The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep torrent download
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The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep is an incredibly interesting continuation of the world-famous series of role-playing humorous projects. As far as we know, each of us here expects a lot of interesting things. We can get acquainted with a funny plot, cool dialogues, and also pay attention to the characters, who are derided from one side or the other. Most often, people draw on the features of the characters. In addition, I would like to note that the project was based
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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales torrent download
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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales is a suddenly formed project in the Witcher universe, which was previously planned as the storyline of the Gwent The Witcher Card Game. The player will plunge into the entourage of dark fantasy under the leadership of the ruler of the northern kingdoms — Mevy. Users waiting for a full story for a period of 30 hours, an advanced system of dialogues and the ability to pump the protagonist, uniforms and camp troops. Skirmishes with the enemies
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Surviving Mars torrent download
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Surviving Mars — a game developed in the genre of the simulator, where under your king gets the construction of a huge and multifunctional city. You will go to a distant and dangerous adventure into space, namely to a planet called Mars, which you have to colonize, creating there all the conditions for the life of the human race. The planet that you need to go to, stores a huge number of secrets and secrets, and here you are waiting for hard trials and various dangers. Try
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Nine Parchments torrent download
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Nine Parchments is an isometric action / role-playing game, oriented towards cooperative passage and developed by Frozenbyte. The plot of the plot is as follows: a group of magicians-pupils escaped from their mentor, in order to pass the path of the Nine Parchments as soon as possible. The gameplay is similar to the notorious Magicka and is a dynamic action, based on the active use of natural elements. As the game progresses, the skills of heroes will be improved and
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