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Scythe Invaders from Afar - PLAZA

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Scythe Invaders from Afar — expansion for the hit strategic game Scythe, with which the number of players increases to seven people. Now Albion is entering the war with a leader in the Scottish kilt and a hand-hog, and the Japanese Togawa faction, led by a samurai girl, has come from far away. From afar, the invaders sent only small expeditionary forces to use their unique tactics to catch their valuable fish in the muddy water of an alien war. Each faction will receive five miniature robots from the Japanese look particularly modern, the faction list, tokens.
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Scythe Digital Edition v1.5.24 & Invaders from Afar - PLAZA

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Scythe is a great real-time strategy game in which you will have to war hard in your alternate past, in the universe where the First World War has evolved from the ordinary into the mechanical. In this alternative universe, the world is blazing with the new rules. You will find yourself in the past of this universe, in the time interval between the First World War and the new, mechanical one. You will have to choose a side, lead one of the troops, and try to achieve peace by force, using the most advanced developments.

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Citystate v1.2.4 - SiMPLEX

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Citystate is a game project developed in the indie sandbox genre, where you had a great opportunity from scratch to create your own city with all the functions and industries. Here your attentiveness is necessary to the full, as well as apply strategy and logical thinking in some moments. Moreover, here you have to put all sorts of experiments and go on various kinds of tricks to control the development of political activity in your state. You will be available large-scale kat, each of which has the ability to be generated randomly, from which your gameplay will become much more interesting. Moreover, you will be able to change each of the provided maps on your own, creating a unique city with a unique activity. You have to follow the life of your citizens, listen to their wishes and satisfy all necessary needs. Make your city the best, safe and comfortable for life, so that it will rapidly develop and bear fruit.​

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China Maos legacy v1.0.2 (upd.28.05.2019) - SiMPLEX

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China Maos legacy is a simulation game where your strategic skills come in handy. The main theme of the project is embedded in geopolitics, so you should be ready for a variety of tasks. The history of the game will send you into the past, namely in 1976, when the stormy Cultural Revolution died down with great sound. Henceforth, harsh times are mercy and now it is necessary to act in order to restore the world around you. It will be very difficult to achieve this goal, as the revolution left behind echoes.

This game has been updated 28-05-2019, 05:59 to the latest version v1.0.2 (upd.28.05.2019).

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Embark v0.535

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Embark is a detailed and well-developed colonization simulator, where you will enter a huge, open and living world. The fact is that our main character was forced to land on a completely unknown planet, which, at first glance, seemed uninhabited. Your main task here will be to build a multifunctional colony fit for a large number of people. Go on exploring the vast world, which is fraught with thousands of secrets and secrets, as well as you can find in the open spaces a lot of useful items, the corvette will help you in achieving this goal.

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Ostriv v0.2.1.0

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Ostriv — a new city building simulator, where the main character will get into the eighteenth century. The developers have prepared for you a lot of interesting things, including complete freedom of action, where you can create anything. Create a real, lively and multifunctional city in which residents will be as comfortable and safe as possible. All your residents will have special ambitions and places, so you should listen to them, as well as to monitor their lives. Follow the law and pay taxes, while not causing discontent among the residents of the settlement. Take care to establish both the economy and agriculture. Hire workers who will perform certain duties. Starting with a small settlement you will be able to turn it into a large and functioning city, which will be comfortably and pleasantly located for thousands of people.
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ZELENSKY vs POROSHENKO The Destiny of Ukraine

Poster ZELENSKY vs POROSHENKO The Destiny of Ukraine torrent download
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ZELENSKY vs POROSHENKO The Destiny of Ukraine is an unusual casual game, where the fate of the whole country will lie in your hands. You are given the opportunity to choose one of several presidents, who will be held to power. You will assume the role of the ruler of the country, who must do everything possible to make it a superpower. You will have plenty of opportunities, until the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada.
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Neoverse v0.983

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Neoverse is a beautiful, fantastic adventure game with thrilling challenges. This is a strategic, action-like game like a rogue, a game in a deck that will test the player’s skill. Start your adventure with unique characters to save the world at different times. 3 amazing characters, each with its own unique characteristics, 300 strategic maps and more than 100 skills, more than 70 types of monsters with different patterns, an endless continuation of unlimited possibilities. Beat the difficulty settings for more player-driven. Different combinations created using new cards each time you play, future destinations that change each time you choose, storylines and enemies that jump over past, future and legendary stories. Charismatic main characters with unique actions, an automatic extraction system, when cards remain, various character-based skill combinations.

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Total War Three Kingdoms v20190523 (Steam-Rip)

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Total War Three Kingdoms — a new direction of adventure for the familiar and recognizable strategy of world war. This time, the scene will be China, which fell under the onslaught of the dictator. She was able to seize power and is now engaged in tyranny. It is urgent to stop him, otherwise no one will be able to help this country. Fortunately, three brothers decided to lead the uprising, who are joining forces and will now stand against the tyrant. They have a personal army, they themselves have excellent martial arts, but is that enough to stop the tyrant?

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Swag and Sorcery v1.030 - SKIDROW

Poster Swag and Sorcery torrent download
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​Swag and Sorcery is a new RPG from famous developers who have created such popular indie projects like: Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper. In the new game you have to develop your own fantasy village. Find heroes, equip and train them, and when the valuable quest turns up, send them to the tasks. And Swag and Sorcery does not force you to constantly fight to earn money. You can always go peacefully, for example, to earn money at a fashion show. The truth for this will have to create a truly delightful or surprising equipment.​

This game has been updated 26-05-2019, 08:55 to the latest version v1.030.

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