Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rescue Palooza v1.1.0

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rescue Palooza — fascinating and very atmospheric platformer 2019 in retro style for PC. You are waiting for battles with various enemies, the legendary villain Schröder, and four glorious mutants. The plot of the game is simple and tied up primarily on the confrontation of the ninja turtles and Schroeder, who now has the support of Krang. The villains kidnapped the friends of the turtles and now the mutants must find them by all means, defeating Schröder and his new companion along the way. You are waiting for battles with numerous ninjas, battles with robots, and much more.

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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition v2.7a + DLC - SKIDROW

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Exactly 10 years ago the world first saw the Titan Quest. And today, in honor of the anniversary of this fascinating history, the developer pleases all fans of the genre with the revival of the game. Titan Quest will shine again with its armor on the protagonist. The special edition of the game «Anniversary Edition» includes the original Titan Quest, in which you will go through all the familiar, but already redesigned levels, and also includes the Titan Quest Immortal Throne. In general, you get 2 games in one. In how. You are waited not only by familiar history, but also by a completely new experience of battles and adventures. THQ — yes, the same developer of the game and this time worked on the glory. He already earned our trust a decade ago, and now it’s only left to warm up the past, and it will turn out, because in the game Titan Quest Anniversary Edition much is worked out for the better, and you just have to download the game and enjoy it.

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Cuphead v1.2 (upd.19.04.2019) - CODEX

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Cuphead is a crazy, fast, emotional and incredibly challenging platformer in which you have to fight with numerous enemies, solve physical puzzles on the fly, monitor everything that happens and kill numerous bosses. And the first thing I would like to say about the most important advantage of this platformer — the fact is that it is made in the style of cartoons of the 30s, with similar, but multi-colored and beautiful animation. But this is only the visual shell of the game — much more attention and delight deserves the gameplay. It would seem that this can offer a platformer, so that he was crazy about the modern admirer.

Added: Cuphead v1.2.4 (GOG)

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Transistor v1.50473 - GOG

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Transistor — a very original project from the studio Supergiant Games, combining action with role-playing game. And it is original first of all by a plot. On artah one can easily notice how gently the main character hugs a huge lightsaber. This sword is the Transistor, and endowed with remarkable strength. And the heroine is gentle to him because the soul of the young stranger who saved her life is kept in him. And this soul talks to her, gives valuable instructions. Who is this girl? Singer named Ed. Some organization tried to kill her, but that same young man was on time nearby. And now they are together looking for extinguishers to get revenge. The game was highly appreciated for the interesting plot and its original presentation, for the beautifully created atmosphere, supported by spectacular music and colorful hand-drawn graphics.

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Project CARS 2 v2.0.0.1 (Deluxe Edition) - CODEX

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Project CARS 2 — this game takes you to the world of motorsport, filled with speed and fast cars. You have all the options for customizing the car, for this you can expose various parameters for yourself, for example, the angle of camber or the balance of brakes. These settings will significantly affect the controllability of your car, so you need to be smart with this responsible process. At the same time, the developers introduced their own style of management, they have special laws of physics, which in the results gives you the opportunity to have fun, wheeling along the routes presented in the game. Jump behind the wheel of one of the supercars and go to prove to everyone that you are the best racer of our time.

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Truck the System Alpha v0.1.1

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Truck the System is a very cool action game based on deadly races, dangerous tracks with tests, a sea of elements and modifications, and an advanced damage model. The essence of the game lies primarily in the races that occur on dangerous tracks. Each track here represents a real obstacle course, where obstacles, tests, jumps, sharp turns, cannons that will shoot at your car, and much, much more, are waiting for you. And you, not only will you have to survive in such difficult conditions, you will also have to win, which is even better. In general, it will be boring.

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Village Feud

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This game Village Feud full version free a mixture of real-time strategy and action adventure in a medieval setting. Here you will have to fight, travel, develop your settlement and do much more. In the story there are two Viking villages that have been at war with each other for many, many years. You need to lead one of the villages and do everything possible to turn it into a powerful and powerful city, which will have everything you need to defend and attack, for the happiness of citizens, for victory over the enemy and not only. In other words, you will find a very long standoff.

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Awaiting Salvation v01.07.2019

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Awaiting Salvation — an exciting adventure puzzle game in which you have to explore the world around us in order to get to the goal. You will go to a small settlement, where something absolutely terrible has happened, something that takes the lives of the inhabitants. Your task is to sort it all out, identify the cause and get rid of it as soon as possible, thereby saving people’s lives. Your mission is as complex as possible, so always be ready for unexpected events. It is your responsibility to save the village from a rapidly spreading disease.

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ARK Extinction Expansion v293.103 - CODEX

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ARK Extinction Expansion is a multiplayer project on the topic of survival in a dangerous world where your opponents are not only wild animals and natural conditions, but also other players. You will go to a huge island, which must be carefully investigated, find useful items and build the most secure shelter. Here you can team up with other players, and then assign responsibilities, so it will be much easier to cope with difficulties. Wander in search of food and water, and also try to find everything you need to ensure your life is as comfortable as possible. Other survivors roam around, who continually want to take your prey away from you. Be attentive and create yourself a powerful weapon to deal with a crowd of rivals. Constantly monitor your equipment and state of health. Fight with other tribes, as well as defend against the attack of huge dinosaurs, which will also be able to tame if you act correctly.

Added: ARK Survival Evolved v296.101 + 6 DLC | RePack

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ATOM RPG Supporter Pack - SKIDROW

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ATOM RPG Supporter Pack is a brilliant game, and its developers claim that it is the equivalent of the world-famous Fallout, which was so popular with gamers living in the CIS countries. It is worth noting that the game in its gameplay resembles the first parts of Fallout. Now users will have a chance to play a game with an RPG, and use the full potential of their PC, but in order to break into the game, you should install this game. The first thing to say is that the developers have tried to ensure that you fully plunge into this virtual world. A three-dimensional game engine was created, which contributes to the fact that the user is immersed in the events of the game, even in its smallest details. So you become a witness of absolutely all the events that develop in the game. The implementation of this is due to the Kickstarter platform.

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