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Rock Simulator — this is 2019 PC game, like the popular Simulator, is characterized by a large dose of self-irony, which was already lacking in the first materials of the game. But, of course, he presents a completely new perspective on exploitation in all possible ways of the genre of simulations. Due to the interesting realistic graphics, it will be interesting to reveal the plot of this game. Landscapes and landscapes, against which you can put your own stone, are diverse. This is the cracked desert land, and city sidewalks, and grass in the field, and sandy red dunes, and even the territory of the river port with containers placed on it. And the mini-games provided here make it possible to perform some more actions with your cobblestones. For example, roll them off a hill. Despite all its simplicity and strangeness, the game has a rather high rating and has received many positive reviews, both from users who have tested it, and from critics.

This game has been updated 2-12-2019, 14:37 to the latest version v20191202.

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