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Stars in Shadow is a computer game, created especially for those people who cannot afford too expensive personal computer, in order to get entertainment, something similar to this project, namely No Man’s Sky. Also, as in the open spaces of this project, you will need to study to the fullest the exploration of distant planets, the number of which is simply impossible to count on fingers, because the developers have made a separate system, thanks to which the planets are generated in real time and this allows you to enjoy Studies of literally each of them, since they will all be equally beautifully presented, thanks to the fact that the creators approached this with incredible creativity.

About This Game

  • Title: Stars in Shadow
  • Genre: Strategy Indie
  • Developer: Ashdar Games
  • Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
  • Release year: 2017
  • Steam link:
  • Release Name:
  • Game Version: v37980 (Legacies DLC)
  • Game Releaser: CODEX
  • Size: 2.61 GB

  • Available Languages: English

Key Features

You will not be able to just see some similar animal or planet, but this is just what is captivating, because you just have to do that, to extract various kinds of minerals and treasures, with the help of which individual buildings will be built for complete colonization people of the cosmos, this you have not seen in the open spaces of other computer games, because despite the fact that they are an independent studio, the developers decided to demonstrate the wonders of their knowledge of writing code, and because of this they did simply colossal Their work, thanks to which they deserved respect among their colleagues, because as you can see from the interviews that the game developers gave, they obviously did not spare the money to end up with, you could get the best gaming experience in all the years of the gaming industry.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2.6 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4000 Series or better
Additional Notes: Stars in Shadow requires the OpenGL framebuffer extension. This extension is present on almost all graphics drivers released after 2010, but laptops made before 2010 with vendor-locked graphics drivers may not be able to run the game.

OS: Windows 7,8,10
Processor: Intel Core Duo 3.0 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 400 Series or better, 1 GB RAM


Stars in Shadow PC Game free download torrent Stars in Shadow PC Game free download torrent Stars in Shadow PC Game free download torrent



  1. To start, you need to download the game files.
  2. Then, unpack the archive with «WinRar» or an analog.
  3. Mount the resulting image in the «UltraISO» program.
  4. Install the game, agreeing with the installation wizard.
  5. Download & install Update v37959 / v37980, in game folder.
  6. Copy the contents of the folder «PLAZA» to the folder with the game.
  7. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  8. Play!

Download update only: [ 162.06 MB ]
Download update only: [ 160.38 MB ]

Download Stars in Shadow v37980 (Legacies DLC) - CODEX [ 2.61 GB ]

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Comments 1

Admin 15 February 2019 03:45
Patch Notes (ver. 37980)
Gameplay Changes and Additions
  • AI-controlled factions now have an additional handicap when playing on the "Easy" difficulty level (ships cost additional Labor).
  • The technology 'Cybernetic Organisms' is now available to all factions. This allows Harmonized population units to be De-Harmonized, and increases Battle Mech strength by +2.
  • Unescorted transports carrying civilian colonists will now surrender to the enemy if attacked.
  • Eliminating an empire by capturing its last outpost should no longer cause an error.
  • Fix for a coin rounding issue in the resource request event.
  • Fix for a bug triggered by battles that included fleeing population transports.
  • Destroying a colony immediately after creating it should no longer cause an error.
  • Fixes for several bugs involving invalid starvation warnings.
  • Fixes for several "likely bug in the attack confirmation logic" warnings.
  • Fixes for logic errors in the "please do not colonize" requests.
  • Reverse engineering captured ships should no longer cause errors in the technology queue.
  • Updated the logic used to determine resource request quantities to better take into account what the player can practically afford.
  • Destroying a ship while it's being refitted should no longer cause an error.
  • Transports arriving at an outpost planet should no longer cause an error.
  • Colonist morale modifiers should now persist when populations are transported between worlds.
  • Agreeing to embargo an empire you don't have a trade charter with should no longer cause an error.
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