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Wizard of Legend torrent download
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Wizard of Legend — a combat magician simulator, designed in the spirit of typical horn-light pixel games. According to the developers from the studio Contingent99, in their game there is nothing superfluous, only action and fireballs. In the game you will visit pitch dungeons and fight monsters there, using magic and physical attacks. Speed is the key to success. You will need to quickly learn to create your spells, just like in the game Magicka, in order to deal with opponents who literally twig from all crevices. Combine magic, make unique spells and use them against all kinds of spiteful critics.
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Dawn of Man v1.0.5 - Razor1911

Dawn of Man torrent download
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Dawn of Man is a survival strategy in which you are to lead the settlement of the first modern people. Take them through tens of thousands of years, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. You will meet and even hunt legendary animals, among which there will be even Mammoths. Engage not only in hunting, but also in collecting. Useful fruits, as well as other valuable resources — collect everything that can be useful in everyday life. Make weapons and other useful devices. Focus on the climate and seasons. Animals are best caught during their seasonal migration, and berries and fruits can be eaten in summer. Develop your settlement, build new huts, learn new technologies — all this will help to increase the number and achieve great success.

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APE OUT v1.2 - Razor1911

APE OUT torrent download
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APE OUT is an exciting action game from Gabe Cuzzillo, which is developed exclusively for the PC platform. The style of the game as simple as possible, but the dynamics here sustained at a height. But this can be done only after the release, so you should be patient. If we look at the game in more detail, she talks about how the escaped gorilla wanted to survive and how hundreds of hunters stood in her way. Instead of escaping from them, she decided to fight. In the game you will control the gorilla and use all available opportunities to destroy enemies. Do not worry, gradually you will achieve success and get the main reward — freedom.

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AWAY Journey to the Unexpected v1.61 (upd.05.03.2019) - Razor1911

AWAY Journey to the Unexpected torrent download
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AWAY Journey to the Unexpected is an exciting and very unusual first-person shooter, with a rogue-lite mix. You are waiting for funny adventures, battles, colorful world and freedom. In the story you will play for an ordinary child, who had to go down to the basement only because there was some noise coming from it. And everything would be fine, but only in the basement, as it turned out, there was a passage to a fabulous, bright and very unusual world. Now the main character is waiting for adventures, of which he has dreamed all his life, random meetings and events, interesting acquaintances, and much, much more.

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Surviving Mars v20190220 (Tereshkova) - Razor1911

Surviving Mars torrent download
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Surviving Mars — a game developed in the genre of the simulator, where under your king gets the construction of a huge and multifunctional city. You will go to a distant and dangerous adventure into space, namely to a planet called Mars, which you have to colonize, creating there all the conditions for the life of the human race. The planet that you need to go to, stores a huge number of secrets and secrets, and here you are waiting for hard trials and various dangers. Try to take control of all aspects of the activity. So, for example, you have to establish the extraction and supply of resources, since they are fundamental for the preservation of life. You must have enough water and food, as well as sunlight, up to the air! In addition, you must carefully monitor the construction of this or that building, so that it is right and comfortable. It is the design to create on the red planet will not be so easy, it will take a lot of ingenuity and skill.

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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales v1.1 - GOG

Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales torrent download
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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales is a suddenly formed project in the Witcher universe, which was previously planned as the storyline of the Gwent The Witcher Card Game. The player will plunge into the entourage of dark fantasy under the leadership of the ruler of the northern kingdoms — Mevy. Users waiting for a full story for a period of 30 hours, an advanced system of dialogues and the ability to pump the protagonist, uniforms and camp troops. Skirmishes with the enemies migrated from Gwint, and this means that all battles will occur through the creation of a unique deck and alternate moves. Hiring soldiers in the army will need through the mentioned buildings. The main character will face the danger in the face of a new war. Not wanting to give up their possessions, the brave ruler enters the battle by strengthening the territory and fighting face to face with the indomitable threat.

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Detective Gallo v1.2 - Razor1911

Detective Gallo torrent download
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Detective Gallo — did you miss the quality detective quests? Then this game will make you happy! The developers managed to create an excellent detective in the style that blends nice animation and noir atmosphere. Here you can independently investigate an intricate case. The rich collector attackers destroyed five valuable plants. This was done very cleverly and with a hint of further aggravating the situation. Therefore, an experienced Detective Gallo took up the business, who, with the help of intelligence, observation and a fair amount of cynicism, undoubtedly unravels this matter. A classic adventure related to finding evidence and solving secrets is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.
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The Settlers History Collection Upd.31.01.2019 - Razor1911

The Settlers History Collection torrent download
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The Settlers History Collection is a special edition released by developers in honor of the 25th anniversary of the series. The publication includes all seven parts of the series and all the content that was officially published during this time. But that’s not all. In addition, in all seven games, the graphics were partially reworked and new features were added, not much changing the gameplay, but transforming the process. In general, the game has not changed, but externally transformed.
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The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep upd.24.12.2018 (Legacy MERRY XMAS) - Razor1911

The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version upd.24.12.2018 (Legacy MERRY XMAS) TORRENT Razor1911
The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep is an incredibly interesting continuation of the world-famous series of role-playing humorous projects. As far as we know, each of us here expects a lot of interesting things. We can get acquainted with a funny plot, cool dialogues, and also pay attention to the characters, who are derided from one side or the other. Most often, people draw on the features of the characters. In addition, I would like to note that the project was based on a rather powerful and very cool engine — the Unreal Engine 4.
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Nine Parchments v1.0.5 - Razor1911

Nine Parchments torrent download
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Nine Parchments is an isometric action / role-playing game, oriented towards cooperative passage and developed by Frozenbyte. The plot of the plot is as follows: a group of magicians-pupils escaped from their mentor, in order to pass the path of the Nine Parchments as soon as possible. The gameplay is similar to the notorious Magicka and is a dynamic action, based on the active use of natural elements. As the game progresses, the skills of heroes will be improved and eventually become truly destructive. Also one of the main features of the project is the random generation of levels.
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