guise. Well, the plot revolves around the ancient fallen magician, who woke up from a long years of sleep and immediately plunged into the battle for the local world. The Ancient Evil lurks in a mysterious citadel, and now you and the magician need to get to him at all costs to win. But it will be very, very difficult to do this, because, firstly, on the way you will have to face a bunch of enemies, and secondly, during this adventure you will have to make a lot of important decisions, on which the further development of events will depend.

This game Ancient Enemy will soon be available for download on Skidrow Games PC website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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Comic Book Tycoon v05.04.2020

Torrent Comic Book Tycoon download free pc
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Comic Book Tycoon — in general, everything is pretty simple here, grow your business, draw comics, sell ideas, expand your office, hire new workers and move on. But everything is just in words. In fact, you will find just an incredible amount of pitfalls. For example, people, readers themselves will tickle your nerves all the time. At first they will like one thing, then their tastes will change, as well as trends, and you will have to adapt to them in all possible ways. Then you can begin to conclude contracts with other companies, sell licenses for the adaptation of comics, and not only.

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Strategies have long consolidated their position in the popularity rating of computer games. This genre has its own multi-million audience of fans, which, by the way, is only replenished. Strategies do not share their users by age or sex. It can be played by adults, children, women and men.

In these games there are no merciless fights with blood or violence, you do not have to chase here, proving your superiority at speed. The strategy requires the gamer to be able to think strategically and tactical skills. Well, if all this is seasoned with luck, then, of course, you can achieve success. In the game world, strategies are divided into several subcategories: turn-based strategies, military, global and economic. In addition, the genre of strategies can be combined with another, for example, role play or action.

The main feature of strategies is their duration. Games of this genre are virtually endless, because there is always something that can be done: build, conquer, learn and so on. Even if you have reached the maximum heights in the game, you have become the emperor of the universe, you will still find what to occupy yourself or build plans for the near future.

Download yourself on the computer game strategy, which we specifically picked up for the librarians of this genre in a separate directory. Now you will have the opportunity to try your hand at managing the city, people or the whole world. Lead your people into a bright future and expand your possessions. You have to build new cities, save from the death of the state, you will lead your troops to a terrible battle to conquer new territories. This and much more awaits you in strategies that you can download from our torrent tracker for free. Before you start downloading the game from our resource, you will have the opportunity to read the description, the video for the game, the system requirements, the features of the game. Also, read the reviews of other users who have already played it. After a short registration, you can also leave comments on your favorite games or ask a question to the administration of the site on the topic you are interested in.