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SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball — This game mixes classic pinball with young girls who are partially transformed into animals. At the exit, we get five busty girls, they interact with a liquid called Beastall in the arcade bath, which leads to a small mutation, and soon begin to turn into sexual animals. Fortunately, a handy little ball known as the «Peach Ball» will restore their humanity if it is activated by the «right» vibrations. Now you need to play pinball with the girls on different tables to achieve the necessary vibrations, and this in turn will lead to the fact that it will turn out to release a restorative «fog», which is inside the same «Peach Ball».

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Engineer Arena v1.0 - DARKZER0

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Engineer Arena — the game is a crazy first-person shooter based on «bits» used at any time to buy weapons, grenades and new abilities that you need as oxygen, use them to defeat friends in the classic FPS- action with a console screen. Scientists and engineers are working together to create an advanced combat simulator — in a world where war is decided by battles between four participants in cramped, specially designed arenas, they get together to take the necessary set of weapons, grenades, actually different throwing objects, and abilities that can be used on the battlefield. Participate in the simulation as one of the characters, earn beats to synthesize these weapons and ammunition for them and crush your friends.

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Never Give Up v1.0 - PLAZA

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Even a faceless mechanism is capable of experiencing any feelings and submit to its own instincts, which will lead it to freedom. In the game Never Give Up, you will play the role of a stickman and take part in exciting adventures with him. One fine day, your hero was endowed with a mind that thought about his place in life. After a few days of intense thought, the stickman decides to get out of the testing area where the developers locked him. Now he will have to act at his own discretion, while trying to find a way out of this hated laboratory. Help your hero pass this difficult path, rise again and go forward even with the threat of death.

Added new version: Never Give Up — v1.2 GOG!

This game has been updated 15-08-2019, 02:35 to the latest version v1.0.

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The Great Perhaps v1.32.14 - CODEX

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The Great Perhaps is an adventure game developed by independent studio Caligari Games. We take control of the astronaut who returns to Earth, destroyed by numerous natural disasters. The main character quickly takes possession of an artifact similar to a lamp, allowing him to see the past. From now on, his goal is to find out the truth about the events that led to the global cataclysm, and try to save the planet.

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VASARA Collection v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Two VASARA Collection arcade games remade in high resolution. For the first time, the highly acclaimed Japanese arcade shoot’em UPS — Vasara (2000) and Vasara 2 (2001) — are available to the whole world through this package: the Vasara collection. Vasara and Vasara 2 are two recognized Japanese arcade shooters. They combine science fiction with historical events. The action takes place in an alternative version of feudal Japan. Technologically advanced weapons and equipment are a reality, the heroes use flying motorcycles with excellent firepower, melee weapons to destroy enemies.

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BonVoyage! v1.01

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BonVoyage! — A small game for PC in its performance, which will delight with dynamic gameplay. Here you will plunge into a huge, colorful world, and then try to unravel all the secrets that he hides in himself. Here you should always be ready to face various kinds of circumstances, solving puzzles and going through a lot of trials. The game is one big puzzle in the style of mosaic, where you need to correctly arrange these or those tiles in the correct order. At each level, knights are stuck and cannot find their way home.

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Risky Wings Build 531 (upd.14.08.2019) - PLAZA

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Risky Wings — this soaring action, with components of the race, in which place you will have to conquer the vastness of the video game cards, this being the most skill points, during the flight. The pattern is very elementary, something closer to the object of your mercy you fly, this fun points more than a skill. It is necessary to take into account the degree of collected energy, do not allow for the beloved to exist in the minimun. Any newest degree is produced procedurally, this means that there is no cyclic degree here. The main goal is to hone the skill in order to ultimately exercise control of your own character during the flight.​

This game has been updated 14-08-2019, 03:56 to the latest version Build 531 (upd.14.08.2019).

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Dead by Daylight v1.9.3

Torrent Dead by Daylight download free pc
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Dead by Daylight is a cool multiplayer horror game in which you are waiting for bloody mess, killings, survival in spacious open locations, and really deadly competitions. The essence of the game is quite simple and consists, but can be conditionally divided into two parts. The first part is to survive as a victim, who is hunted by a bloodthirsty maniac killer. The second part is the hunt for victims in the role of that same killer maniac. You will have to choose the side and achieve the goal that the game originally set. But don’t think it will be easy.

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Gamer Career Tycoon v1.32 (upd.14.08.2019)

Torrent Gamer Career Tycoon download free pc
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Gamer Career Tycoon is a cool gamer simulator in which you have to become a player and choose your own path in this cruel and unusual world. Find yourself in this difficult business. As such, there is no specific plot in this game. There is only the essence, on the basis of which you will have to become a real gamer and choose your path, by which you will go to the world of earnings and success. And the most interesting and important thing is that you can choose any direction in this game, without exception. For example, you can become a streamer and start filming how your character plays games, or try to make money on game reviews, or even become a real e-sportsman if you want.

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The Moonstone Equation v140819

Torrent The Moonstone Equation download free pc
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The Moonstone Equation is a single-player game that is an excellent representative of the adventure puzzle genre. The graphics in the game are presented, albeit in pixels, but in a very modern style, which will surely please many lovers of this genre. You will find yourself in the world of science, which will need to be studied up and down to give answers to all your questions. The scene is a research center remote from civilization, where you will conduct your experiments and study everything that will be worth your attention.

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