Grim Dawn v1.1.7.0 + DLC - CODEX

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Grim Dawn — is an excellent RPG, in which, by coincidence, people act as a valuable resource. The game is executed in a fantasy style, which gives it an extra charm and allows you to use all the main features of fantasy. According to the plot, there are two opposing sides, both of these forces represent darkness, that is, for humans they are otherworldly. One side wants to use a person as a valuable resource, and the other simply plans to destroy humanity so that it does not get to the enemy.

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Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor v1.13.1-f1 - CODEX

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Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor — is an add-on that will bring new maps to be presented in the add-on, designed to make them suitable for the thriving fishing industry. The developers also talked about an aviation club that will allow your citizens to fly into the sky in a private plane. Supplement allowing you to cope with garbage and pollution. A waste collection station and a waste recycling complex will help you get rid of tons of garbage around your city, turning it into energy. If your problem is contaminated water, new treatment plans will help you get rid of it, even if your city is landlocked.

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Wreckfest v1.260574 + All DLC - CODEX

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Wreckfest — this is a new word in the development of racing simulators, because such realistic battles on cars you certainly did not see. If you were born at the end of the last century, then for sure you should remember a computer game like FlatOut. It allowed me to feel myself in the skin of a rider who somehow tried to show the audience as much as possible a spectacular show and it looked really interesting and fresh. But the year 2017 has come and I want something really interesting, beautiful and technological and actually such a game becomes Vrekfest. After all, as soon as you sit behind the wheel of local cars, you can feel how realistic is the local physics, because the cars here behave really very similar to real cars. Especially it concerns blows, by means of which you will destroy enemies in two counts.

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Those Who Remain v1.012 - CODEX

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Those Who Remain — an adventure psychological horror with a first-person view. You have to go to the fictional American town of Dormont, which was gripped by darkness due to a terrible curse. The main character arrives in the city and immediately finds himself on the run from mysterious creatures. He discovers that in order to survive, he must remain in the light. During the passage, you will also be offered to choose various options for actions that will affect the ending and the fate of some characters.

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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle v1.63.134.1020 - CODEX

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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle — are your Sims ready to influence their world? Join the community of fellow developers at The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pask. Play to change and make a difference in the new world of Evergreen Harbor. Help your new neighbors decide on the Community Space Project, reduce your environmental footprint and watch the transformation of your area. You will be surprised at what will happen when your sims begin to set the rules. Be the change you want to see in Evergreen Harbor. Start a clean water project with colleagues or build wind turbines to power the community.

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Plutocracy v0.192.0

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Plutocracy — you become a participant in an action where, thanks to your own confidence and the ability to move forward, will be able to master all the capital and superiority on the part of America and its people. Taking an incredible part in the contest, which shows what kind of adventure a person is ready to go and what they will face, few people know the real results of life.

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Desolate v1.3 (upd.05.06.2020) - PLAZA

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Desolate — a game in the genre of horror, which is designed for cooperative passage, as well as endowed with a tense and frightening atmosphere. Here you have to go to a huge open world where you must find all possible ways of survival. There is a lot of danger around, so you should be prepared for everything, even for the most unexpected turn of events. Here you will find yourself in an alternative reality, namely in the times of the USSR in the 80s, when the island called Border was in the middle of the heat of events. There was a mysterious and very terrible catastrophe.

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Poly Bridge 2 v1.05 - PLAZA

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A computer game Poly Bridge 2 — for those who like to deal with various problems and search for unusual ways and approaches to problems. Users will have to do engineering work, design various directions, and try to do everything as quickly as possible. Everything that you create is intended for the movement of transport, and you need to have time to finish everything before the transport goes by design. As we see, gamers will need to show their engineering knowledge and abilities, because only with their help it is possible to achieve a good result in the construction of bridges.

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Georifters v1.0.1.41 - CODEX

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The action-platformer Georifters invites the player to help the main character named Candy to explore five worlds. You will have to move in a rather unusual way. You do not have to move independently, but rotate the planet. Only in this way will you be able to overcome all difficulties and defeat the many enemies that you have to face in your difficult but exciting journey.

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Tender v1.1c

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Tender — the first thing to say is that this is essentially a classic pixel horror, but with a very cool atmosphere, creepy, terrible, frightening. Screamers, bloody murders and scenes in which blood is mixed with darkness and cruelty, strange events, gloomy surroundings all create a really scary atmosphere, thanks to which you will fully experience everything that happens in the game. As for the gameplay, it is by and large quite simple and is based on the simplest game mechanics.

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