Robothorium Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler v1.0 (upd.01.02.2019)

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Robothorium Sci-fi Dungeon Crawler is a turn-based bagel, where all actions will take place directly in a futuristic world that is open to conquest and exploration. Here you have to stand at the head of the army of rebel robots, each of which has artificial intelligence. You yourself will choose your allies. The main thing to remember is that all the decisions you make will somehow influence the course of events. Your army must be carefully trained, as well as provide it with everything necessary in terms of ammunition and reliable equipment.
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Sundered Eldritch Edition v20190131 - PLAZA

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Sundered is a game that embodies all the charm of the platformer genre, where arcade style elements have also taken their place. Here you find yourself in an extraordinary world, where each level is drawn by hand, and each location has the opportunity to carefully explore. All your adventure will occur with a side view that will make your gameplay more dynamic. You are waiting for the world, which will prepare for you a lot of life-threatening adventures, where you will perform various kinds of tasks and complete various quests.

This game has been updated 1-02-2019, 06:54 to the latest version v20190131.

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Armored Evolution - PLAZA

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Armored Evolution is an arena-style shooter where you fight alone or with friends. Try a dynamic adrenaline battle when you control your individual Avatar using your unique weapon. Below are some of the key features that Armored Evolution provides, such as timing shots and evading enemy fire — this is the name of the game with extremely responsive WASD movement and cursor-based targeting. After passing each level, you will be rewarded with randomized loot, which can provide you with tons of avatars and weapons! Mix and match to create the perfect storm for your enemies.
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Endless Space 2 v1.4.3.S5 (Digital Deluxe Edition) - CODEX

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Endless Space 2 — space strategy, capable of impressing with its scale and sophistication even the most sophisticated player. Cosmos, intergalactic civilizations, flights to distant stars are topics that never ceased to excite the minds of people both in the past and in our time. And that’s why in the gaming industry a huge layer of products are based on these aspects. A special niche is taken by strategies, because it is in them that developers have the opportunity to fully turn around and create a game that really allows the player to feel the scale of the distances and power of space fleets. Endless Space 2 is one of the best representatives of its genre, and there are many reasons for that. The player will become the ruler of a huge civilization, after which to go along with it the path from one single inhabited planet to all-galactic power.

This game has been updated 1-02-2019, 05:55 to the latest version v1.4.3.S5 (Digital Deluxe Edition).

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A Horde Too Many v0.9.4 (upd.31.01.2019)

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A Horde Too Many — is a game in the style of survival, where you have to plunge into a dark and very dangerous world to cope with bloodthirsty opponents. The game is endowed with good graphics, and is also ready to please you with an exciting gameplay. Moreover, the game even has its own plot line, which has unexpected turns of events. The story tells you that until recently there was a real chaos on Earth that led to the apocalypse. The apocalypse claimed millions of human lives.
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Poster Tannenberg torrent download
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Tannenberg is an independent addition to the Verdun game, a first-person shooter in which you can go under the borders of the Russian Empire and take part in the most ambitious battles of the First World War. This time, the Eastern Front and three new participants are waiting for you. But the main thing is not this, but the fact that you will find many other equally important innovations. And first of all, I would like to say about the new regime, called «maneuvering». The main advantage of this mode is that as many as 64 fighters can simultaneously participate in it. At the same time, you don’t have to play with live players — the mode supports connecting bots and, moreover, is controlled by reasonably intelligent AI.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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The Settlers History Collection Upd.31.01.2019 - Razor1911

Poster The Settlers History Collection torrent download
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The Settlers History Collection is a special edition released by developers in honor of the 25th anniversary of the series. The publication includes all seven parts of the series and all the content that was officially published during this time. But that’s not all. In addition, in all seven games, the graphics were partially reworked and new features were added, not much changing the gameplay, but transforming the process. In general, the game has not changed, but externally transformed.
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Photonic Distress v1.0.2 (upd.31.01.2019) - PLAZA

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Photonic Distress is a rather interesting computer game project, which is a peculiar mixture of a puzzle and a platformer from the first person and the third person with an interesting game process. In the game you take control of a nameless hero, who wakes up in the internal representation of his conscience, where he needs to find 100 fragments of memory in order to return to the real world. The game has four levels of difficulty. Naturally, each level of complexity in its own way affects the gameplay. At your disposal will be a special photon gun, with which you need to light your way and use it to highlight the very fragments that need to be found. Progress through the levels will automatically increase the level of difficulty. That is, the further you go, the harder it will be. On your way there will be a lot of obstacles, traps and obstacles.
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MachiaVillain Electrocution upd.31.01.2019 - PLAZA

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Do you like to engage in a variety of development and the ability to manage the original characters? Then do not miss the attention of a game MachiaVillain. This time you will be able to personally engage in the active development of the mansion with monsters. Yes, now you have to carefully monitor the monsters, build a mansion, be responsible for the interior and gradually flourish. But you should not relax, since the monsters have quite specific tastes, so you should not make hasty conclusions.
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Block'hood v1.1.25

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Block’hood is an excellent urban simulator, but different in terms of gameplay and pursued goals from other representatives of the genre. Here you will have to not only build a city, but also take into account all sorts of factors. The main factor in this sandbox is ecology. You need to build a city in such a way that it does not have a critically negative impact on the environment. And it will have to build from a variety of blocks. Some blocks allow you to build a system through which water will be produced in the right quantity, while other blocks will allow you to build a residential complex or an energy sector.
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