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SWINE HD Remaster Update v1.4.1731 - CODEX

Poster SWINE HD Remaster torrent download
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SWINE HD Remaster is a fun strategy game in which we participate in a conflict between two warring races: pigs and rabbits. Production is an updated version of the game in 2001 and offers some interesting ideas in the field of game mechanics. The updated edition of this name was developed and published by the Hungarian company Kite Games, founded by several developers from the studio StormRegion, that is, the people who once created the original version, the publisher of this game was no longer Fishtank Interactive.

This game has been updated 14-06-2019, 14:46 to the latest version Update v1.4.1731.

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Re Legion v1.3.0.311 Build 20190614 + Update Holy Wars - CODEX

Poster Re Legion torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.3.0.311 Build 20190614 + Update Holy Wars TORRENT CODEX
​Developed by the «Ice Code Games» studio, the project, called «Re Legion», is a fascinating strategy with RPG admixture, the events of which unfold in the vast world of the cyberpunk and alternative future. In this game, you will have to take responsibility for controlling the Prophet. A new faith, in which you must convert people and citizens of your city, completely eliminates violence, but only at the very beginning. Gradually, the Prophet forgets about the goals he was pursuing initially and now destroys all dissenters. You, having taken control of the Prophet, will have to make responsible decisions, involve people in your faith, perform moral actions and do everything to completely change the world.

This game Re Legion has updated to latest version (14.06.2019) and included new Update Holy Wars!

This game has been updated 14-06-2019, 14:21 to the latest version v1.3.0.311 Build 20190614 + Update Holy Wars.

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Armored Battle Crew [World War 1] v0.2.1

Poster Armored Battle Crew [World War 1] torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.2.1 TORRENT
Armored Battle Crew [World War 1] Tank Warfare and Crew Management Simulator — a game in the genre of a simulator, where you will take the lead over the crew. The action takes place on the battlefield, and you will manage a powerful iron monster a tank. Enemies will not stand in your way if you properly distribute actions and tasks in your team. For a start, take care of setting up a tank, and also do not forget to modify it comprehensively as you progress.
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Second Earth v0.8

Poster Second Earth torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.8 TORRENT
Second Earth is a strategy with elements of Tower Defense. The game borrowed some ideas from the popular Factorio, but it is not a clone. Your task is to survive on a hostile planet, and for this you need to equip the base and build various defense towers. Fantastic base building game that is a mix of SimCity and Command & Conquer with a healthy dose of tower defense, when you collect resources, build infrastructure and set up towers to keep defense from the alien Horde. At its core, Second Earth is a tower defense game in which you need to build towers and walls to contain waves of attacking aliens.

This game has been updated 14-06-2019, 07:37 to the latest version v0.8.

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Warparty v1.0.9 - PLAZA

Poster Warparty torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.9 TORRENT PLAZA
Warparty — the game is characterized not only by its unique and vivid graphics, but also by the gameplay of the strategy, which will force you to touch the main details of a group of people of their Stone Age, who need constant protection and development. Only individual members of society are able to apply all their gorgeous skills in order to constantly become better and play the role of the person who tames dinosaurs and will actively go to the goal, forcing them to constantly improve and go forward, sometimes it would be easy. Many details of this development will be able to impress and interest you.

This game has been updated 14-06-2019, 06:52 to the latest version v1.0.9.

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Deep Sky Derelicts New Prospects v1.2.3 - CODEX

Poster Deep Sky Derelicts New Prospects torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2.3 TORRENT CODEX
The first addition DLC to the game Deep Sky Derelicts New Prospects, includes a number of new features and improvements that will please all seekers in the world of DSD. Sit down on the planet, wade through the storms and sandstorms, trade with the colonies of seekers and clean the monsters den. The addition of New Prospects not only significantly diversifies game landscapes and situations, but also makes the research much more interesting, intense and exciting. The balance between risk and reward here is brought almost to perfection. To help you cope with these new dangers, we have provided many handy tools and features. You are waiting for secretive maneuvers, ambushes on enemies, remote scanning, first aid, the use of the environment and the new class — Miner. The game has never been so difficult and so exciting.

This game has been updated 14-06-2019, 04:14 to the latest version v1.2.3.

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Deep Sky Derelicts v1.2.3 (New Prospects DLC) - CODEX

Poster Deep Sky Derelicts torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2.3 (New Prospects DLC) TORRENT CODEX
Deep Sky Derelicts is an original game that has suffered some retro-futuristic comic style. The authors have done an excellent job in order to convey as much as possible the gloomy and horrendous atmosphere of the future world. Here you have to take control and control of a detachment of three different mercenaries who will go on a long journey to explore space and find easy money, while destroying and erasing all their hated rivals from the earth. The combat system is designed for a turn-based strategy, where you have to think a lot to win. You will fall different types of cards, each of which carries a meaning. These cards, one way or another, will affect the course of the battle, helping you in resisting the enemy. The game successfully combines comic style and science fiction.

This game has been updated 14-06-2019, 04:07 to the latest version v1.2.3 (New Prospects DLC).

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RTS Commander Smash the Rebels v14.06.2019 - SKIDROW

Poster RTS Commander Smash the Rebels torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Current version v14.06.2019 TORRENT SKIDROW
RTS Commander Smash the Rebels — this policy in the present period, the share of the series RTS Commander. Fun follows the foundations of the formerly good RTS games. Graphic design is a kind of entertainment made in a style of style and is regularly formed. The latest features and media content will be added to the fun through the same intervals of the period. OpenGL is used in the game, an innovative DirectX feature since 1991, originally created by Silicon Graphics. Owing to the highly optimized OpenGL code, this game will function in almost every video card issued in 2004 and later, for this reason you don’t need to worry about it, which you can see.
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Seeds of Resilience v1.0.6 (upd.13.06.2019)

Poster Seeds of Resilience torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.6 (upd.13.06.2019) TORRENT
Seeds of Resilience — combines a turn-based strategy and a sandbox in which you will survive and build a village on a small island. Walk the path from a simple gathering of campfire branches, to mechanized workshops and complex large houses. You will find a difficult path, but thanks to the step-by-step gameplay, you will be able to think through every step. Seeds of Resilience deserves your attention if only because of an unusual combination of genres.

This game has been updated 13-06-2019, 14:40 to the latest version v1.0.6 (upd.13.06.2019).

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Overcrowd A Commute Em Up v0.101.0

Poster Overcrowd A Commute Em Up torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.101.0 TORRENT
Overcrowd A Commute Em Up is a very difficult strategy, which is a subway station simulator. You will have to lead the whole station and try to make it attractive to ordinary people. Initially, you will receive only a small piece of land, on which you will eventually need to build a real metro station. We will have to start from scratch — we will need to design the building, divide it into rooms, buy all the necessary equipment, run the train through the station and buy passenger cars, and do much more. In this case, all you will need bonds of the local currency, which is not so easy to earn.
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