Mech Rage upd.15.12.2018 - PLAZA

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Mech Rage is an interesting representative of the genre of simulators, where you need strategic skills to cope with all the trials that the fantastic world has prepared for you. The game will send you, in the person of the protagonist, to a distant future, where humanity has reached quite great heights in the development of technology. This allowed the creation of new robots that are able to explore the most distant planets. You will go to one of these planets in order to build your base there, and then take up its full development. Expand your possessions and create new robots. Also look after the extraction of resources that will help you achieve a number of goals.

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Total War Rome 2 Emperor Edition v2.4.0.19728 + DLC - CODEX

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​Only the strategies of «Total War» can give you the most grandiose battles with unimaginable scales. A new series of strategy came out called Total War: Rome 2. In this game you have to command the Roman Empire, which crushed the greatest nations. For victory you can use both brute force and political pressure. Manage a huge army, show your strategic skills. The game perfectly combines elements of the strategy in real time and step by step. You will manage the army of many thousands in real time, as well as plan the moves, moving troops to the desired territory. In the new part of Total War, you will find a new game engine Warscape, which will enjoy the stunning graphics and landscapes of exotic areas in minute detail. In the game Total War: Rome 2 you will conquer all the states of the Ancient World.​

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Pathfinder Kingmaker The Wildcards - GOG

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Pathfinder Kingmaker The Wildcards — The first addition to the isometric RPG, which will add to the game a new race — Tieflings, a class — Kinetists and the exciting story of a new companion. Players will have to unravel the mystery of the mysterious stranger, which is marked by the blood of the devils and the gift of the elements. The main features of the supplement are new race tieflings, in whose veins demonic blood flows, kinetics class, conductors of primary energy, equally dangerous in the near fight and at a distance and a mysterious stranger with her own history of tiefling kinetics. The heroine expands the choice of romantic relationships and may take the post of adviser in the kingdom.​

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Lake Ridden v1.6.1526 - CODEX

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Lake Ridden — unique in its field simulator, where you have to go in for walking. A distinctive feature of this project is that there is an incredible combination of various kinds of missions and horrors. You will play the role of a very young thirteen-year-old girl who, due to certain circumstances, got lost in a dark, dense forest, to get out of which is not so easy as it may seem at first glance. The inhabitants of this forest are powerful mystical creatures who will wander on your heels, trying to do everything so that you do not find a way out.

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Battlefield V v1.04 (Build 3891220) - CPY

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Battlefield V — franchise Battlefield has more than a dozen games, every single successful. Therefore, it is not surprising how willingly gamers discuss Battlefield 5. However, for now they can only rely on personal assumptions, because the developer, the Swedish company DICE, did not provide accurate information about the project.

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Dishonored Death of the Outsider v1.145 - PLAZA

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Dishonored Death of the Outsider — a new part of the famous stealth action series. You will play on behalf of Billy Lerk — a professional contract killer, who in her lifetime has seen quite a few different things and eliminated a lot of the most dangerous personalities. She has to do the impossible — to get into the abyss, where the black-eyed god dwells, watching from the bottom of everything happening and knowing that they are hunting for him, and deal with him. It would seem that it is impossible to penetrate into the underworld, but Billy can do everything.

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Castle Story v1.1.10 - SKIDROW

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Before you is a simulator, in which you will find yourself in a colorful world, consisting of many islands. Each island is a separate territory with its king. Your hero also has a small piece of land, where you can build a castle literally on a brick, carefully considering everything to the smallest detail. Castle — not just a sign of wealth and prosperity, but also a means of defense and defense against the attacks of numerous enemies. Therefore, it is so important to give adequate attention to the construction of the castle. As soon as it is finished, the time will come to fight the enemies, of course, at your disposal will be the army and weapons. It is not necessary to limit yourself to one territory, build a bridge from one island to another and try to conquer new lands, the larger they are, the better.

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Shadows Awakening v1.31 (The Chromaton Chronicles) - CODEX

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Shadows Awakening — role-playing adventure from a number of those where the player should become not a champion of good, but a devotee of the forces of evil. Here you have to curb the power of the Death Eater — an incredible demonic entity that can absorb the souls of the fallen guardians of Light, and take over their abilities. The game Shadows Awakening is remarkable in that it does not dictate the player rules. In fact, the main character is the main villain, but the player makes a decision for himself whether to be evil or kind, to save this fading world, or to try to do everything possible to protect him and prevent a serious threat. In the devourer get along just a few souls, between which the player is free to switch at any time of the gameplay. Each soul represents a character with his individual history and skills.

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Sunset Overdrive Bulid 20181212 - CODEX

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Sunset Overdrive — a game in the genre of shooter, where you have to go into three-dimensional space to conquer the open world to conquer. The storyline will send you to some proud, existing in the future, namely in 2027. The thing is that the world is covered in darkness, as it has come under the influence of a powerful corporation that can destroy it in two accounts. This corporation has recently begun to release its new product, presented in the form of a powerful energy drink. You will play the role of a maintenance worker who, after a stormy party at this very corporation, is sent to clean the room.

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HELLGATE London v20181213 - PLAZA

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HELLGATE London is a cool project in the genre of action games with RPG elements that found the best of these popular styles. In the arsenal of fighting games, militants and horrors there are many interesting things, and this all includes Hellgate: London. Here you have to be in a huge, dark city, which is stuck between two realities. This city became the central point of bloodshed, because a ruthless war between representatives of the human world and the world of hell is taking place here. The world in which you go. It has the ability to change at the same second, so you have to be ready for the most unexpected turns of events.

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