Quern Undying Thoughts 1.2.0 hotfix (v18974 GOG) - SKIDROW

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Quern Undying Thoughts — this is an adventure game with a first-person view in which you find yourself in a strange way in an incredible world. You will solve various puzzles that will build a picture of what’s going on in the brick. Why are you here? What do they want from you? And what is this strange place? Find the answers to these questions by plunging into an atmospheric adventure.

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Lost Sphear v20180306 - CODEX

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A fresh look at the classic JRPG from I Am Setsuna developers. The game is distinguished by the appearance of the ATB 2.0 system (Active Time Battle), which allows in turn-based battles to change the location of the characters in the game. A similar system was used earlier in I Am Setsuna, where the positions of party members could not be changed. The transition from exploring the world to battle in Lost Sphear takes place seamlessly and without loading screens. The main character of the game — the boy Kanate — will have to revive his vanishing city, using the power of memory. Many locations in Lost Sphear are restored by memories, so they differ from each other in a unique environment.
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Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HD - PLAZA

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Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HD is the fusion of the once-stepping system of the game Front Mission 3 with elements of the gameplay in real-time mode. In the legendary strategy of 20 years ago, we had to calculate every step in advance, improve the controlled biomechanical units, monitor their armor indicators and competently perform attacks. In the game from the studio Arc System Works all this is not necessary, because the novelty is similar to the above masterpiece only in that the gameplay in it is served from an isometric perspective, and the plot narrates about anthropogenic post-apocalypse related to the robot uprising. The Fourth World War has neither end nor edge.
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Owlboy v1.3.6613.28019 - SKIDROW

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Owlboy is a two-dimensional pixel metadata that has received high marks from players. We will play for an owl boy named Otus. The main character, along with his friends, will fight with celestial pirates and other dangerous enemies. In Owlboy perfectly balanced good plot and gameplay. Arcade platformer «Owlboy», looking at the review to which, no player can not give up the opportunity to get into this wonderful adventure. Excellent pixel graphics, unique combat combinations, crack and fascinating visual design — this is not all the privileges of adventure.

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Bacon Man An Adventure Upd. 06.03.2018 - CODEX

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Virtual worlds have recently become too small and simple, especially if you take into account the various platformers. It’s time to change this situation a bit, and we suggest you pay your attention to the game called Bacon Man: An Adventure, which will allow you to relax a bit and go on an exciting adventure in an unusual fantasy world. To survive in this world, it will be necessary to show impudence, confidence and the ability to think quickly. Can you show us these abilities? Then it’s worth immediately downloading Bacon Man An Adventure via torrent for free and you can start this adventure.
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Nine Parchments v1.0.5 - Razor1911

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Nine Parchments is an isometric action / role-playing game, oriented towards cooperative passage and developed by Frozenbyte. The plot of the plot is as follows: a group of magicians-pupils escaped from their mentor, in order to pass the path of the Nine Parchments as soon as possible. The gameplay is similar to the notorious Magicka and is a dynamic action, based on the active use of natural elements. As the game progresses, the skills of heroes will be improved and eventually become truly destructive. Also one of the main features of the project is the random generation of levels.
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Hellmut The Badass From Hell v1.0.1 - SKIDROW

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Hellmut The Badass from Hell — a cool and well-traced game in the style of action with elements of the bagel, where you again go to the study of deep and covered with a gloomy shroud of dungeons. In the course of passing this or that stage of the game, you will receive all kinds of cannons that will help you in battles with numerous rivals. Go to explore a vast open world where you can get various valuable materials and resources that you can then apply to your advantage. On your way, you will meet just an incredible amount of difficult to battle demons, overcoming which you will go into a clash with their bosses. Your main character will have special skills, which also includes transformation into beings.
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Remothered Tormented Fathers v1.0 (Update 1) - SKIDROW

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Remothered Tormented Fathers — the first part of the long-awaited trilogy of games from the 3rd person. Rosemary Reed — bored by the thrill of a lady of Balzac’s age, decided in one day to reveal another mystery. To this end, she comes to the estate to Dr. Felton, who was once a famous notary. Now Felton, having lost all he loved (his wife and daughter), was struck by a mysterious and very terrible disease — he can not move around the house himself and all the worries about him are placed on him, living with him under one roof, nurse Gloria. Felton is obsessed with nightmares, connected both with his tragic past, and with the disappearance of his underage daughter Selesta. It was these nightmares that created the terrible monster that would make Felton suffer for all his sins — Jennifer. Rosemary suspects that uncovering the true cause of the disappearance of Selesta, will help ward off the whole attack. But it will not be easy and very dangerous.
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Eador Imperium v2.71.2.9701 - PLAZA

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The game is not new, but only a continuation of the sensational series of Eador. It combines strategy, role play and turn-based tactics. New heroes, units, many mechanisms and obstacles. All this awaits in the Eador Empire. As with any strategy, you have to fight here. To successfully pass the levels, you need to hire an army, win battles, and also hold in your hands the whole Empire, which at any moment can fall. Every time the main character stands face to face with death, one must do everything necessary to ensure that he survives. There will be wizards, whose goal is to take revenge on those who destroyed their world. The priestess, who will not stand up to anything, she will shoot at anyone who gets in her way. Viceroy, who will rule the Empire in a crisis.

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Risen 3 v3.0.30 (03.01.2018) Complete Edition - SKIDROW

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Risen 3 is a cult RPG, acting and sending players to an amazing world full of dangers and riven by an endless war. The main advantage of the product is absolute freedom of action, which opens an unlimited space for exploring colorful, spectacular, and, most importantly, open to the movement of the universe. The protagonist is a young soldier who lost his soul as a result of an unexpected attack by the dark forces. He sets out to return the lost in darkness, ready to explore the gloomy medieval towns, the mysterious underground labyrinths and the mysterious realm of shadows. Together with your ward, you have a chance to enlist the support of powerful magicians, deepened into the bowels of Taranis — a mystical dungeon filled.
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