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Stay Cool Kobayashi-san A River City Ransom Story - ALI213

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Stay Cool Kobayashi-san A River City Ransom Story — the company Arc System Works only the day before yesterday released the latest game in the long-running franchise River City — the western version of the franchise Nekketsu — River City Girls, which tells about the adventures of fighting girls Misako and Kyoko, friends of the protagonists of the series, Kunio and Riki, respectively. On our site you can read a review filled with cool gifs. This franchise in almost every issue is slightly different from the Japanese original, but it is always able to deliver a lot of fun to players.

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Graveyard Keeper v1.205 + DLC - ALI213

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The Graveyard Keeper game for PC — breaks many moral principles, demonstrating the most terrible aspects of capitalism. There is nothing more important than your profit, and even owning your own cemetery, you can earn good money. To do this, use the most terrible methods, believe me, just to rob a dead man is a common thing, because the game will allow you to do much more immoral things. And remember: if you have few customers, you can always get the necessary ingredients and poison people in the village. Each body is your opportunity to earn money, and it depends only on your imagination how much money you will get from one corpse.

This game has been updated 6-11-2019, 15:00 to the latest version v1.205 + DLC.

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Chernobylite v21240 Build 4344185 - ALI213

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Free download Chernobylite torrent full game, this is latest version v21240 Build 4344185 from ALI213 and GOG. Chernobylite — is a game 2019 for PC that successfully combines popular genres: action, shooter and horror, all actions take place in first-person view, which will make you a full part of this fantastic and at the same time scary world. You have to go on a long journey to the territory of Pripyat, where the level of radiation is increased after a terrible catastrophe at a nuclear power plant. You are waiting for a lot of trials, traps, supernatural phenomena and rivals, which are not so easy to overcome.

This game has been updated 11-11-2019, 05:08 to the latest version v21240 Build 4344185.

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Visage v2.202 - ALI213

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Visage is an incredibly serious horror movie that promises to scare gamers to death. The developers have made every effort to make the game really scary. She turned out to be attractive, she managed to attract the attention of many people. Each of the players must understand that there is a certain line between reality and the nightmare of the mind. It’s better not to overstep that very edge, because serious problems can come. The fear of any person can produce terrible things that, until a certain time, it is better not to think at all.

This game has been updated 2-11-2019, 12:24 to the latest version v2.202.

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Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.1.2 (upd.29.10.2019) - CODEX

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Assetto Corsa Competizione is a cool and highly dynamic racing strategy that will allow you at the maximum speed to join the realistic world and fight with professional racers on various tracks. The game captures its realistic, it will allow you to plunge headlong into the whole process. The atmosphere in the game is filled with madness, so you definitely will not be bored. The developers have tried to make their playing field diverse, so you can safely choose one of several modes provided.

New Update: Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.1 → v1.1.2 (upd.29.10.2019)

This game has been updated Yesterday, 01:50 to the latest version v1.1.2 (upd.29.10.2019).

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Borderlands 2 VR - ALI213

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Gearbox company does not cease to support its popular shooter Borderlands 2, despite the relatively recent release of a full third part. Today, the game has visited the PC a second time, but for virtual reality devices. Borderlands 2 VR is practically no different from the original. The plot without innovations, tasks — all the same crazy and exciting. During the passage, gamers, as usual, have to find new guns and fight opponents. But the skills have changed slightly due to the obvious limitations of virtual reality: using one of the abilities, for example, you can slow down the time for more accurate shooting. To run Borderlands 2 VR on a PC, you’ll have to get the appropriate VR gadgets.

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Devils Hunt v1.02 - ALI213

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The game Devils Hunt an action game with a third-person view, the events of which revolve around the large-scale confrontation of angels and demons. These forces chose the Earth as their battlefield, as a result, the threat of complete extinction loomed over humanity. You must become the only hero who can outweigh the scales and turn the arrangement in any direction. Now the fate of mankind depends solely on the thoughts and actions of Desmond. Your character in the past was the son of a wealthy entrepreneur, he did not care about the future at all and was happy to meet every new day. Desmond’s life made a sharp turn, and after a series of tragic events, he lost almost all his human qualities.

New release Devils Hunt v1.0.2 — GOG!

This game has been updated 13-10-2019, 11:57 to the latest version v1.02.

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Space Robinson Hardcore Roguelike Action v1.0.0.5 (upd.10.10.2019) - ALI213

Torrent Space Robinson Hardcore Roguelike Action download free pc
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The game Space Robinson is an exciting arcade shooter where you need to go to a distant planet and repair huge drilling rigs. A long space accident went quite calmly, your hero hopes for a quick end to his mission, however, immediately after landing on a planet, something starts to go wrong. The colorful planet meets with caution, and the absence of colonists is beginning to cause alarm. Go explore the nearby locations to find out the reasons for what is happening. Right after a few steps, you will have to face the local inhabitants, extremely hostile.

This game has been updated 10-10-2019, 11:43 to the latest version v1.0.0.5 (upd.10.10.2019).

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RimWorld v1.0.2408 - ALI213

Torrent RimWorld download free pc
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The game RimWorld is remarkable not at all for the elements of craft, but psychological nuances, because each colonist is a unique person who may have internal problems. For example, one of the survivors is nothing to just fly off the coils and in a fit of an attack, set fire to the barn with food. The rest of the group, of course, will rush to eliminate the fire, but they risk getting multiple burns of varying degrees, which will later have to be treated. And, most interestingly, you will never be able to find out what this or that colonist has in mind.

This game has been updated 2-10-2019, 09:52 to the latest version v1.0.2408.

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Pixel Shinobi Nine demons of Mamoru v1.0.1.0 - ALI213

Torrent Pixel Shinobi Nine demons of Mamoru download free pc
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If you like adventures where a deadly and fast ninja in the title role, then you should like the new Pixel Shinobi Nine demons of Mamoru game, in which you have to be secretive, fast, deadly. Of course, you can pump your character, which gives the game elements from an RPG, and you have to play for a ninja named Shinobu. When you defeat the enemy, you get experience points, and you can spend these points in the end on improvement and new combos for your hero.

This game has been updated 13-09-2019, 04:22 to the latest version v1.0.1.0.

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