Pirates of the Polygon Sea v1.0.1.0 - SKIDROW

Torrent Pirates of the Polygon Sea download free pc
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Pirates of the Polygon Sea is a dynamic quest that will send you to the adventure world and give you a lot of positive emotions from passing levels. Here you will find yourself in an open atmosphere for research and conquest, which has prepared exciting tasks for you. You will assume the role of an insidious and courageous pirate who fights for control and authority over the Mythical Islands. Your responsibilities include the establishment and construction of a small port town at first, which then turn into a whole dynamic system. You should establish business relations with neighboring islands in order to interact with them in the future by trading with useful resources.

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Overgrowth v1.4.0

Torrent Overgrowth download free pc
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Overgrowth — role-playing fighting with a mixture of adventure and quest, in which you will have the role of a rabbit named Turner to go on a dangerous journey through the fictional world. The game’s events revolve around an island called Lugaru, where anthropomorphic animals act as inhabitants. Here you will find pigs, rats, and other equally famous animals. You will have to play for the famous warrior rabbit named Turner, who lived in the village until that very fatal moment when not his village was attacked by raiders. From this point on the adventure begins — Turner to visit various places, fight numerous enemies, unravel intrigues and solve many mysteries.
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Moss Destruction v1.0 - ALI213

Torrent Moss Destruction download free pc
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Moss Destruction has several characters, but they are all closer to class types due to lack of plot, there are 3 of them: Moss, who controls the chicken fur, and two others that I couldn’t unlock because it was too difficult. In any case, Moss and Chicken have a melee attack using a circular saw and a basic single-shot laser gun, which is not very effective, it deftly targets / hits objects and does not cause much damage. you can also pick up another weapon if you find it, but since it is procedurally generated, you can count on finding it, they are of different types, the minigun was the only one that I found useful, to be honest, I advanced much further when stopped using the starting gun and simply applied a melee attack, although with minigun.
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Lost City of Vampires v1.22R - PLAZA

Torrent Lost City of Vampires download free pc
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Behind the fog and fog lies the Lost City of Vampires an unmanaged region, where the borders of a dark city are shrouded in deadly sunshine with the help of black storms, which allows you to combat undead at night and day. Sent by the council to hunt for lost city groups, you must destroy the whole lineage and put an end to this unauthorized bloody war, becoming the last vampire standing in this single-person shooter game. Soon the dawn as at a distance of the last 100 vampires of a thousand-year-old pedigree, a black storm begins to form. Armed with ultraviolet and protected by light, a bloody war continues between rival clans in the lost city. However, today the members are not alone in their factions, as today one of the best hunters of the Council was sent to end the battle.

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Stardew Valley v1.3.36 - SKIDROW

Torrent Stardew Valley download free pc
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Stardew Valley — a two-dimensional senbox world, served from an isometric perspective. According to the authors, the player will assume the role of a certain heir to the grandfather’s house and land plot located in the Stardew Valley. There, besides you, there will be another 30 inhabitants — «non-records», controlled by artificial intelligence. Each inhabitant of the valley is a unique person, with his date of birth and life history. The game has several areas of activity that need to be developed in parallel, balancing between them: agriculture, mining, hunting, fishing and gathering. Each skill is useful in its own way. In addition to them, the game has a craft. For the latter, you need to learn new recipes.

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Glass Masquerade 2 Illusions v2.0.0 (upd.01.03.2019)

Torrent Glass Masquerade 2 Illusions download free pc
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Show off your creative abilities and vision skills as a whole, without being distracted by small details. These skills, along with extreme concentration of attention and observation, will help you to solve the numerous puzzles and puzzles that will be in the way. In the game Glass Masquerade 2 Illusions you have to get acquainted with this stained glass art. Many of the paintings that appear before your eyes reflect the achievements of the past century or even belong to the great Wonders of the World. You have to complete a difficult task. Over time, stained paintings were destroyed and literally scattered into pieces. Collect each picture, carefully drawing the elements of the picture together. Select parts based on their shape, making sure that their faces are exactly in contact with each other. In the end, you should get a whole picture again, which will immediately go to the art museum. The task is complicated by a large number of small elements, which will not be so easy to compose.
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ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove - SKIDROW

Torrent ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove download free pc
Developed by Humanture Studio, the game ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove, is another installment in the series about the adventures of two strange aliens that look like rappers of the 1990s. Filled with humor and absurdity, the story returns to its roots, developed by the first batch, but at the same time it uses elements of the second part. The world and characters look as if they were cut out of paper, and the realization of 3D perspective in some places gives a deeper name. Naturally, the soundtrack is a mixture of funk and rap, which draws inspiration from the musical trends of the 1990s. Thanks to the characteristic bass, the soundtrack is really memorable.
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Railway Empire Germany - CODEX

Torrent Railway Empire Germany download free pc
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Railway Empire Germany — marked by the uprisings and the uprisings of the March revolution, the German small states are on the verge of economic collapse. However, with the advent of the first private trains, cross-border communications are increasingly growing, linking major cities and creating industrial centers that will raise a troubled country. In the DLC Railway Empire — Germany you will be a central part of this movement. Strengthen your influence as a railway magnate in Germany and use new construction sites, gaining valuable concessions.
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Earth Atlantis v01.03.209

Torrent Earth Atlantis download free pc
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Earth Atlantis takes the player to the future — at the end of the 21st century, climate change reached its peak and caused flooding of 96% of the Earth’s surface, which led to the collapse of almost all of human civilization. Only machines could adapt to new conditions, taking the form of sea creatures. The player gains control of one of the survivors — the hunter, who after mechanical loot. During the game, you can control one of several available submarines, more can be unlocked throughout the game, equipped with unique weapons.
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Last Year The Nightmare v1.0.3 Build 20190301 - SKIDROW

Torrent Last Year The Nightmare download free pc
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Last Year The Nightmare — Are You Ready To Instill Animal Fear Or Are You Afraid Of Almost Inevitable Death? Only in Last Year you will see the confrontation of five teenagers from high school and one maniac who languidly prowls everywhere in search of young flesh. Perhaps he is already behind your back. If you choose the «young» side, then be prepared to be quieter than water, below the grass. But first choose one of the five available characters with individual abilities and roles in the team.

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