The Hive v1.108 - CODEX

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The Hive is a great representative of an endangered genre — real-time strategy. Build a base, get resources, produce soldiers, conquer territory — all in the best traditions of the old school. Play for the insectoid — a race of giant beetles goal that is complete dominance on the planet. A nice graphic component, interesting missions, RPG elements, addictive plot — what else do you need for strategy lovers. Despite the originality of the plot, the game has a lot of standard moments inherent in most strategies. You will directly lead life in the anthill — to give orders, to provide the necessary conditions so that the life of various individuals goes on as usual. The main task is to make your colony prosper and everyone is busy.

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Darksiders 3 Keepers of the Void - CODEX

Torrent Darksiders 3 Keepers of the Void download free pc
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Darksiders 3 Keepers of the Void is a third-person action slasher add-on in the post-apocalyptic world of Darksiders 3. The add-on will send Rage to a new location where she must cope with the ancient threat. There are puzzles waiting for her in the spirit of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and unusual enemies. Upon completion of additions to the heroine awaits reward — unique armor. Rage on the instructions of Wolgrim will dive into the Snake Hole to deal with the ancient threat. If she copes with enemies and riddles, she will get the armor of the abyss.
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LOST ORBIT Terminal Velocity - PLAZA

Torrent LOST ORBIT Terminal Velocity download free pc
LOST ORBIT Terminal Velocity tells the story of space. You have to help a lonely astronaut Harrison, sent on a dangerous journey to return to civilization, and armed only with an improvised set of equipment and indomitable will. Without the help of the ship, Harrison will need the gravitational pull of the planets to move in space. A stage-filled world full of comic and tragic elements, the game LOST ORBIT tells about risk, loneliness, miracles and death.
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She Sees Red

Torrent She Sees Red download free pc
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She Sees Red is an interactive adventure game thriller with live actors, drama, violence and your responsibility. The duration of one passage of 30-35 minutes, but the total length of the video — about one and a half hours. There was a strange murder in a nightclub. The woman-detective, despite the cynical resistance of the owner of the institution, is trying to find a quirky criminal who for some reason leaves clear evidence and continues to kill. Make various decisions to change the course of history and see all the pieces of the plot mosaic.
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American Truck Simulator v1.35.1.27s + 22 DLC - CODEX

Torrent American Truck Simulator download free pc
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American Truck Simulator is a great simulator of a long-distance driver, which is filled with elements of economic strategy. The gamer will be able to try himself as the driver of huge steel monsters, working tirelessly and following the road. The user, who downloads the American Truck Simulator with the help of a torrent tracker, will immediately find himself on the sunny coast of California, without leaving a comfortable chair near his personal computer. He will be able to enjoy trips on his car in stunning places in the most populous country — the United States of America.

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Airport CEO Alpha - SKIDROW

Torrent Airport CEO download free pc
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Airport CEO is a well-developed airport creation and management simulator that is designed in 2D style. Here you will be responsible for designing and building the airport. In addition, you must carefully monitor the work and functionality. It is necessary to pay attention to every detail. Build everything so that people feel comfortable and are confident that they will be delivered safely to their destination. Do not forget to equip the infrastructure, as well as as often as possible to expand and improve the runways. You will begin with a little one, and then you will promote your possessions in a small way. The gameplay here is very exciting, because a few hours of positive emotions are surely provided to you.

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PULSAR Lost Colony v25.3 (Beta)

Torrent PULSAR Lost Colony download free pc
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PULSAR Lost Colony — a cool, dynamic and very large-scale simulator, where you take up the control of a spacecraft, and then go to conquer the vastness of the universe. The main features of this game is that death is permanent here, and the world around is subject to complete destruction. As soon as your hero dies, he immediately starts the game from the very beginning. But each time the player will be very interesting, since each location is randomly generated, so you will constantly face everything with new and new tasks. Here it is necessary to act thoughtfully and slowly, so as not to die and not to start everything from the very beginning, reaching certain heights at this stage of the game. You will personally take up the creation of your crew, which will be endowed with skills in one area or another. Here you can take sides with the world. And you can stand on the side of evil, where you will rob a ship in the form of a treacherous and cruel pirate.

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Kenshi v1.0.32 - SKIDROW

Torrent Kenshi download free pc
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Kenshi is a game about survival in the cruel conditions that nature has prepared for you. Here you have to play the role of the protagonist, who must create his own team of survivors, that together rally the forces and save lives. This project is made in the RPG genre, where a huge open world awaits you, which is fraught with a lot of dangers and cruel opponents. Here you will not be level by level, here you need to throw all the forces on to create a team together and build the most protected camp. Initially, you will have a choice when creating the main character. Then go to the warpath, fighting for a place in the sun.

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Another Brick in the Mall v0.26.3 (upd.16.07.2019)

Torrent Another Brick in the Mall download free pc
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Another Brick in the Mall is a very interesting simulator shopping center management. Starting to play, you will need to build your own shopping center and do everything possible so that it eventually becomes one of the best in the district. The whole essence of the game lies in the simulation of business, in the economy and the creation of retail space that would bring good profit. Build a shopping center the way you want to see it, and start filling the room with everything you need. You can set up shops and supermarkets, place fruit and vegetable counters, arrange entertainment centers throughout the area and much more. The main thing is to make sure that the profit grows, and the customers are happy with everything without exception.

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Uboat b122 Stable (upd.16.07.2019)

Torrent Uboat download free pc
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Uboat is a game project in the style of a simulator, which is perhaps one of the best representatives of this genre. Here you have to go on a long journey on a submarine, plowing the underwater expanses of the seas. Take on the role of the brave captain, who must lead his team through kilometers of the water world and fulfill all the necessary missions. Unforgettable adventures and insane battles with other ships await you. Of the features, first of all, it is worth noting the perfectly implemented graphics that can send anyone to a realistic world.

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