Hades Battle Out of Hell torrent download
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Hades Battle Out of Hell — a game played in a unique bagel-slasher style, where exciting adventures and funny moments await you. You will go to the very center of Hell, where you will become a member of numerous bloody regrets, and your rivals will not have any pity. The main task of our brave chief to get through the hordes of enemies to the main boss, acting in the role of the God of death. The world in the game has bright colors despite its location, so the atmosphere can
Casual Indie Simulation | 16-01-2019, 11:14 | 1 288 | 4.8 GB

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​DayZ torrent download
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​DayZ is a sensational project on the theme of survival in a postappocalyptic world that is simply teeming with crowds of bloodthirsty walking dead. The game is designed for online passage, and this suggests that your enemies will be not only zombies, but also other survivors who will go to great lengths for the sake of production and their own benefit. For a start, work on creating your own character, which initially will have certain external and internal characteristics.
Action Adventure Massively Multiplayer Early Access | 11-01-2019, 10:48 | 1 079 | 13.6 GB

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Combat Core torrent download
v1.0 (upd.11.01.2019) Full game PLAZA FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
Combat Core is a three-dimensional fighting game that will take you into the world of battles in the most dangerous arenas of the open world. Here you will have a huge number of opportunities to achieve this goal. So, for example, initially you will be able to choose a suitable hero for yourself, with whom you will pass difficult trials and destroy all opponents on the way. Moreover, it is necessary to pay special attention to improving combat skills, as well as provide
Action Indie | 11-01-2019, 05:39 | 57 | 589.75 MB
BattleRush Ardennes Assault torrent download
BattleRush 2 Ardennes Assault — multiplayer game dedicated to the offensive in the Ardennes, which began in June 1944. The Battle of the Balja was the last major German offensive campaign on the Western Front during World War 2. It was launched in the densely forested region of Wallonia in eastern Belgium, northeastern France and Luxembourg by the end of World War II. Although the Germans managed to launch their offensive with complete surprise and achieve some initial
Action Massively Multiplayer | 10-01-2019, 09:31 | 163 | 4.24 GB
Battle Royale Tycoon torrent download
v0.07 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Battle Royale Tycoon — a game in the genre of a simulator with elements of the sandbox, where you have to do the design, and then the embodiment of a variety of arenas for combat. These arenas are designed so that the fighters can hone their skills and abilities before participating in the «Royal battles». Under your control gets the construction of a variety of arenas, each of which will have its own functions and tasks for future soldiers. You can create a whole training
Indie Simulation Strategy Early Access | 9-01-2019, 17:02 | 521 | 138 MB

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Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 torrent download
Beta upd.09.12.2018 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Tindalos InteractiveThe Warhammer universe is already represented by dozens of very different games in which you need to control infantry and, as a last resort, technology, but a toy called Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 offers something new — real space battles. Dozens of space ships with different characteristics and capabilities , the vast spaces in which each commander will have to fight with opponents from other factions, otadnye special effects and simply incredible
Strategy | 8-01-2019, 16:09 | 168 | 13.5 GB
Battle Brothers torrent download
v1.2.0.23 (Deluxe Edition ) + Beasts & Exploration Full game CODEX FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Battle Brothers is a carefully crafted strategy game where the whole world around you will be randomly generated. All actions will take place in an alternate reality. In the game world there are brave knights and powerful magic on one level. You will stand on the side of evil, where you will lead a gang of criminals whose purpose is to get rich quick. But everything went wrong, as we would like. While you were traveling, violent hostilities began in your country. Now
Indie RPG Strategy | 8-01-2019, 08:13 | 2 142 | 1.50 GB

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Galaxy Squad torrent download
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Galaxy Squad is a tactical strategy game where all battles will relate to a step-by-step style. Here you have to take control of a small detachment of prisoners. The story will send you to a fictional world, where inmates fled from custody to a federal prison and are now forced to hide in various places in order not to go back to jail. A distinctive feature of the gameplay is that the galaxy to which you are to go, has the ability to be generated in a completely random way,
Strategy Early Access | 7-01-2019, 03:41 | 334 | 192.03 MB

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Wooden Battles torrent download
v01.01.2019 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Wooden Battles is a military action simulator where you have to plunge into a series of enchanting battles, the participants of which will be simple toy soldiers. Go to the battle and try to do everything to win and win the title of the best fighter in the world. You need to assemble your team of fighters, and then take up their development both in terms of martial art and in terms of tactical planning. Take care of the construction and strengthening of your fort so that
Action Casual Indie Simulation Strategy | 4-01-2019, 16:11 | 98 | 86.84 MB
Battle Royale Trainer torrent download
v1.0.3.1 Full game 3DM FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Battle Royale Trainer is probably one of the first games created to train your skills in another game. If you want to quickly improve your shooting skills and tactics in a game like PUBG, then try the Battle Royale Trainer. The game specifically creates the conditions that you, of course, can edit, so that you spend almost all the time on key elements, and this is shooting and tactics. In PUBG, the player spends the lion’s share of waiting for the game to start and finding
Action Adventure Simulation | 3-01-2019, 05:11 | 209 | 1.39 GB
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