Brick Rigs v24.08.2019

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Brick Rigs is a sandbox on the LEGO designer theme. The player is given the opportunity to build various types of transport and personally test them. In the game you will find realistic physics, as well as a system of destruction. At this stage, the game is still quite raw, but the developers promise a lot of interesting things. In the game Brick Rigs you can do the construction of interesting objects, namely, many types of road transport are available. After completion of construction, users will be able to get behind the wheel of their creation, and ride through the locations, enjoy physics, which is exactly transmitted in this project.

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Great Toilet Simulator v1.0 - DARKZER0

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Great Toilet Simulator — A realistic simulator of visiting the restroom. You are invited to a large party in the house where you are offered a number of different alcoholic drinks, and after drinking quite a lot, you usually need to visit the restroom. If you are a lover of good relief, and, say, you have constipation now, then this game is designed just for you, as well as for all those for whom this is the most favorite pastime in life. Do not be shy, because everyone does it, even the most beautiful girls from glossy magazines, yes yes, now live with it.
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The Ai Games v240819 - SKIDROW

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The Ai Games is an RPG game developed by Ryan Saunders for the PC platform. The style in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and the following features can be distinguished: action, adventure, role-playing game, steam achievements. You will have access to such game modes as single player. Here, in this adventure game, you have a unique opportunity to take on the role of a warrior who can learn the whole truth about our world, how reality exists, and thereby win the title of champion of AI games. The game itself will test you on the ability to own weapons and your own character.
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Telling Lies v1.0 - SKIDROW

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Telling Lies is a detective video thriller in which players are invited to listen to numerous videos, look for clues, think a lot and select combinations of records in such a way that they later turn out to add one single picture. In the story, you will play the role of the most ordinary detective who needs to deal with a strange incident at all costs. At your disposal will be video recordings of conversations of four related people gathered over the past two years, and you will need to repeatedly look at each of these records in order to find at least some clue about what happened.

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Collapsed v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Collapsed — gamers will surely enjoy the platformer rogue from post-apocalyptic reality. You can play the role of one of the hunters. There are four of them. The goal will be to track prey. Each character in the arsenal has a certain set of skills and abilities of warfare. You will actively travel through the created levels, which are filled with all sorts of items that bring benefits. You will need to combine them to create certain features. Experience points will allow you to invest in a huge tree of existing skills. Have to fight with a lot of enemies and bosses.

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Derail Valley Build 77 (v24.08.2019)

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Derail Valley — Manage your lineup with your own hands, an interactive booth and virtual reality will present new sensations from interacting with the game world. Heavy composition, plains, tunnels, rocks. A diverse landscape and complete freedom, in the framework of the task. A train driver simulator in which players make their own roads, choose routes and try to keep to the schedule. In the game Derail Valley, any person will be able to take under their own control the whole composition.

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Mysteria Occult Shadows v230819 (Early Access)

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Mysteria Occult Shadows is an arcade action game in which players are waiting for a huge open world filled with numerous enemies. Players need to find the source of evil that poisons these lands and destroy it, while simultaneously mastering new types of weapons, solving puzzles and learning new skills. A RPG game developed by U-Secret Studio for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of anime, and the following features can be distinguished: action, adventure game, indie, meat, violence, nudity, anime, female protagonist, slasher, adventure and others.
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Oninaki v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Oninaki is a RPG action PC game from the developers of I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, in which you will find a journey between the worlds of the living and the dead. You have to play the role of a mysterious guard named Kagachi, whose task is to help the souls of the dead break the connection with the world of the living. Under the guidance of the protagonist, these souls wandering in the other world can continue the cyclic process and begin the path of reincarnation again.

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Revulsion v20190823 - PLAZA

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Revulsion is a classic first person shooter from the level designer for Counter-Strike and Doom 2. The missing link between classic first person shooters and modern first person shooters. Imagine if classic fps has evolved in a direction different from the storytelling experience into something much more cruel, with more advanced game mechanics. Revulsion takes classic Doom and Quake gameplay and combines it with the basic concepts that permeate the design philosophy of Dark Souls.

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Hue Defense v1.1 - CODEX

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Hue Defense is a game project presented to the world in the genre of strategy, where RPG elements are also present. You find yourself in a colorful world where you will go through various locations, the territory of which you need to study as carefully as possible in order to provide yourself with all the necessary items and useful resources. On your shoulders to achieve a huge responsibility to save the city, which in a short time can turn into ruins. You will independently build a defense of the city, which will consist of several towers. Each tower must be comprehensively modified and improved to provide the state.
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