Candleman The Complete Journey Build 5177251 (upd.17.06.2020) - SKIDROW

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Candleman The Complete Journey — is a game that has assigned itself to the adventure genre, where the quest is also well visible. Here you will find yourself in a unique world and enjoy the well-developed gameplay. Moreover, the composition of the storyline, which has unexpected turns of events, can capture you. Here you have to play a rather unusual role a candle, which can burn for only ten seconds. Here you have to complete a variety of fairly complex quests, which include traps and confusion. Go to a huge world where there is only light and darkness through which you have to make your way. Find a way out of numerous traps in order to get as close to the light as possible and get out of your predicament. Always remember that a candle can illuminate the path only for ten seconds, and you need to do a lot during this time. Around you is darkness and silence, which forces and does not give rest.

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Timeflow Time and Money Simulator v1.9.4

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Timeflow Time and money simulator — this is a very unusual simulator with an admixture of a sandbox. His main feature is that he can teach you time management and investment, even in virtual reality. The most interesting thing is that at your disposal will be the time itself, which you will distribute between the affairs as you see fit. But it all starts in a small way — first you have to create a character. Using the available tools, and then also to determine its main characteristics, interests, hobbies, etc. But then life begins, full of movement, tasks, goals, and not only.

This game has been updated 4-07-2020, 17:20 to the latest version v1.9.4.

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PULSAR Lost Colony v29.7 (Beta)

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PULSAR Lost Colony — a cool, dynamic and very large-scale simulator, where you take up the control of a spacecraft, and then go to conquer the vastness of the universe. The main features of this game is that death is permanent here, and the world around is subject to complete destruction. As soon as your hero dies, he immediately starts the game from the very beginning. But each time the player will be very interesting, since each location is randomly generated, so you will constantly face everything with new and new tasks. Here it is necessary to act thoughtfully and slowly, so as not to die and not to start everything from the very beginning, reaching certain heights at this stage of the game. You will personally take up the creation of your crew, which will be endowed with skills in one area or another. Here you can take sides with the world. And you can stand on the side of evil, where you will rob a ship in the form of a treacherous and cruel pirate.

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A Short Hike v1.7.8

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A Short Hike is a beautiful retro style game with matching graphics. And here you can climb steep cliffs, go down the river and even soar in the sky above the ground. You can choose exactly how to move around the game — or go along the route laid by the game, or explore the terrain yourself. One way or another, and your path lies high in the mountains, to the very top.

This game has been updated 4-07-2020, 17:24 to the latest version v1.7.8.

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Mortal Shell Build 06.28.20 Revision Beta-8381

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Mortal Shell — is a great combination of action and RPG, where you will go to a dangerous and unpredictable world to once and for all exterminate evil. The fantasy universe prepared a lot of tests for the player, because everything around was destroyed, and there was no trace of human civilization. Spacious locations open in front of you, which must be carefully studied in order to find the path to success. Missions will not be easy, so try to connect your wit and logical thinking. All actions take place with a third-person perspective, which will allow taking control of the current situation.

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Drox Operative 2 v0.804

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Drox Operative 2 — many years ago, the Droxes enslaved the ancient races and controlled the galaxy through their operatives. These elite ship captains were trained to do the impossible at all costs. With their help, the Droxes have been holding the galaxy in hedgehog gloves for over 100,000 years. After realizing that the operatives were a threat, they tried to destroy them, but failed. The ensuing Galactic Civil War was so destructive that it led to the extinction of the Droxes. But the Guild of Operatives, now independent, survived.

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Kageroh Shadow Corridor v2.11 + DLC - PLAZA

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Kageroh Shadow Corridor — is a game in the horror genre, performed in the Japanese style. Here you will be in every possible way to fight for your own life, but as it turned out, it will be very difficult to cope with such a test. You will constantly face all sorts of dangers and traps, fight for your life and find a way out. The game has a peculiarity its world changes in a completely random way every time you revive. It is this highlight will transform the gameplay, making it both more difficult, but not less exciting.

This game has been updated 4-07-2020, 03:55 to the latest version v2.11 + DLC.

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Hades v31938

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Hades — a game played in a unique bagel-slasher style, where exciting adventures and funny moments await you. You will go to the very center of Hell, where you will become a member of numerous bloody regrets, and your rivals will not have any pity. The main task of our brave chief to get through the hordes of enemies to the main boss, acting in the role of the God of death. The world in the game has bright colors despite its location, so the atmosphere can easily enchant you and make it a full part. You are waiting for the numerous trials, confrontations and ruthless battles, which will at any time be ready to deprive the main character of life. Opponents are trying every way to destroy you, making it so that you do not get to the main enemy. Learn the various techniques and combat combinations that will help you get to your goal as quickly as possible.

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Automobilista 2 v1.0.0.2 - CODEX

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We present to your attention the second part of the beloved by many racing simulator Automobilista 2. It includes the main Brazilian racing series, the best car manufacturers and proven tracks. You will be offered a more extensive list of possible tracks and vehicles than before. One should only mention such prestigious brands as BMW and Mclaren, and everything will become clear. You will be pleased with such iconic locations as Imola and Brands Hatch, as well as completely exotic versions of today’s popular motorsport. Developers collaborate with the creators of the famous Project CARS series.

This game has been updated 4-07-2020, 03:46 to the latest version v1.0.0.2.

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Industries of Titan v0.1.33

Torrent Industries of Titan download free pc
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Industries of Titan — is a construction simulator where the user has to rebuild a new city using the planet Titan, which is located directly on Saturn. However, this game cannot be called an ordinary construction simulator, because you will have to conduct constant battles for resources, money and territory. Battles will also take place for technologies that are just beginning to emerge.

This game has been updated 4-07-2020, 04:35 to the latest version v0.1.33.

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