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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit torrent download
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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is, so to speak, a game of not-for-all. The Adventure of the Captain of the Spirit is a two-hour demo version of the prologue for the second part of Life is Strange, a visual novel with elements of adventure and mysticism. We have before us a small episode telling about the life of a little boy living with a single father, who occasionally abuses alcohol. A short adventure touches you deeply: you will remember your childhood, feel
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Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Roads torrent download
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Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1 Roads — trying to distance themselves from the history of Max Caulfield, the authors decided to choose a new theme not the teenage complexes or the fragile same-sex love, but the racism of American society. A distant topic of social and racial conflict is being pushed through with some fanatical pressure, demonstrating to the players the degradation of white men and women. Almost all the anti-heroes encountered along the way are white Americans,
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Strange Brigade torrent download
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Strange Brigade is a game project, presented in the genre of a cooperative shooter, the process of which is the cooperative passage in a team of up to four people. It is the command mode that will allow you to have a great time in the company of your friends. You will enter a vast world territory, namely the British Empire, ruled by the Egyptian gods. To begin with, you will be engaged in choosing a suitable hero for yourself, who will be endowed with certain external data,
Adventure Action | 16-01-2019, 16:40 | 258 | 37.0 GB

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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden torrent download
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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden — a game that will send you on an exciting, but at the same time very dangerous journey through a fantastic world. Here you will be told about the emergence of the apocalypse, which suffered the most unpleasant consequences. You will take control of mutating creatures and try to do everything to survive. The combat system made the basis for tactical battles, where you will successfully change your strategic abilities. You will manage the squad
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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard torrent download
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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard — another part of the series in the genre of Survival horror, but it became the game that allowed the series to return to basics. Waiting for you shooting at zombies and mutants, a huge number of puzzles and physical puzzles, interesting history and a sea of action. Unlike all previous games in the series, the emphasis here is directly on the horror. In the course of the passage of the storyline, you will solve riddles, solve various physical
Action Adventure | 10-01-2019, 16:03 | 270 | 18.0 GB
City Patrol Police torrent download
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City Patrol Police — here you have to become part of a brave police squad, which is poisoned by one and a half large-scale cities in order to protect the order and tranquility of civilians. Your main assistant will be a high-speed car, in which you will chase the criminal organizations and their representatives in various locations. You stand in the very real struggle for justice, as supporters of the criminal world are ready to do anything to destroy you. There
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Battlefield V torrent download
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Battlefield V — franchise Battlefield has more than a dozen games, every single successful. Therefore, it is not surprising how willingly gamers discuss Battlefield 5. However, for now they can only rely on personal assumptions, because the developer, the Swedish company DICE, did not provide accurate information about the project.
1st Person Action Shooter | 14-12-2018, 14:43 | 750 | 33.20 GB

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Yakuza 0 torrent download
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Yakuza 0 — new action, which includes the style of adventure, and you have to go to a fantasy world to solve all of its covered with a gloomy veil of secrets. To begin with, you go to the recent past, namely in 1988, where you will become one of the participants of the professional attack group. You will play the role of the protagonist — a brave and fearless twenty-year-old guy named Kiryu, who will go on the road of revenge to counter the competitive market for the sale
Action Adventure RPG | 11-12-2018, 15:30 | 189 | 24.88 GB
Just Cause 4 torrent download
Just Cause 4 is a game presented to the world in the arcade genre, which is again ready to please its fans with a new fascinating history and a lot of additional features. You have to go to a rather dangerous atmosphere that prevails on the territory of a small island. The main inhabitants of this lecture are soulless and ruthless creatures capable of much to destroy any representative of humanity. Monsters dwell in the atmosphere of a cruel warrior, and nature rewards local
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FIFA 19 torrent download
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Incredibly, in the new season, for the first time in history, many updates have been added to the FIFA 19 game, and the UEFA Champions League is becoming the top. Thanks to the new battles, for the first time, players will be able to find out the end of the story associated with the legendary man, a world-class star and just a pleasant personality Alex Hunter, whose story has hit the universe. In addition to the tests, you have to create a club yourself, where people from
Sports Soccer Football | 1-12-2018, 05:08 | 1 297 | 44.54 GB

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