Vagante v1.044.0

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Vagante — playing which was clearly invented for those who can not live without any difficulties. Can you accept any, even the most dangerous challenge, which fate has prepared for you? Can you overcome a huge number of the most difficult challenges and still save your life? If yes, then you can safely download this project to your computer, and then enjoy an unforgettable and fun gameplay. Dying will have quite a lot and often, because to complete the levels from beginning to end, you will have to learn the numerous skills and characteristics of our main character, and not just learn, but memorize.

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The game AVARIAvs puts two teams of players, either online or locally, against each other as they quickly plan and choose their actions via the radial menu and then witness the mess of their decisions. These battles take place in the context of the emotionally entangled world of AVARIA. This world is a collection of telepathic XCOM, like science fiction, with fantasy elements that make you think about mana. Interestingly, this world is a collaboration of people from all over the world.
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Crashlands v1.4.31.0 - SiMPLEX

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Crashlands is an RPG game with sandbox elements, where you will also have to survive in cruel conditions. Before you open a fairly spacious and open world, which you can explore down to the smallest detail. Everything around will be constantly randomly generated, so the player will not be bored for sure. The storyline tells us that our main character went to conquer the intergalactic space, but something obviously went wrong, and his ship was subject to a terrible attack. The thing is that the spacecraft was attacked by a terrible creature that forced you to land on one of the nearby planets. It is this planet that is just overflowing with strange creatures who are clearly not going to tune in a friendly way towards you. Your main task will be survival, at all costs, to return home safe and sound.

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Hazardous Space v1.03 Build 20190513 - SiMPLEX

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Hazardous Space is a dynamic, role-playing game, played in a two-dimensional style, in which you will enter into battle with the most insidious opponents. The game has a fairly simple graphics, as well as an interesting plot line. The story tells you about the former military, who was in her very pleasant life position. The thing is that for certain reasons, he was locked up with crowds of insane zombies, from which you now need to fight back. To find a way out of this unfortunate place, you have to apply all your strategic skills and ingenuity.

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Tech Support Error Unknown v1.018 (upd.13.05.2019) - SiMPLEX

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Tech Support Error Unknown — the call centers of large companies, technical departments, support services are an entire industry, infrastructure that lives its own life and helps us in a difficult situation. Publisher Iceberg Interactive and studio Dragon Slumber is working on the game Tech Support, which shows the work of technical support from the inside. In the role of Quasar Telecommunications, you will have to work at the computer, interact with customers and solve problems. Or you can fool them for personal gain, but be careful if you make a mistake or are too brazen, the consequences will not keep you waiting.

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The Hardest Dungeon v1.03.2 - SiMPLEX

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The Hardest Dungeon is a bagel role-playing game with elements of survival and strategy. You have to take over the control and management of a detachment of brave warriors, who are sent to study the dark and full of dangers locations underground kingdom. The main goal of your team is to find a certain deck of cards, which is considered to be the first in the world and is called «Tarot». This deck has special data, as it was created by powerful ancestors. Each of the cards has a certain power, which, as you progress through, will help you turn the device upside down. The game consists of several levels, the complexity of which will increase.

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Tangledeep v1.25c + Legend of Shara - SiMPLEX

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Tangledeep is a new RPG game that is based on 16-bit pixel graphics and dynamic gameplay. You will go to a huge, open and magical world, where you will fall into a series of exciting and at the same time dangerous adventures. To begin with, you will be provided with a rather extensive selection of various characters, each of which will differ from the previous one not only in its appearance, but also in its characteristic abilities. Moreover, in the course of the action of the game you will gradually pump over and improve your hero more and more, making him thus invincible and endowed with courage. Explore the world and find the locations of various useful items, all sorts of powerful weapons to fight with rivals. You will enter dark dungeons, where crowds of opponents await you, thirsting for your death. Defeating your enemies will not be so easy, so try to improve the main character as thoroughly as possible so that even the most powerful enemy cannot defeat him.

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Warbanners v1.3.1 & Death Speaker - SiMPLEX

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Warbanners is a hexagonal isometric strategy with a focus on turn-based and tactical components. In the game, gamers will have to take under their protection a detachment of hired soldiers, whose goal is to rob gangster caravans and squander the wealth of goblins. But this does not end there. Prepared by 42 plot tasks will allow you to become part of ancient legends and even participate in the salvation of the whole world.

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Empires of the Undergrowth v0.2022 - SKIDROW

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Empires of the Undergrowth is a rather unusual game in the real-time strategy genre where you have to take on the role of an ant. You will be the leader of a colony of other ants, and then go to conquer the land. Your main task will be to seize the whole world of thickets, subjugating the representatives of the world of insects.

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World of Goo v1.53 (10 Years Later Update)

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World of Goo is another gaming masterpiece that has won the love of millions on a mobile platform. We offer to download the latest version on the computer. Meet the cute, drop-shaped creatures called Goo. These babies are incredibly curious, but they can not freely move around the world around them. Your task is to connect Goo in various designs, with the help of which they will flow into a special pipe that leads to a new unexplored world. The construction itself will be built from the Goo themselves, so try to spend as little as possible Goo to achieve the goal.

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