ABZU v19143 (upd.11.03.2018) - SKIDROW

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ABZU — a fantastic game with a huge open world, which is presented in the form of a simulator of diving, where you will go to conquer large-scale deep sea open spaces. Immerse yourself in the world of the ocean, which hides in its waters, thousands of secrets and mysteries. You are waiting for an exciting adventure and new acquaintances with the inhabitants of the underwater world. On your way, you will meet the most unusual creatures that will entrap you and leave you here for several hours of gameplay. But there is a snag in all that is beautiful, you will be at every step to wait for danger, so be as careful and try to move extremely imperceptibly so that you do not notice the local predators. The graphics are executed in bright colors, which will allow you to fully enjoy the stunning views and expanses of deep-sea oceans.

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Need for Speed Payback v1.0.51.15364 (Origin-Rip) - SKIDROW

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The new game of the most famous game series will receive a rather unusual name Need for Speed Payback. Her plot unfolds in the city drowning from drug trafficking and bribery of Fortune Valley. The team of the protagonist has long been divided because of the conflict, but now the time has come for unification and revenge. You and your assistants will have to destroy a mighty cartel that keeps under the control of the casino, bandit groups and even the police. In the novelty, you will get the opportunity to create machines that will exceed the already existing ones. The game promises to be diverse. You are waiting for the race, robbery and much more — you do not have to miss exactly.

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Firewatch v1.07 - SKIDROW

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Firewatch — a computer game in the genre of arcade, where you will be transferred to a few years ago. All actions will take place in 1989, when large states have already been in a military battle for quite some time. All this led to the fact that the European troops of NATO were defeated. Now over them weighs a terrible threat of ousting from the mainland. The commanders-in-chief resort to the decision to send troops to investigate the lost island, which is located in the expanses of the Mediterranean. The thing is that there is a supernatural object on the island, which emits a powerful force, and this is the only way to defeat the enemy force. You will be part of this raid, which is ready to do anything to achieve the goal and crush the opponent.

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Life is Strange Before the Storm The Limited Edition - CODEX

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Life is Strange Before the Storm The Limited Edition is a new series of a popular adventure game, where the lives of other people depend on your decisions, and the development of the storyline as a whole. This time, the actions will take us three years before the story from the first part. You will be able to walk through several unique and fascinating episodes, which will be depicted in the form of an interactive movie. In this part, you will only wait for three episodes, in contrast to the first, where there were five. You have to play in the role of Chloe Price, which falls into the thick of rapidly developing events. The plot will take us to May 2010, where the main character was 16 years old. She still can not recover from the death of her own father and therefore creates huge problems for her loved ones and those who love her. The girl plunges into a rebellious world, where she meets with the awakening best friend named Rachel Amber.

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West of Red - PLAZA

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West of Red is a chaotic first-person shooter in which heavily armed players must confront the forces of hell and the devil himself. Actions WEST OF RED are unfolding in the days of the Wild West, which is full of gloomy, mysterious and simply insane details. The story begins with the fact that somewhere in the desert on the US-Mexican border, the postal crew with an important parcel disappears. The local sheriff, believing that this is the work of a gang of criminals, appoints a reward for their heads. You, as a real patriot and an excellent shooter, decide to deal with this matter. That’s why you send a missing crew to find.

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Little hidden city - HI2U

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Do you think that you are an astute observer — an experienced hidden object-finder? Try one of the most difficult games of this genre: Little hidden city. Here you will find many well hidden objects in six different, very detailed and varied levels. Beautifully designed, isometric view, amazing fun — not only for fans of games with hidden objects, but also a lot of achievements that complement this experience. So what are you waiting for? Play in the Little hidden city and find your luck.

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Quern Undying Thoughts 1.2.0 hotfix (v18974 GOG) - SKIDROW

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Quern Undying Thoughts — this is an adventure game with a first-person view in which you find yourself in a strange way in an incredible world. You will solve various puzzles that will build a picture of what’s going on in the brick. Why are you here? What do they want from you? And what is this strange place? Find the answers to these questions by plunging into an atmospheric adventure.

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Lost Sphear v20180306 - CODEX

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A fresh look at the classic JRPG from I Am Setsuna developers. The game is distinguished by the appearance of the ATB 2.0 system (Active Time Battle), which allows in turn-based battles to change the location of the characters in the game. A similar system was used earlier in I Am Setsuna, where the positions of party members could not be changed. The transition from exploring the world to battle in Lost Sphear takes place seamlessly and without loading screens. The main character of the game — the boy Kanate — will have to revive his vanishing city, using the power of memory. Many locations in Lost Sphear are restored by memories, so they differ from each other in a unique environment.

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Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HD - PLAZA

Torrent Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HD download free pc

Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HD is the fusion of the once-stepping system of the game Front Mission 3 with elements of the gameplay in real-time mode. In the legendary strategy of 20 years ago, we had to calculate every step in advance, improve the controlled biomechanical units, monitor their armor indicators and competently perform attacks. In the game from the studio Arc System Works all this is not necessary, because the novelty is similar to the above masterpiece only in that the gameplay in it is served from an isometric perspective, and the plot narrates about anthropogenic post-apocalypse related to the robot uprising. The Fourth World War has neither end nor edge.

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Owlboy v1.3.6613.28019 - SKIDROW

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Owlboy is a two-dimensional pixel metadata that has received high marks from players. We will play for an owl boy named Otus. The main character, along with his friends, will fight with celestial pirates and other dangerous enemies. In Owlboy perfectly balanced good plot and gameplay. Arcade platformer «Owlboy», looking at the review to which, no player can not give up the opportunity to get into this wonderful adventure. Excellent pixel graphics, unique combat combinations, crack and fascinating visual design — this is not all the privileges of adventure.

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