Griftlands Alpha v351397 (upd.12.07.2019)

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Griftlands — an exciting adventure game where you have to conquer large-scale outer space. You, as an adventurer, go to a distant and completely unknown planet for you, where you will try to earn as much money as possible. You must be ready for unexpected turns of events, as in this game you will not do without battles with different types of rivals. It is worth remembering that the development of further events will depend on the decisions you take and the actions taken.
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Blazing Chrome

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Blazing Chrome is a dynamic 16-bit action game for PC. The action takes place in the future, in a world dominated by machines driven by artificial intelligence. People who are perfect enemies for them are forced to live underground. The rebels, however, do not lose hope and see a chance to win over their mechanical tormentors in the destruction of a powerful power plant. When robots attack the rebel base, several survivors undertake this difficult mission. Among them are the main characters of the game, well trained for the war. Moor and Doyle, a rebellious robot.
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Clea v1.0

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Clea is a fascinating and very atmospheric horror mixed with adventure, quest and action. Here you will find awesome events, a sea of interesting puzzles and excellent gameplay. The plot of the game revolves around a girl and a boy from the Whitlock family. Clea and her brother celebrated their birthday with their nanny governess, while their parents experimented on the Chaos ministers. Everything was fine, but suddenly something happened — the test subjects escaped to freedom, the mom and dad of the children disappeared, and the nanny who heard the strange sounds went to find out what happened, and simply disappeared. Now the children need to understand what happened, and at the same time escape from the mansion. But the players are being offered to take the girl Clea under control.
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RDS The Official Drift Videogame v109 Build 45 - CODEX

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RDS The Official Drift Videogame — this service license version of the Russian Drift Series in the eSports community, where you are supposed to be an accomplice in high-class competitions according to drift in well-known tracks. Do you want to be an accomplice of the most steep upscale competitions according to the drift in the famous highways and compete with real players according to the whole society. Feel the socialist realism of physics with a new generation of autosimulator that acquired the freshest improvements and the subsequent formation in the fun.

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Stranger Things 3 The Game v1.2 - SKIDROW

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Stranger Things 3 The Game is an RPG game that intends to send you to me in an unforgettable adventure through a huge, dangerous world. The whole project was performed in retro style and is ready to plunge you into the sixteen-bit games of the old school. Center character can act as one of the proposed heroes, and immediately a group of people. The main line of the plot you can go along with a friend, from which the pastime will become even more interesting. Cooperative mode will allow you and your partner to choose suitable heroes and take control of their future life. Moreover, you can even assume the role of a brave, fearless sheriff, or a very interesting and nimble girl named Nancy.

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NITE Team 4 v1.1.0 - SKIDROW

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NITE Team 4 is a special agency where specially trained hackers work, working for the benefit of various formations: FRB, GRU, counterintelligence and many others. The player acts as one of the workers who performs the set goals, using the terminal to hack systems and pull data, track down criminals and search for evidence. At the core of the gameplay are real algorithms, and the interface is stylized for real software hackers. Even if you do not know how the hacking software works, you can get the necessary skills at the Academy. The training is presented in the form of a number of tasks that will help to master the management and teams, but after that do not wait for indulgences: there will be no prompts in the campaign mode.

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Monsters of Little Haven v1.0 - DARKZER0

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Monsters of Little Haven is a great visual story in which you will have to plunge into the difficult life of two teenagers. In their role you will have to plunge into adventures with a mixture of drama and romanticism. The plot of the game tells about two teenagers from the Murphy family who accidentally stumbled upon the trail of an unusual monster. This is about a boy named Kenneth and a girl Esme, brother and sister. Together they will solve puzzles, solve riddles, understand various events and do things that nobody from their small family has yet decided.
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Stationeers v0.2.2066.9437 - SKIDROW

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Stationeers — space simulator with a first-person view, where you will go on an exciting and dangerous adventure. The game process should be monitored as closely as possible, because every mistake can lead to irreversible consequences. It is necessary to take under your total control a huge space station, which you will manage. In addition, that you can go through the story line alone, go to explore outer space with your friends or other players around the world, distributing responsibilities between each other. Be sure to follow every station of the complete system, so that they are all in working order around the clock. Engage in space farming Take control of all aspects of the plant’s operation so that it can work without interruption for a long time. The gameplay is very interesting, so you do not have to miss here. Investigate the exploration of the planet, build complex structures and structures, and conduct various secret operations.

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Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls v0.8.4.04 - SKIDROW

Torrent Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls download free pc
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In the game «Wayward Terran Frontier Zero Falls» you are waiting for a whole universe and complete freedom of action. Build your spaceship and go explore the cosmos. Do various tasks, get money and spend it on the development of your ship. Forget about the usual schedule of health, it’s simply not there! All that you have is the members of your crew. If they are killed, the game will be lost. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about the layout of your ship’s modules. The same goes for your enemies, if you know the weak points of the ship, you will be able to neutralize the enemy’s crew with one accurate shot and win the battle. A flexible system of construction and battle, in which you can identify the weak points of the ship will tighten you for a long and exciting design.

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Tiny Metal Full Metal Rumble v1.0.8 (upd.12.07.2019)

Torrent Tiny Metal Full Metal Rumble download free pc
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Tiny Metal Full Metal Rumble — step by step tactical military simulator. The game is a sequel to the original Tiny Metal and offers more large-scale, intense and complex turn-based battles. Players will undergo challenging missions to save humanity in the fight against machines. The game offers 77 maps, 21 of which will be available for multiplayer battles, as well as an expanded army with more than 23 types of units, additional heroes and commanders, in the campaign mode of 39 missions. And adding bonus tests on each card partly improves replayability. The main storyline reveals the story of warrior Wolfram, who lost her brother in the last war. She will have to uncover the mystery behind it, and join the battle with the machines. A warrior needs to get an ancient weapon to tip the scales to her side.
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