A Hat in Time Ultimate Edition v20190519 - CODEX

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A Hat in Time Ultimate Edition — presents a completely new chapter with a new labeling system, new styles, new dyes, new weapons, and more. Online party allows you to play online with friends, in groups of up to 50 players. DLC will take you to the metro nyakuza. As the authors say, this is the perfect place to lie a little, cheat a little and steal a little. The main character joins the nyakuza and becomes unhealthily rich. This is just a criminal gang, what could go wrong.

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Irony Curtain From Matryoshka with Love - Razor1911

Irony Curtain From Matryoshka with Love torrent download
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​Irony Curtain From Matryoshka with Love will transfer players to the fictional state of Matryoshka, in which communism dictatorship flourishes. So that other countries could be convinced of the advantages of the communist system, a Western journalist was invited to Matryoshka, who will see the nobility of a fearless Leader.​
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Planet Nomads v1.0.0.1 - Razor1911

Planet Nomads torrent download
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Planet Nomads is a sandbox game that is under development and has a car editor available. You will become a real explorer of the planet, which will have a rather impressive size. You have to go to explore every corner of the planet, where you will find various useful items and rebuild various machines that will help you in this difficult matter.

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Dark Devotion v25.04.2019 - Razor1911

Dark Devotion torrent download
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Dark devotion — the game amazes with its unusual plot, everything looks very interesting. Gorgeous pixel art is striking. Just imagine what you would do if you were imprisoned in a dark castle. We need to look for a way out, overcoming various difficulties. You have a shield in your left hand, a sword in your right hand. Opening the game Dark Devotion, your character is a girl who has fallen for dark fanatics who are obsessed with otherworldly forces. Now the main task is to get out.

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We The Revolution v1.2.2 - Razor1911

We The Revolution torrent download
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We The Revolution is an unusual strategy with a unique visual style, the events of which take place during the French Revolution of 1794. Players will assume the role of the judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal and administer justice, investigating the court cases of citizens, criminals and enemies of the revolution. The players play the role of a judge at a revolutionary court, and it depends on the decisions of the players who will live and who will die, who will remain at liberty, and who will be thrown behind bars. Each decision gradually changes history, and the fate of the players depends largely on the decisions made by them. The game will send us during the Great French Revolution.

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AWAY Journey to the Unexpected v1.61 (upd.05.03.2019) - Razor1911

AWAY Journey to the Unexpected torrent download
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AWAY Journey to the Unexpected is an exciting and very unusual first-person shooter, with a rogue-lite mix. You are waiting for funny adventures, battles, colorful world and freedom. In the story you will play for an ordinary child, who had to go down to the basement only because there was some noise coming from it. And everything would be fine, but only in the basement, as it turned out, there was a passage to a fabulous, bright and very unusual world. Now the main character is waiting for adventures, of which he has dreamed all his life, random meetings and events, interesting acquaintances, and much, much more.

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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales v1.1 - GOG

Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales torrent download
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Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales is a suddenly formed project in the Witcher universe, which was previously planned as the storyline of the Gwent The Witcher Card Game. The player will plunge into the entourage of dark fantasy under the leadership of the ruler of the northern kingdoms — Mevy. Users waiting for a full story for a period of 30 hours, an advanced system of dialogues and the ability to pump the protagonist, uniforms and camp troops. Skirmishes with the enemies migrated from Gwint, and this means that all battles will occur through the creation of a unique deck and alternate moves. Hiring soldiers in the army will need through the mentioned buildings. The main character will face the danger in the face of a new war. Not wanting to give up their possessions, the brave ruler enters the battle by strengthening the territory and fighting face to face with the indomitable threat.

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Detective Gallo v1.2 - Razor1911

Detective Gallo torrent download
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Detective Gallo — did you miss the quality detective quests? Then this game will make you happy! The developers managed to create an excellent detective in the style that blends nice animation and noir atmosphere. Here you can independently investigate an intricate case. The rich collector attackers destroyed five valuable plants. This was done very cleverly and with a hint of further aggravating the situation. Therefore, an experienced Detective Gallo took up the business, who, with the help of intelligence, observation and a fair amount of cynicism, undoubtedly unravels this matter. A classic adventure related to finding evidence and solving secrets is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.
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The Settlers History Collection Upd.31.01.2019 - Razor1911

The Settlers History Collection torrent download
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The Settlers History Collection is a special edition released by developers in honor of the 25th anniversary of the series. The publication includes all seven parts of the series and all the content that was officially published during this time. But that’s not all. In addition, in all seven games, the graphics were partially reworked and new features were added, not much changing the gameplay, but transforming the process. In general, the game has not changed, but externally transformed.
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The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep upd.24.12.2018 (Legacy MERRY XMAS) - Razor1911

The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep torrent download
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The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep is an incredibly interesting continuation of the world-famous series of role-playing humorous projects. As far as we know, each of us here expects a lot of interesting things. We can get acquainted with a funny plot, cool dialogues, and also pay attention to the characters, who are derided from one side or the other. Most often, people draw on the features of the characters. In addition, I would like to note that the project was based on a rather powerful and very cool engine — the Unreal Engine 4.
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