Counter-Strike Global Offensive torrent download
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Counter-Strike Global Offensive — the most popular game in the world of team tactical shooters, where you will have plenty of opportunities, as well as a dynamic gameplay. You will play with a first-person view, and the graphics here are as close to reality as possible that will delight all fans of this project. In this part, as in the previous one, the topic of confronting the police and terrorists, good and evil, is revealed. You will be able to stand on the side of evil,
Action Free to Play | Today, 06:21 | 16 | 7.62 GB
Farm Together torrent download
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​Farm Together is a beautiful third-person farm simulator with sandbox elements. Start by caring for a small area and try to create your own farm. Plant, take care and harvest, breed animals, strive to constantly expand the areas of their possessions and then you will be able to create a thriving farm. Are you tired of vegetables, want to do something else? No problem — you can do the decor of the farm or just pick up new clothes for your character. Also worth noting is that
Casual Indie Indie Simmulator | Yesterday, 06:22 | 2 085 | 564 MB

This game has been updated Yesterday, 06:22 to the latest version v10.12.2018.

Parkitect torrent download
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Parkitect is designed to challenge all those who believe that his strength and imagination will be enough to create a truly grand and incredible amusement park, where not only well-known swings will be collected (both extreme and not so), as well as unique prototypes, analogues who have not yet come up with. Creating the latter is the responsibility of the user, who has a unique amusement editor at his disposal. According to its ideological concept, this game is nothing more
Indie Simulation | Yesterday, 06:06 | 86 | 1.14 GB

This game has been updated Yesterday, 06:06 to the latest version v1.1.

Farm Together Mexico torrent download
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Farm Together — is a colorful farm simulator in which you have to develop your own farm. For a start, you have access to a very small area, on it you’ll plant various crops. Over time, the territory occupied by your farm will increase, which will allow you, for example, to engage in animal husbandry. You need to constantly evolve, to build various agricultural buildings, depending on your needs, to increase the size of your farm. You can also do the banal decoration of your
Casual Indie Simulation | 9-12-2018, 16:10 | 30 | 1.29 GB
Gold Rush The Game Anniversary torrent download
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Gold Rush The Game Anniversary — a new game in the world of the genre simulator, where you will become the real gold miner. Here you have to learn how to use the methods that will be useful in business. In your arsenal there will be a mass of various equipment and equipment, with the help of which it will be easier for you to get valuable material. It is worth remembering the scale of production, the bigger it is, the more gold you can get, but by the same token the work
Indie Simulation | 6-12-2018, 15:04 | 270 | 12.75 GB

This game has been updated 6-12-2018, 15:04 to the latest version v1.5.1.11018.

Golf Peaks torrent download
Golf Peaks is a simple and relaxing game that is a great representative of the puzzle genre. Here you have to go a long way to the top of the career ladder, overcoming challenges and coping with difficult tasks. The gameplay includes more than seven dozen unique in their performance puzzles that will help you hone your logical thinking and ingenuity. The challenge is to cope with the game of golf on the mountain tops. There is a card promotion system that will periodically
Casual Indie Sports | 5-12-2018, 15:31 | 30 | 37.1 MB
ARK Extinction Expansion torrent download
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ARK Extinction Expansion is a multiplayer project on the topic of survival in a dangerous world where your opponents are not only wild animals and natural conditions, but also other players. You will go to a huge island, which must be carefully investigated, find useful items and build the most secure shelter. Here you can team up with other players, and then assign responsibilities, so it will be much easier to cope with difficulties. Wander in search of food and water, and
Action Adventure Indie Massively Multiplayer RPG | 5-12-2018, 08:01 | 52 | 59.04 GB
LEGO DC Super-Villains torrent download
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LEGO DC Super Villains is a multiplatform game project that is once again ready to send you to the large-scale and entertaining universe of Lego cubes, where you will face unforgettable adventures and become part of amazing events. Here, as always, there is great graphics, dynamic gameplay, as well as a lot of exciting tasks that will not let you get bored for a minute. This is the fourth part of the game in the universe of DC, which included a lot of add-ons and unique
Action Adventure | 4-12-2018, 03:45 | 781 | 17.08 GB

This game has been updated 4-12-2018, 03:45 to the latest version v1.0.0.11496.

Staxel torrent download
v1.3.52 (Sapling Edition) Early Access GOG FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Staxel is a simple sandbox game based on the development of a farm and the construction of a multifunctional city. It is not an easy task to control all aspects of your business: growing and watering flowers, vegetables and fruits, as well as other crops, and divorcing animals, each type of which requires special attention. You can simply enjoy your life, gradually doing your work and developing it for the better. If the adventure is not enough, then you can safely
Indie RPG Simulation Early Access | 1-12-2018, 14:01 | 68 | 989 MB
No Man's Sky torrent download
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The developers of the game No Man’s Sky promise an incredible scale in their creation, offering players an infinite space filled with planets with an amazing life form. What hides this amazing journey? What secrets do you have to open? What heroes to meet? Each step you take is a unique story full of amazing adventures. Which way will you go? Will you be a cunning trader or a brave warrior — one way or another, the game will give you an unforgettable adventure in which,
Action Shooter Exploration Simulation Open-world First-person 3D | 30-11-2018, 07:25 | 641 | 9.43 GB

This game has been updated 30-11-2018, 07:25 to the latest version v1.76.

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