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Octopath Traveler v20191105 - CPY

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Octopath Traveler is a fascinating Japanese role-playing game in which you have to make important decisions, use different combat mechanics, fight against numerous enemies and survive. And you have to start with familiarization with the characters. The whole point is that at your disposal there will be as many as 8 characters, and all these characters will be scattered in different regions of one huge map. You will have the right to independently choose which character to use, which to play, or which to combine into one group. Moreover, you can complete the game by playing one character, you can combine several of them into one group, and if you want, you can even combine them all.

This game has been updated 6-11-2019, 11:00 to the latest version v20191105.

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Warhammer Chaosbane upd.29.10.2019 - CODEX

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Warhammer Chaosbane — the first draft of the Old World Warhammer universe in the hack’n’slash genre. Gamer acts as a fighter of the Empire, sent into battle with the troops of Chaos. You can play alone or in a cooperative with three friends, in a local network or the Internet. The review is carried out from above. There are several races and classes to choose from: The Imperial Warrior has an impressive amount of health, the Dwarf inflicts devastating attacks in melee, and the Elves are responsible for the far one, who can be both magicians and hunters. Combat abilities can be combined to cause maximum damage to enemies that are available in a wide range.

This game has been updated 29-10-2019, 09:53 to the latest version upd.29.10.2019.

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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden v20191011 + Seed of Evil - CODEX

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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden — a game that will send you on an exciting, but at the same time very dangerous journey through a fantastic world. Here you will be told about the emergence of the apocalypse, which suffered the most unpleasant consequences. You will take control of mutating creatures and try to do everything to survive. The combat system made the basis for tactical battles, where you will successfully change your strategic abilities. You will manage the squad that needs to be developed and trained, trying to improve the chances of winning.

This game has been updated 12-10-2019, 04:56 to the latest version v20191011 + Seed of Evil.

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Hitman 2 v2.70.1 - PLAZA

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Hitman 2 is a new stealth action game developed by the world famous company IO Interactive. If you translate the name, it will be like this — Hired assassin 2. The central character is one hired assassin — he is a professional agent. With his last killer, he managed to tie quite a long time. Now he lives a quiet life at the monastery. He has only one friend of his — father Vittorio. It is impossible to forget the past, and it will not work to get away from it. One day, it turns out that the mafia is kidnapping Vittorio, as a result of which the agent will have to go back to his business and deal with the villains. Thus, he will be able to prove that he is one of the best. The agent is forced to return his own friend. The agent must complete several orders and he decides to establish surveillance of one of the Mafiosi. Can we help the main character?

This release Hitman 2 v2.70.1 included new DLC HITMAN 2 — New York / HITMAN 2 — Special Assignments Pack 1.

This game has been updated 24-09-2019, 14:58 to the latest version v2.70.1.

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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain v1.15 - CODEX

Torrent Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain download free pc
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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain — computer game project in the genre of RPG in combination with action, where all actions will take place with a third person. You will play the role of the protagonist, who is the commander of an elite squad of mercenaries. This same commander, nicknamed Snake, quite recently came out of a coma and is ready for much to restore justice. He is ready to do anything for the sake of revenge on those who otparil him lie on the hospital bed. But first you need to restore your strength and hone your combat skills, which you will do. All events will take you into the past, namely in 1984.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 v1.0.5.02 + Data Pack 4.01 - CPY

Torrent Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 download free pc
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is another football simulator from the PES series, but now with even more advanced graphics, realistic physics and modern animation. You are waiting for dozens of innovations, championships, and a huge number of matches. And first of all it would be worthwhile to say that in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 the graphics moved to a fundamentally new level. Now everything looks at times steeper, the environment has become even more detailed, and even the faces of the players, players, look like real ones. And the stadiums, and the fans in the stands, and everything else looks much better. But this is not the most important thing.

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Sonic Forces v1.04.79 + 6 DLC - CPY

Torrent Sonic Forces download free pc
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Sonic Forces is a game about Sonic, tamed by the 25th anniversary of the blue hedgehog, in which you will join the resistance and save the world of Sonic. You will have the opportunity to create your own character with various powerful gadgets, crush enemies at breathtaking speed with modern Sonic, and take control of the Classic Sonic. Together with Sonic Forces you immerse yourself in a dynamic gameplay with three unlike styles, take up the exploration of the classic levels, and fight on completely new ones, controlling Shadow.

This game has been updated 24-04-2019, 07:44 to the latest version v1.04.79 + 6 DLC.

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Yakuza 0 v4 - CPY

Torrent Yakuza 0 download free pc
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Yakuza 0 — new action, which includes the style of adventure, and you have to go to a fantasy world to solve all of its covered with a gloomy veil of secrets. To begin with, you go to the recent past, namely in 1988, where you will become one of the participants of the professional attack group. You will play the role of the protagonist — a brave and fearless twenty-year-old guy named Kiryu, who will go on the road of revenge to counter the competitive market for the sale of real estate. Capturing the territory of the market you will get power, but it will be very difficult to do. On your way, you will constantly encounter treacherous opponents and enemies who will try by all means to substitute you, destroy and put an obstacle in your way.

This game has been updated 27-03-2019, 08:52 to the latest version v4.

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Sonic Mania v1.06.0503 - CPY

Torrent Sonic Mania download free pc
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Sonic Mania is a platformer dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the series, in which you will again have to go on a dangerous long journey with Sonic and his loyal friends. The plot of the game once again revolves around Sonic and his loyal friends, Tails and Echidna Knuckles. Suddenly, the heroes discovered a powerful artifact, the Ruby of Illusions, with which you can control time and space. Naturally, the friends decided to go for the artifact, but they were late — Dr. Eggman was the first to reach him and kidnapped him. Now the heroes need to by all means return the artifact and do everything possible to prevent what the doctor planned. During the journey, the heroes will visit a huge pile of locations, among which there are also locations from previous games in the series, and new ones.

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Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 - Rules upd. 23.02.2019 - CPY

Torrent Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 - Rules download free pc
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Life is Strange 2 is a continuation of an episodic game that once stirred up admirers of the genre, but at the same time you will have to play in this game not for the beloved of many girls, but for the new heroes that Shaun and Daniel began to tackle. This time, two guys, Shawn and Daniel, 9 and 16 years old, were in the middle of the action. For the time being, they lived their measured lives, but suddenly something happened that turned their lives upside down once and for all. Suddenly, one of the brothers awakens such abilities, because of which the policeman dies, and with it the father of the boys. Guys have nowhere to go, and they take flight. Ahead of them is waiting for a new life, an endless flight, and a long journey to Mexico.

This game has been updated 24-02-2019, 12:19 to the latest version upd. 23.02.2019.

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