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Jon Shafers At the Gates v1.0.1 (upd.24.02.2019) - SiMPLEX

Jon Shafers At the Gates torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.1 (upd.24.02.2019) TORRENT SiMPLEX
Jon Shafers At the Gates is a semblance of the legendary «Civilization», but unlike her, here you will be engaged in the development of your people not until today and the future, but only until the Roman Empire is completely destroyed. Rome gradually collapses, the empire begins to break up into small states, time goes on, and you, the man who decided to create his own society and separate from the empire, will have to lead the people and start building the future. But do not think that it will be easy, because Rome is still the strongest state in Europe, which means that you will still have to bow to it at first. But this is not the main thing.

This game has been updated 24-02-2019, 07:16 to the latest version v1.0.1 (upd.24.02.2019).

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Sudden Strike 4 v1.15 (Build 20190222) - PLAZA

Sudden Strike 4 torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.15 (Build 20190222) TORRENT PLAZA
Sudden Strike 4 — a game project in the style of strategy, where the actions will occur in real time. Go to a huge world, where you will find the most realistic graphics, thought out to the details, exciting and exciting gameplay, as well as cool musical accompaniment. In addition to all of the above, you will be able to meet new battlefields, more advanced and modern technologies, as well as legendary commanders-in-chief, each of which has unique characteristics and tactical solutions. The game has gathered in itself the real technique that has ever existed in the world in times of crushing action of the Second World War. You are waiting for more than twenty unique scenarios in your performance, where your future actions and decisions will determine the future of the country and people’s lives. Fans of this genre can be surely pleased with the existence of a multiplayer mode, where you can have a great time in the company of real people from all over the world.

This game has been updated 22-02-2019, 14:43 to the latest version v1.15 (Build 20190222).

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Sudden Strike 4 The Pacific War - HOODLUM

Sudden Strike 4 The Pacific War torrent download
Sudden Strike 4 The Pacific War — the game recreated as accurately as possible the military vehicles of the time, including the famous T-34 tank, the heavy He-111 bomber, the Pz-VI Royal Tiger tank, and much more. Moreover, now you can choose one of nine famous military leaders of that time, each of whom has his own unique skills and abilities. Each of them at one time made an incredible feat — he managed to defeat the enemy, surpassing his number, developed a new strategy and so on. All these skills you can use directly in battle. In a single company you will find almost two dozen different tasks, each of which requires a certain approach, as well as a multiplayer mode in which you can show your abilities in battle in real opponents.
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Warcraft 3 Reforged

Warcraft 3 Reforged torrent download
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Warcraft 3 Reforged is a game that has already spawned several generations of gamers. The famous real-time strategy, which served as the basis for other projects, is still popular with fans. Reforged — the Remaster version of Warcraft, preserving the original mechanics and gameplay, but making changes to the cosmetic part. In addition to the main storyline, designed for 10-12 hours, the RTS offers free battles against AI or other users. There are 4 playable races available: humans, orcs, undead and elves. It is noteworthy that the map editor is implemented to the full, and the abundance of add-ons and mods created by the community of gamers, allows you to get a completely new experience from your favorite game. So, all models of characters and textures were reworked and updated, as well as animation. Also, the developers have improved the sound component. The modernized Warcraft will appeal to both fans of the original and beginners, who for some reason have missed it.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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Endless Space 2 Penumbra v1.4.9 - CODEX

Endless Space 2 Penumbra torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.4.9 TORRENT CODEX
In the stunning game project Endless Space 2 Penumbra you will find the incredible, fascinating role of the leader of civilization, which takes its first steps in the cold depths of interstellar space. You have to explore the mysterious star systems, discover the secrets of ancient times, develop various advanced technologies of unthinkable power, and, of course, meet new life forms, seeking mutual understanding, the possibility of conquest and conquest. Your story will develop in a galaxy that was first colonized by the people.

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Poly Universe v0.8.1.7

Poly Universe torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.8.1.7 TORRENT
Poly Universe is an excellent visual strategy game with stylish graphics and a dynamic process, where you have to build a multi-functional city and fight for a place in the sun. An interesting story awaits you, with unexpected turns of events, as well as you will get acquainted with various heroes who need to be relocated to a distant planet, and then help them develop on it in order to improve their future life. The main feature of the world in which you have to get is that each new planet will be quite a bit more than its inhabitants. You will take under your complete control and guidance a group of small colonists who go to a distant planet to begin a new life there.

This game has been updated 21-02-2019, 03:05 to the latest version v0.8.1.7.

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Surviving Mars v20190220 (Tereshkova) - Razor1911

Surviving Mars torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v20190220 (Tereshkova) TORRENT Razor1911
Surviving Mars — a game developed in the genre of the simulator, where under your king gets the construction of a huge and multifunctional city. You will go to a distant and dangerous adventure into space, namely to a planet called Mars, which you have to colonize, creating there all the conditions for the life of the human race. The planet that you need to go to, stores a huge number of secrets and secrets, and here you are waiting for hard trials and various dangers. Try to take control of all aspects of the activity. So, for example, you have to establish the extraction and supply of resources, since they are fundamental for the preservation of life. You must have enough water and food, as well as sunlight, up to the air! In addition, you must carefully monitor the construction of this or that building, so that it is right and comfortable. It is the design to create on the red planet will not be so easy, it will take a lot of ingenuity and skill.

This game has been updated 20-02-2019, 14:04 to the latest version v20190220 (Tereshkova).

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Z Dawn v0.3.0 - SKIDROW

Z Dawn torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.3.0 TORRENT SKIDROW
Z Dawn is a turn-based strategy that takes place in a world gripped by a terrible virus that turns people into zombies. The simple visual interface is compensated by the enormous possibilities. Build a base, explore the world, collect useful resources and skillfully lead a group of survivors. Since Z Dawn is a turn-based strategy, you have the opportunity to think through your every move well and without haste. Your main task is to ensure the survival of a small group of people.

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Element Space v1.0.2 - SKIDROW

Element Space torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.2 TORRENT SKIDROW
Element Space is a sci-fi step-by-step tactical RPG whose events unfold in a bleak future, where humanity has colonized three solar systems and their environs. You will find yourself in the epicenter of the new intergalactic conflict and lead your detachment of advanced fighters into the most dangerous situations, dealing with the consequences of choosing throughout the deep history. Strategy is a genre that is known to us by constant battles, unhurried development and other interesting and calm elements of the game. But recently, a curious game project called Element appeared on Steam Early Access, which promises to break the stereotype of this genre and provide the public with something new and interesting.

This game has been updated 20-02-2019, 06:42 to the latest version v1.0.2.

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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales v1.1 - GOG

Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.1 TORRENT GOG
Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales is a suddenly formed project in the Witcher universe, which was previously planned as the storyline of the Gwent The Witcher Card Game. The player will plunge into the entourage of dark fantasy under the leadership of the ruler of the northern kingdoms — Mevy. Users waiting for a full story for a period of 30 hours, an advanced system of dialogues and the ability to pump the protagonist, uniforms and camp troops. Skirmishes with the enemies migrated from Gwint, and this means that all battles will occur through the creation of a unique deck and alternate moves. Hiring soldiers in the army will need through the mentioned buildings. The main character will face the danger in the face of a new war. Not wanting to give up their possessions, the brave ruler enters the battle by strengthening the territory and fighting face to face with the indomitable threat.

This game has been updated 19-02-2019, 10:25 to the latest version v1.1.

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