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Foundation v1.2.4 - SKIDROW

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Foundation is a town-planning simulator that will offer you to build your own medieval city, and thanks to the new flexible building system you will be able to demonstrate your architectural abilities. Buildings in the game can adapt to any surface on which you build them, so you get complete freedom in the placement of your city. Valleys, mountains, forests — you will conquer any territory. Another interesting point is that the residents themselves will start to make their way along their main routes, and you will be able to observe how some roads turn into highways, while others become overgrown with grass. The division of your lands is available with the help of a special brush tool that will allow you to create separate zones: agricultural, military, religious, trade and others, as well as locations for hunting, tree mining, quarries and other things.

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Poly Universe v0.8.3.0

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Poly Universe is an excellent visual strategy game with stylish graphics and a dynamic process, where you have to build a multi-functional city and fight for a place in the sun. An interesting story awaits you, with unexpected turns of events, as well as you will get acquainted with various heroes who need to be relocated to a distant planet, and then help them develop on it in order to improve their future life. The main feature of the world in which you have to get is that each new planet will be quite a bit more than its inhabitants. You will take under your complete control and guidance a group of small colonists who go to a distant planet to begin a new life there.

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Overdungeon v1.1.157 - SKIDROW

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Overdungeon — a dynamic game in a strategic style, where you will become a participant in the battles in real time. Here you will need to go to the trick to move away the opponent, and then at the right time to destroy him from the battlefield. The combat system is based on the card style, where each card will have a special meaning, so you need to properly apply them for the most effective results. Actions will take place in a fantastic, colorful world that includes more than a hundred unique cards with attacks, spells, traps and many other characteristics. Go to the dynamic world and do your best to beat the crowds of opponents on your way. First you need to create your own deck, which also needs to be streamlined.

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Two Point Hospital v1.15.30866 - 3DM

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Two Point Hospital is a simulator in which you will build the best hospital in the city. The peculiarity of the game is that you will not be treated with usual illnesses, but with real mutations, some of which are simply dumbfounded! Because of strange diseases, you need to think through unique cabinets for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, you need to think over the convenient location of the offices, informative corridors and gay waiting rooms, so that customers do not get bored and again come back for professional services.

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Druidstone The Secret of the Menhir Forest v1.0.19 - PLAZA

Poster Druidstone The Secret of the Menhir Forest torrent download
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Druidstone The Secret of the Menhir Forest is a tactical RPG created by the canons of modern strategies using board game techniques. In your hands will be a group of three people, for the actions of which you are responsible from beginning to end. Therefore, try to skillfully build a battle strategy and follow the subordinates.

Added: Druidstone The Secret of the Menhir Forest v1.0.27 - GOG

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Cosmoteer v0.14.12

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Cosmoteer — a new sandbox on the theme of space, where you have to put a lot of effort to cope with a rather difficult task. Go to the conquest of outer space, every corner of which must be carefully studied, as well as searched for the presence of useful resources. To begin with, you will need your own, functioning spacecraft that you have to build.

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Battle Brothers - Warriors of the North v1.3.0.21 - CODEX

Poster Battle Brothers - Warriors of the North torrent download
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Battle Brothers — the new addition was called Warriors of the North and appeared on the GOG and Steam platform. In the new addition, users will have the opportunity to test themselves in battles with the wild tribes of the North and try out a bunch of innovations. Most of the changes to the upcoming DLC were posted on the developers blog. In the article I made a compilation of the information provided.

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Hold The Fort - HOODLUM

Poster Hold The Fort torrent download
Hold The Fort — immerse yourself in the intense, fantasy, defensive actions of the tower. Using turrets, spells, and your cunning, you must defend your kingdom from the onslaught of enemies undertaking a surprise attack while the king is absent. Tower Defense Action Defend your kingdom using eight different types of towers, ranging from trustworthy Ballista and ending with the magic Ice Tower to slow down enemies. Heroic Spells Using ten unique spells, hurt your opponents severely or support your towers in their defense.
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Northgard v1.7.13595 + Relics DLC - PLAZA

Poster Northgard torrent download
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Northgard is a strategy based on Scandinavian mythology. You are waiting for an open world and interesting tasks. You will create a small settlement from the very beginning, and then you will develop it. Improve the living conditions for your guests, get food, build new houses and access to a water source. It is necessary to explore the vast world in order to equip ourselves and those around us with the necessary resources. On your way there will be a mass of enemies who will want to destroy your creations and take your life. Be ready for fierce battles, because at any time a flock of undead can attack your settlement, or a fire-breathing dragon will fly and destroy everything around. Mother Nature will also be your rival, who will constantly give you new challenges. Whether it’s a cold blizzard or an unbearable heat. You must be ready to deal with everything and find a way to provide shelter and warmth to your residents.

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Northgard Relics v1.7.13595 - PLAZA

Poster Northgard Relics torrent download
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The game Northgard Relics, created by the studio Shiro Games, combines elements of projects such as Banished and Civilization VI, and is presented in the genre of strategy, the events in which develop in real time. The decoration is made like a fairy-tale setting based on Norse mythology. It will be about the Vikings, who discovered the rich land of Nordgard. In addition to enormous resources, there are dangers and secrets. Gameplay is characterized by classic tasks for the genre. Users will be engaged in the expansion and development of the territory, the extraction and use of various resources. In addition, it can not do without a battle with opponents, and the achievement of the tasks.

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