Move or Die v13.0.4

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Move or Die is a cool and positive platformer designed for up to four people in the company of players. This is the real entertainment that will give you and your friends a lot of positive emotions. At the moment, the game has already managed to collect a large number of awards, as well as fans. Here you have to take control of a pretty funny creature, whose name is Joey. Your main task is to remain a winner, destroying all your rivals and showing them your strength and power. Here you need to act very quickly and at the same time deliberately, to be in the lead. You are waited by the mass of various levels, and also a large quantity of interesting locations with every possible kinds of tasks. Each task will be more interesting than the other, so you definitely will not be bored. The game also includes several modes, each of which will be selected randomly with the start of a new round. Therefore, the game is also endowed with some unpredictability, which pleases.

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Good Company v0.7.2

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Good Company — is an economic strategy in which players manage their own technology company, controlling its activities from a humble beginning until it becomes a market leader. The game was developed by independent studio Chasing Carrots, whose portfolio includes games such as Pressure and Cosmonautica. At Good Company, action is shown from top to bottom. The story begins in the eighties, when hardworking people worked in garages on their inventions to change the world. In our case, this is no different because the first products (such as calculators) must be created by a character controlled by the players.

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EarthNight v2.0 - PLAZA

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EarthNight is an interesting game that is a 2D platformer, the developers were inspired by classic arcades, who remember game consoles like NES — they will immediately see the similarities. We are introduced to two heroes, they live, like all other people, in space. All because of the dragons that hit Earth and began to destroy everything in their path, as a result, people had no choice but to go live in space. So, our heroes do not agree with this, they decide to land on Earth again and begin to destroy dragons, and as much as possible.

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Heavenworld v1.65 (Medieval Kingdom) - CODEX

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Heavenworld — if you like games with elements of role-playing games, you know how to survive in a zombie apocalypse, then go ahead and try your hand at this game. Many games of this genre are already presented to the world, this game is not something unique, but it has its own chips. To study the game world, you need to decide on a character, you need to study its characteristics well, because it depends on them how the character shoots, how he is doing with the stealth mode, how he is able to survive in harsh conditions. A unique opportunity in the gameplay, to pump characteristics, will allow the player to achieve maximum performance from his character. Keep track of your health, also control the characteristics, collect items, improve combat moments, it is also a very important point, is the skills of negotiation and construction.

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Endless Space 2 Awakening v1.5.28 - CODEX

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Endless Space 2 Awakening new DLC for PC — offers players a playable Nakalim faction as well as an Academic Empire. Now you can interact and negotiate directly with Isander. Now you can interact and negotiate directly with Isander. His grandiose plan begins to unfold, rumors of the Lost begin to circulate. Meanwhile, the Academy is about to take on a more active role in the future of the galaxy. The incandescents are an ancient faction of warriors and believers focused on research and diplomacy. Also add another race — Zermisaly.

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Warpips v0.7.14.9

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Warpips — game looks deceptively simple. In fact, this is a thoughtful and exciting strategic game. It is worth evaluating and trying if you are an admirer of this genre. This is your own army, military points, the opportunity to engage in development and strengthening in the chosen direction. All battles will be randomly generated. It turns out that when you play there is a unique battle. A wonderful field for experimenting and creating strategic combinations. There is a tree of updates and improvements, you can unlock it completely and develop in the chosen direction and according to a thought-out plan. At the disposal will be infantry, various vehicles, missile forces and artillery. Visually, everything looks funny and quite impressive at the same time. Everything explodes, is in motion. These are real fighting.

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Pine Deluxe Edition Update 9 - PLAZA

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Pine — The game market is constantly undergoing a variety of changes. Developers have a large number of ideas for creating games, and one of them is space or the development of universes. To evaluate a new product, it is recommended to use the game Pine. Twirlbound is involved in developing the idea and creating the product. To receive assistance for the implementation of the project, relevant messages have been generated on the Kickstarter site. Insufficient amount of funds has been collected at the moment, so there is no exact information about the possibility of getting the Pine game.

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Rise of Industry v2.2.4.0307a - CODEX

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Rise of Industry — a new game project in the genre of strategy in combination with a simulator, which relates to the subject of management. Here you need to invest all your strength and capabilities in the development of your own industrial empire from beginning to end. The gameplay will be quite difficult, but you can easily deal with management. Your main task will be the construction of functioning plants, the establishment of supply lines, as well as the improvement of trade between other points.

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Driftland The Magic Revival v2.0.34 (Nomads) - PLAZA

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Driftland The Magic Revival is a new exciting real-time strategy game. Here you have to get into a huge and completely destroyed world, which you must take under your restoration. To be precise, you will become a god. The story tells us that the world that you have to restore, shortly before that, broke up into small islands. On the second shoulders lies a huge responsibility for the restoration of the territory and gluing together all the components of the once huge planet. The main advantage is complete freedom of action, where you can do whatever you like.

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ATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game v1.16 (upd.03.07.2020) - PLAZA

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ATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game — is a post-apocalyptic RPG in the spirit of Fallout and completely in Russian. Players are waiting for an alternative reality in which the two superpowers failed to avoid war. In 1986, the old world ceased to exist, the war did not last long, and only a small group of people managed to survive. For 20 years, mankind has been trying to survive in the wasteland, trying to recreate the former civilization. The game takes place on the territory of the USSR. Organization A.T.O.M. trying to restore the former standard of living, people collect all past developments and technologies. One of these groups, under the leadership of General Morozov, is sent to study the pre-war bunker «317». Soon communication with them is lost, and you, as an operative, must find the groups and find out the cause of the loss.

Update game ATOM RPG v1.151v1.152 + DLC Supporter Pack!

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