Turbo Dismount v1.30.0 - SKIDROW

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All that is required of you in the game «Turbo Dismount» is to inflict as much damage to the little man as you land him in a certain vehicle. Moreover, it will be extremely difficult to achieve serious damage, but this only makes the game more fun. You are waiting for the most insane situations, realistic physics, dangerous tracks and various cars. In general, the game is able to amuse more than one evening. An interesting scoring system and the discovery of new content thanks to them, encourages players to turn on the brain and try to do everything so that the little man suffers.

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The Masterplan v1.2.2 - SKIDROW

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​The game «The Masterplan», in fact, is a two-dimensional simulator of robberies. Gather your team and plan to rob the various places. Of course, you have to start your path with simple tasks with a small profit. But as soon as you collect enough money for good equipment, you can try to rob a bank. The game does not force you to act according to a strictly prescribed plan, you can generally take a treacherous bank and leave with an excellent profit. But a good burglar thinks everything forward. In order not to risk, you need to calculate all possible options and act on the optimal.​

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The War of the Worlds Andromeda - HOODLUM

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The War of the Worlds Andromeda — a game presented to users in the genre of shooter, where all actions will occur with a first-person view. Here you have to stand in the way of vengeance in order to eliminate from the face of the planet as many supporters of the enemy force as possible. You will become a part of the global battle — the war of the worlds, and you will play for the side of one of them. The world is in danger of destruction, that you need to stop by any means. You will fight the most powerful and powerful enemies, try to improve your skills and combat abilities. You should also think about achieving several goals set before you that will lead you to a well-deserved victory. You can independently assemble your powerful combat arsenal, as well as take control of a team of brave fighters who will help you more effectively cope with the task and destroy as many opponents as possible. Terrible and merciless alien creatures conquer more and more areas of the planet, and on your shoulders a huge responsibility for its rescue.

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The Captives Plot of the Demiurge - CODEX

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The Captives Plot of the Demiurge is established during the struggle of two opposing ideologies. After Prince Pico and the city-state of the Volturno leave the anti-backbone tetrarch to explore the seductive possibilities of the magical sciences, other states get together to return the Volturno and stop any Pico scheme that could start with his recently acquired secret knowledge. You play as convicted prisoners who were drafted into the army of Tetrarch to carry out missions against the troops of Prince Picot and collect information about his master plan. While every prisoner has his own individual personality and history, everyone has one goal: to fulfill the goals set and get freedom.

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Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command LIVE Kuril Sunrise - SKIDROW

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Populistic wave that swept the whole world, reached Japan. With the nervous economy and the scandals in the previous government in the public mind, the government that emerged after a series of early elections is more nationalistic and populist than ever. The new prime minister drew attention to the long-contested Kuril Islands, repeatedly declaring them in Tokyo in numerous speeches. JGSDF has traditionally been concentrated on Hokkaido, but the airborne units moved there, ostensibly for exercises.

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XCOM 2 v20181009 (Digital Deluxe Edition) - CODEX

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​XCOM 2 is so many expected continuation of one of the best tactical strategies «XCOM: Enemy Unknown», which was released in 2012 and was awarded the title «Game of the Year»! Twenty years have passed since world leaders signed unconditional surrender. Alien invaders gained complete control, and the XCOM organization ceased to exist. In the first pairs of government, the alien invaders began to rebuild cities with the promise of a bright future for the people. But all this is a bright wrapper that conceals a cunning plan for the complete destruction of mankind beneath. The members of the former organization XCOM, who went underground and are still looking for an opportunity to revive the struggle and restore freedom to humanity, are well aware of this.​

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Starship Corporation Cruise Ships - SKIDROW

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​Starship Corporation Cruise Ships is a space ship simulator in which you have to design aircraft for the emerging galactic market. It is up to you to decide which technologies to develop in the first place, where to build new shipyards and how to expand the market. Choose a suitable fuselage and manually position each structural element: from the bridge, engines, generators and crew cabins to each elevator, corridor and hatch. From your decisions depends on the sale price, performance and efficiency of the ship in the far space.​

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The Conjuring House v1.0.4 - SKIDROW

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​The Conjuring House is an adventure horror game that takes place in an abandoned house from the 30s of the 20th century, where dusty windows, shutters and everything covered with cobwebs suggests that no one lives in it. Initially, you take any rustling and howling of the wind for granted, but after really paranormal and unexplainable events start to happen there, then you begin to realize that the events taking place in the house speak of absolute evil that has been there. himself and hunts for all living that dared to invade its territory.​

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Red Alliance - HOODLUM

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Red Alliance is an atmospheric, story driven, semi-survival single player game with elements of horror. 21st century, Eastern Europe, an oppressive regime. The country has fallen in to the lies spread by a mysterious Dr. Grey - an ambitious scientist seeking to achieve mind control through his illegal research. Under the excuse of a disease outbreak, mercenaries were hired by him to maintain order and control over the civilians, with which came oppression to society.

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Border Of Insanity - DARKSiDERS

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Border Of Insanity is a dynamic hardcore shooter with elements of parkour, where you have to make your way to the most inaccessible places of the empty city. Clean the city from the dead and save your life. How fast will you go insane knowing you are the only person left in the entire world? How fast will you realize that everything is lost and life will never again be as it was? Feel the atmosphere of a post-apocalypse world in this game. Try different kinds of real weapons to kill the walking dead and dangerous bosses. You have to pass a long way looking for a trace of mankind. Do it and survive.

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