GRIS torrent download
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GRIS — an incredibly beautiful adventure game with elements of platformer, immerse you in the colorful and desperate world of Gries. Players will go on a journey through the tailored world, which comes to life on the eyes thanks to a neat illustration and a musical component. In the game Gris, you have to help your heroine cope with life experience, which came out very painful for her. All her experiences are reflected in a completely unique dress. It is able to endow its
Adventure Indie | Today, 07:33 | 9 | 1.19 GB
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The idea of the game SCUM is not new, but the implementation promised by the developers of many elements in the game promises an interesting project that attracted the attention of many gamers. Before you a new multiplayer survivor. According to the plot, you take part in the next season of the reality of the show from the media giant TEC1. Forget the innocuous rules, the people demand a spectacle! You with other participants of the show will survive on a huge island with
Early_Access Action Adventure Indie MMO | 9-12-2018, 13:57 | 1 366 | 27.4 GB

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Beholder 2 torrent download
Beholder 2 — Caught involved in the adventures associated with the Ministry, the player will have to endure quite a few adventures, will face certain individuals and break into measurements with deadly obstacles. You become the first promising member of the Ministry who is to translate into reality the old desires and meet with insane criminals. Be confident in your own justice, because it will provide an opportunity to refute all the facts about personal death and come out
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Absolver torrent download
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Absolver — network multiplayer battles, where players hide under the masks of the Challengers at the behest of the ubiquitous Explorer, the new rulers of the fallen Adal Empire, who decide whether you are worthy of replenishing the ranks of their elite security forces corps. Applicants will wander through forgotten lands, face others, learn combat skills, find themselves weapons and armor and fight one-on-one or in groups of three to three.
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The Messenger torrent download
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The Messenger is a game project in the genre of action with a side view that will send you to a dangerous world, part of the battles of which you will become. You will be fighting with the most dangerous opponents who are ready for much that you do not reach the goal. Here you have to assume the role of a brave and fearless ninja, with whom a very sad life situation has happened.
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Grim Dawn — is an excellent RPG, in which, by coincidence, people act as a valuable resource. The game is executed in a fantasy style, which gives it an extra charm and allows you to use all the main features of fantasy. According to the plot, there are two opposing sides, both of these forces represent darkness, that is, for humans they are otherworldly. One side wants to use a person as a valuable resource, and the other simply plans to destroy humanity so that it does not
RPG Rogue Action | 11-01-2018, 04:19 | 5 707 | 4.50 GB

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Shadow Warrior 2 tells about the latest misadventures of the former corporate shogun Luo Wang. Turning into a solitary mercenary, a glorious warrior fights for a life in a rotten world: now he is obliged to break legions of demons, flooding the planet, in which he will certainly help a large arsenal of pistols, blades, magic tricks and tricks. Beat together with friends on a network in a cooperative mode for 4 players or fight with evil alone on stunning procedurally
Action Shooter 3D 1st-Person | 25-12-2017, 08:36 | 1 588 | 10.61 GB
Sonic Forces torrent download
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Sonic Forces is a game about Sonic, tamed by the 25th anniversary of the blue hedgehog, in which you will join the resistance and save the world of Sonic. You will have the opportunity to create your own character with various powerful gadgets, crush enemies at breathtaking speed with modern Sonic, and take control of the Classic Sonic. Together with Sonic Forces you immerse yourself in a dynamic gameplay with three unlike styles, take up the exploration of the classic
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