Escaped Chasm v12.04.2019

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Escaped Chasm — many believe that Undertale 2015 was made by one developer Toby Fox. However, in order for the game to be able to achieve its success, another person had a hand in it, its leading artist Temmie Chang. At this time, Chang, with his small team, released the game Escaped Chasm, which spreads according to the model, pay, how much is not a pity. To talk a lot about the plot is impossible, so as not to spoil the impression. We can only mention that the game is very short, about half an hour, and the main character is a girl mysteriously associated with the world of fantasy, which she sees in her dreams. The game has several endings, as well as an open final, leaving Undertale fans hope for a continuation.

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Archeo Shinar v0.79a (upd.12.04.2019)

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Archeo Shinar — a game in a strategic genre, where you will explore the world and go to the dark world of caves. You will go to the very center of the jungle to touch the heart. To begin, you need to create a team of professionals, each of which will have its own specific qualities and skills. These aspects will help them cope with a variety of missions. You can send a group to the caves or the jungle, so that they can get acquainted with the ancient tribes. Of the distinctive features can be noted the execution of the gameplay itself, which was thought out in a completely unique style.

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Curious Cases v20190412 - PLAZA

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Curious Cases — the game consists of 3 chapters, each chapter opens at the end of the previous one. Once the chapter is unlocked, players can jump to it to continue from where they left off. The scientist went missing, saying that they made an amazing discovery. This extraordinary case disappeared from a locked cabinet with one exit, which immediately attracted the attention of Detective Moore. A modern legend, detective Thomas Moore, uncovered more cases than can be counted when others are stalled, he set to work. Some things are more complicated than others, but it always goes away.

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Seven Enhanced Edition v1.3.1 upd.12.04.2019 - RELOADED

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Publisher IMGN.PRO and developers from Fool’s Theory studio have announced the release of an extended edition of an isometric role-playing action in the open world Seven Enhanced Edition for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Enhanced Edition will go on sale on March 26 and will include the main game Seven: The Days Long Gone, along with the addition of Drowned Past. Owners of the original game on personal computers will have access to the new edition on the day of release completely free of charge. Studio Fools Theory was founded by people from CD Projekt RED, behind whom are the development of projects such as The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings and The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

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Staxel v1.4.24 (Sapling Edition) - GOG

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Staxel is a simple sandbox game based on the development of a farm and the construction of a multifunctional city. It is not an easy task to control all aspects of your business: growing and watering flowers, vegetables and fruits, as well as other crops, and divorcing animals, each type of which requires special attention. You can simply enjoy your life, gradually doing your work and developing it for the better. If the adventure is not enough, then you can safely go exploring deep and dark dungeons, where you will be engaged in excavation and extraction of useful resources. In addition, the world in which you have to get is populated by the various creatures themselves, which in one way or another will affect you and further developments. Try to perform only good actions for your part, and also treats residents with respect.

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Aqua Moto Racing Utopia v5.5.6.45850 (Weekly Challenges) - SKIDROW

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Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is a racing simulator on powerful jet skis, which has many tracks and the best wave dynamics. If you like racing and water sports, this is a good option for you. The game is designed and released by the studio Zordix AB. Gameplay When you first start the game you will be asked to create a profile. You can customize the name, gender, appearance and country of origin of your character. All this can be changed later. When you are done, you will have access to the main menu screen.

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Timeflow Time and Money Simulator v1.7.5

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Timeflow Time and money simulator — this is a very unusual simulator with an admixture of a sandbox. His main feature is that he can teach you time management and investment, even in virtual reality. The most interesting thing is that at your disposal will be the time itself, which you will distribute between the affairs as you see fit. But it all starts in a small way — first you have to create a character. Using the available tools, and then also to determine its main characteristics, interests, hobbies, etc. But then life begins, full of movement, tasks, goals, and not only.

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Zanki Zero Last Beginning v1.0 - CODEX

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Zanki Zero Last Beginning is a post-apocalyptic survival RPG. The game focuses on real-time battles with monsters and exploring the ruins in search of the supplies necessary for survival. The game was developed by Spike Chunsoft, the creators of the Danganronpa series and many other games. In 2018, the Earth was devastated, and humanity was almost extinct. Eight clones — the last representatives of our species — travel around the destroyed islands and abandoned cities. Their life cycle lasts only 13 days, after which the clone dies and is reborn in a young body.

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Led It Rain v1.022 (upd.11.04.2019) - PLAZA

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Led It Rain is far from being a masterpiece of the gaming industry, and simply playing a game that has an unusual idea that can lure any player into their world. This project was presented to the world in the genre of shooter, where all actions occur with a first-person view. You will go to a huge and very dangerous world, where you will be riding your iron horse — bike. You are waited by several unique routes, each of which is endowed with dangers and difficult tests. The main goal — driving on a motorcycle, to destroy all the treacherous monsters in its path, but at the same time not forgetting to kiss the girls on the way in a bikini. At first, it may seem that you will enter a world of chaos, trash and madness, but then you will realize that everything here is still worse than you thought.

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Corpse Party Sweet Sachikos Hysteric Birthday Bash - PLAZA

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Corpse Party Sweet Sachikos Hysteric Birthday Bash — gameplay is made from a third party. Players are given the task: to take refuge in school rescue sites. To accomplish this goal, characters need to interact with their environment and environment. For example, collect objects, talk to other people and check documents, avoiding enemies. The history of the game is divided into five chapters, each of which focuses on different characters and includes several endings. They are achieved based on user gaming decisions. For example, True Completion is necessary for the progression of the game. A few Wrong endings will be available when you run events not related to the main storyline. Characters have health points that show how much damage they can take before they die. As you progress, you can unlock ten additional chapters that expand the history of the game.

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