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Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition is an excellent version of the original project, which is better known as the Battles. The developers decided to update the game. That is, change the engine, improve the graphic component, work out the game characters, and simplify the interface. It is safe to say that the resulting project is a little like a re-release, as it looks like a complete project. The storyline tells of several powerful races — orcs, elves, and humans. All of them get into a difficult situation after having lost the favor of the gods. Soon a terrible war will begin, in which everyone will try to save his life, and win back a small plot of land. In addition to the above races, goblins, ents, huge dragons, strange orcs, skeletal warriors, strong minotaurs, and funny gnomes live on the territory. If you can join an alliance with one of them, they will be on your side, which will expand the army. Right now the game download Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition torrent from our site for PC for free.

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