A Gummy's Life v1.0.1a - SKIDROW

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A Gummys Life is quite a fun game in its performance, which is a representative of the arcade genre and immerses you in the adventure world with a lot of opportunities. Here you will have a great opportunity to play in the company of your friends, going on a dangerous path to overcome this or that level. The winner will be the one who will save his life and fulfill the goal of the task. To begin with, you will need to choose a certain sweetness, which, moreover, is capable of fighting resistance with the use of various kinds of techniques in relation to the opponent.

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Party Panic v1.5.7 - SKIDROW

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Party Panic is a computer cooperative project in the genre of insane entertainment, where you and your friends will have to overcome a lot of exciting levels. First of all, it should be noted that the whole gameplay is based on the joint passing, which will allow you to have a great time and improve your mood, as well as to get positive emotions. The game itself is just filled with fun mixed with madness, so you just will not be bored. One to four people can play at one computer, of course, if there are gamepads available. Of course, you can also spend time in a single player game, where you will practice with different bots in advance, so that you can crush your opponents in no time. A lot of different locations, interesting tasks and a variety of traps — all this awaits you and your friends in the game called Party Panic.

This game has been updated 31-12-2018, 05:45 to the latest version v1.5.7.

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Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun - PROPHET

Torrent Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun download free pc

Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun is a tactical style game that also features stealth movement. This time you have to go to a big country — Japan, and begin to create a new story. You will play the role of a brave lord who must do everything possible to overthrow the shogun from the throne and immediately come to power. In order to achieve your goal, you need to gather a squad of brave fighters, each of whom will be a professional in their field, and also have a certain kind of skills and abilities to help them cope with any, even the most difficult rivals. From now on, your squad filled: ninja, master of reincarnations, samurai, master traps and sniper. Each of these abilities can destroy anyone who stands in your way. Of course, you need to constantly develop your skills, otherwise you will not be able to defeat bosses on more difficult levels.​

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Blackguards 2 v2.5 - PROPHET

Torrent Blackguards 2 download free pc
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Blackguards 2 — for four years of imprisonment in a dungeon under the gladiator arena, Cassius almost lost hope of getting out. Her face was disfigured, her mind clouded over. She explored the casemates brick by brick until she found out that a multi-armed monster had settled in one of the corridors of the labyrinth.

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Finding summer - SKIDROW

Torrent Finding summer download free pc

Finding summer — Aki steps on the location described above after winning the boss, who mastered the spell, which allows to wield huge copies of his own palms, with the help of which he will deal with the main character. Perhaps the main feature of the game is the ability to jump from one layer of the level to another, thereby avoiding some obstacles. I have never understood why in many platformers a character simply cannot bypass a conditional hole, when visually this possibility is obviously there.

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The Room Three v20181218 - PLAZA

Torrent The Room Three download free pc
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The Room Three — this is the third part of a wonderful puzzle, in which your main goal will be an escape from a strange mansion. A huge number of secrets that are closely intertwined with each other, creating an amazing story. Compared with the previous parts, The Room Three has become much larger, in front of you is a huge mansion filled with secrets. If you like high-quality puzzles with a great atmosphere, then this game is for you.

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The Invisible Hours - SKIDROW

Torrent The Invisible Hours download free pc

The Invisible Hours — an adventure game that will send you into virtual reality, so that you can unravel the secrets of the murder committed. Here you have to go to a huge mansion, which keeps a lot of dark secrets and stories closely interconnected with each other. You will be part of an exciting adventure in which your actions will have consequences. The story tells you about a small group of people who received an invitation letter from a mysterious inventor named Nikola Tesla. Each of the representatives of the group has its own gloomy and not very good deeds, which, the inventor proposed to correct them with the help of his inventions.

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Death Coming v1.1.631 - SKIDROW

Torrent Death Coming download free pc
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Death Coming — a strategy in the form of a simulator that will send you to solve various difficulty puzzles. Everywhere underwear is a mass of enemies, so you should prepare. Try to think through each stage, making up the tactics of action, because only this way you will be able to get to your cherished goal. Take care of the strategic planning of your actions, on which the further development of the plot will depend. The world in the game is isometric, and you have the role of death itself. Wander through numerous locations and collect the souls of those who have already departed to another world. Also, you will deal with those whose time has already come. No one can resist your strength, therefore you are free to do whatever you want. The only thing that will limit you is the rules. The game has reapers that can appease a person.​

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Death's Gambit v1.2 - PLAZA

Torrent Death's Gambit download free pc
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Death’s Gambit — hardcore action-RPG, in which you as an agent of Death will explore a foreign planet in the Middle Ages, full of monsters, horrors and, of course, knights. Death’s Gambit largely quotes the gameplay of the Dark Souls series. Here, you also have to fight with powerful bosses, each of which requires a unique strategy to defeat him. Traveling around the alien world through dark forests and medieval settlements, you can collect an arsenal of powerful weapons and useful spells. Hook-cat will help to move around the world in a two-dimensional perspective, but even this device will not be able to save you from harm. Get ready to die often before you find the right way to cope with another enemy.

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The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep upd.24.12.2018 (Legacy MERRY XMAS) - Razor1911

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The Bards Tale IV Barrows Deep is an incredibly interesting continuation of the world-famous series of role-playing humorous projects. As far as we know, each of us here expects a lot of interesting things. We can get acquainted with a funny plot, cool dialogues, and also pay attention to the characters, who are derided from one side or the other. Most often, people draw on the features of the characters. In addition, I would like to note that the project was based on a rather powerful and very cool engine — the Unreal Engine 4.

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