Neoverse v0.981

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Neoverse is a beautiful, fantastic adventure game with thrilling challenges. This is a strategic, action-like game like a rogue, a game in a deck that will test the player’s skill. Start your adventure with unique characters to save the world at different times. 3 amazing characters, each with its own unique characteristics, 300 strategic maps and more than 100 skills, more than 70 types of monsters with different patterns, an endless continuation of unlimited possibilities. Beat the difficulty settings for more player-driven. Different combinations created using new cards each time you play, future destinations that change each time you choose, storylines and enemies that jump over past, future and legendary stories. Charismatic main characters with unique actions, an automatic extraction system, when cards remain, various character-based skill combinations.

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Iron Marines v1.5.6

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Iron Marines — a game project in a strategic genre, where you have to go to conquer outer space. Here you can conquer as many as three unique worlds that contain about two dozen campaigns. The main feature of the gameplay is that here you will have no restrictions on actions. You can independently decide where to go and what to do in a given situation. As soon as you pass the basic tests, you will be able to face more difficult levels. Be careful, because the opponent does not sleep and is ready to destroy you at any moment.
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Neon Abyss v5.18 (upd.18.05.2019)

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Neon Abyss is an insane role-playing action-platformer with unlimited interaction of objects and a unique dungeon development system. Each of your raids diversifies the experience of the dungeon, and each of your choices changes the set of dungeon rules. In this game, you will die a lot, and every time you die, you come one step closer to your ultimate goal: to find a cure for your immortal curse. Fight in the eternal flow in the underworld, crush the new gods of bitcoins and nightclubs, combine your prey to get tremendous power, and find a cure for your immortal curse. During your journey you will receive powerful items, find charming pets, meet strange passers-by and discover countless secrets.

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DiRT Rally 2.0 v1.4.1 (upd.20190518) + Sweden Rally DLC - CODEX

DiRT Rally 2.0 torrent download
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DiRT Rally 2.0 is designed to continue the tradition of the eponymous series of rally simulators. At this time, gamemasters from Codemasters offer players a new quality of virtual rally: a new graphical shell, refined physics, genuine realism of what is happening on the roads, and much more. Get ready to continue your journey through the cult trails located in all corners of our planet. The games garage offers the user an unbelievable amount of powerful SUVs imaginable.

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Factory Town v0.108m

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Factory Town — love to manage, control and develop? Then you do not have to waste time and go on an exciting adventure called Factory Town. It will allow you to personally design a production village with numerous elements of resource extraction and their subsequent processing. One should not hope that realizing personal potential will be so easy. In the game you will find a large number of different tasks, conditions and other unpleasant problems, the solution of which will be entrusted exclusively to your shoulders. We will have to gradually assess our capabilities, start a manufacturing career, starting with a small village and ending with a whole industrial holding. Management and the ability to control everything will be the basis for success.

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Yandere Simulator v17.05.2019 - SKIDROW

Yandere Simulator torrent download
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Yandere Simulator is an unusual project with a rather exciting task. You will play for Jandera (a mentally unbalanced lover who is ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of his love), who is madly in love and is ready to eliminate all competitors in the literal sense of the word. Your task — for a certain period of time to fall in love with a guy. And to act in standard ways you lack the spirit, you are just shaking from one glance of your beloved on you. To begin with, eliminate all the pretty girls who have somehow tried to get close to the object of your adoration. Keep cool even with the most brutal murders you get just fine. So do what you do best. Excellent simulator of love with a mixture of stealth and action. Starting the game, you will take responsibility for managing a girl, a schoolgirl in love with a guy from school.

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Rust v2164 (upd.17.05.2019) - SKIDROW

Rust torrent download
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Rust — online game on the topic of survival in cruel conditions. You get to the island, which is inhabited by terrible creatures, as well as other players who can easily become your enemies. Not only living beings will become your enemies, but hunger and constantly changing weather. You can die of hunger or freeze in the cold night. Every minute you spend on the island will be counted, so be very careful not to lose your life. You will be able to wander through the locations in search of objects, while overcoming numerous obstacles and fighting enemies. But not all players in the game will be hostile, here you can also make new friends and build a secure base together. Other players will constantly attack your shelter, wanting to take all your supplies, so you need to arm yourself to repel the enemy.

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Kenshi v1.0.27 - SKIDROW

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Kenshi is a game about survival in the cruel conditions that nature has prepared for you. Here you have to play the role of the protagonist, who must create his own team of survivors, that together rally the forces and save lives. This project is made in the RPG genre, where a huge open world awaits you, which is fraught with a lot of dangers and cruel opponents. Here you will not be level by level, here you need to throw all the forces on to create a team together and build the most protected camp. Initially, you will have a choice when creating the main character. Then go to the warpath, fighting for a place in the sun.

This game has been updated 18-05-2019, 09:57 to the latest version v1.0.27.

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Mechanic Miner v0.4.0d upd.18.05.2019

Mechanic Miner torrent download
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Mechanic Miner is a pixel RPG sandbox in which you have to build a variety of machines to survive on a hostile planet. Fortunately, you have a universal tool that is able to create any part of the mechanism you need, however, before that, you need to collect all the necessary resources for this. Create a variety of mechanisms that will facilitate your life, as well as help repel the attacks of hostile inhabitants of the planet.
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Depth of Extinction v49.7.0 - GOG

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Depth of Extinction is a role-playing strategy game with a dynamic process and an exciting plot line. Here you have to go to the future, where mankind has survived but a complete catastrophe and is now forced to seek shelter in the underwater world. For over five hundred years already, there has been an underwater kingdom, whose inhabitants are not only habitual inhabitants, but also people. But not everything is as colorful as we would like, because we are on the verge of destruction.

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