Elderborn v19.05.2020 (Permadeath) - CODEX

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Elderborn — get ready to enter into a very unpredictable and deadly battle with various monsters, each of which wants to kill you. You will fight them with a wide arsenal of weapons: two-handed swords, bows, spears, axes, hammers, and much more. Do not forget to use the shield, because there will be a lot of opponents. The game itself is a killer first-person action game, created by all the standards of classic role-playing video games. Here you also have to go to the dungeons, and fight against skeletons, the living dead, vampires, and other dangerous creatures. The main feature of the game is a diverse and dynamic gameplay that will allow you to fight with several opponents at the same time. And all this brutal musical accompaniment will improve, because during the game high-quality rock compositions will be played.

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Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition Build 36906 - CODEX

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Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition — a dynamic strategy game with an outstanding storyline and unexpected twists. This project is nothing more than a remake of the popular game of the same name. The gameplay is as interesting and fascinating as possible, endowed with various tasks, difficult tests, traps, logic tasks and insidious opponents, which are not so easy to overcome. Of the changes, the first thing worth noting is the visual elaboration, which has become as realistic as possible, supports 4k format, which will allow you to become a full-fledged part of the game world.

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State of Decay 2 v17 (Juggernaut Edition) - CODEX

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State of Decay 2 — Continuation of the atmospheric history of survival after the zombie epidemic. The constant search for food, medicine, weapons — this is only part of the disaster. It’s worse than the people themselves, someone is a notorious psycho, and some will shoot you in a dream for your own supplies. It is worthwhile to study those whom you will take to your camp. The paradox is that you can only survive in a team. It is impossible to create a completely impregnable camp, and all supplies in the district will soon end, so it will be necessary to search new territories, interact with other camps, simultaneously actively reducing the zombie population. In SoD 2, players can organize their own survivors' settlement, where they can build various buildings to effectively counter the threat of the infected. In addition to the base management in the game, there is also a system of raids where players go on a journey to obtain products, medicines, weapons.

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Golf With Your Friends - CODEX

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Golf With Your Friends — is a multiplayer game for up to 12 people. If you are a fan of sports simulations of this kind or are interested in golf, you should pay attention to this project. Your attention is seven levels of 18 holes each. However, the authors continue to work and expand the boundaries, complement the levels. Golf With Your Friends is one pleasure. Everything is done for simplicity and comfort so that everyone can quickly join the gameplay and figure it out. The controls are simple and almost intuitive. There are tons of settings to help create added comfort.

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Railway Empire v1.13.0.25839 + All DLC - CODEX

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Railway Empire — indeed, quality economic simulators in the gaming industry did not appear long enough. Most of those that appear are one-day games that do not cause players genuine interest. But the studio Gaming Minds has already announced that it is not going to sit on the sidelines and intends to drastically change the situation. They announced the launch of their new simulator Railway Empire, which should appear in December 2017. In this railway simulator, you have to try your hand at managing a large enterprise and, with the availability of certain resources, to achieve the set goals. If you are ready for this test, then just download the Railway Empire via the torrent for free and proceed.

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The Wonderful 101 Remastered v1.0 - CODEX

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The Wonderful 101 Remastered — a chic action-arcade game, which should be played by all connoisseurs of this genre. The game is all that what real gamers have been waiting for. The adventure game will tell about the battles in the Third World War between alien civilizations and ordinary earthlings, people. The human race is almost extinct, but they have to conquer their territories and the right to them. The only hope for salvation is superheroes who will try to save the human race from certain death. Aliens invaded Earth a few years ago and started a war. The Third World War, which people were so afraid of, began unexpectedly and unexpectedly. Who knew that aliens are such evil creatures.

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Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms v20200518 - CODEX

Torrent Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms download free pc
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Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms — real-time strategy. The plot takes place in ancient China, when these lands were just beginning to develop, a story was born. You must choose one of 24 fractions, each of which has unique units, buildings, weaknesses and pluses. At the beginning of the journey, you can take control of a small settlement or tribe that you can develop by extracting useful materials, hiring warriors and capturing weaker camps. In addition to attacks, you can solve all matters diplomatically, choosing the right remarks and trying to please another participant in the conversation.

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Grand Guilds v1.1.0 - CODEX

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Grand Guilds — is a tactical role-playing game set in a fantasy universe where heroes can use magic. The player controls a squad of characters and fights with groups of enemies. In battles you will have to take into account the terrain and terrain features. Elements of the card game complement the combat system, so the player can use various skills of his characters.

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Resequenced v20200518 - CODEX

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Resequenced is a shooter-based game developed by Based On The Play for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, action, adventure game, role-playing game, indie, steam achievements, early access, adventure, female protagonist, open world and others. This is the plausible story of one student who went to her parents in the Sulsky area during the summer holidays, the house and all things were in place, except for the parents. The main character until the last could not understand what was happening, it turns out that the parents disappeared, and where they are and how to find them, this is the main goal of the game. In addition to the plucking story, the game has the ability to use many types of weapons, and superpower. Only by force, you must learn to use, and weapons can be improved.

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Road Redemption v20200517 (Revengers Assemble DLC) - CODEX

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Road Redemption — this is the real action-racing, almost the first of its kind. Their essence lies in the races on motorcycles, but not simple, but gangster, with obstacles, battles on the go, murders and extreme stunts. The game’s events unfold in the vast post-apocalyptic world, in which the shaky truce between bikers and different groups of gangsters was broken by the murder of the leader of the drug cartel. A reward is offered for the killer’s head, but rather a lot, but in order to get this money, you have to go a long way through enemy territory, where everyone wants to prevent you, because he also wants to get an award.

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