Townscaper v05.07.2020

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Townscaper — is a strategic construction simulator where you will go to the open spaces of an unusual world consisting of numerous islands. Take care of creating unique villages and large-scale cities, equipping them with amazing buildings and intricate streets. In your arsenal there are a lot of useful attributes, tools and building options that you must match as you wish and do something completely unique. Show your imagination and bring it to life, thinking through actions in advance to create comfortable conditions.

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Rust v2242 (upd.02.07.2020) - SKIDROW

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Rust — online game on the topic of survival in cruel conditions. You get to the island, which is inhabited by terrible creatures, as well as other players who can easily become your enemies. Not only living beings will become your enemies, but hunger and constantly changing weather. You can die of hunger or freeze in the cold night. Every minute you spend on the island will be counted, so be very careful not to lose your life. You will be able to wander through the locations in search of objects, while overcoming numerous obstacles and fighting enemies. But not all players in the game will be hostile, here you can also make new friends and build a secure base together. Other players will constantly attack your shelter, wanting to take all your supplies, so you need to arm yourself to repel the enemy.

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Prison Architect v1.02 + DLC - PLAZA

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Prison Architect is a real simulator where you will take control of a huge prison. You will first have to design, and then build the safest institution for prisoners who will not have a single chance to get out of there. Correctly build each prisoner cell so that there is no escape. All aspects of prison activities will be under your control at once, so be attentive even to the smallest details. The game provides a campaign mode, where there is its own plot line. It is on this storyline that you will pass, personally recognizing each of the prisoners. In addition, there will be a sandbox mode available where you can build your own prison, with all entrances and exits, as well as numerous corridors. Follow the order and do not let the shoots.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea v1.37.2.0 - CODEX

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea — with twenty major cities and many small settlements on the way, there is something for everyone on the «Road to the Black Sea». If you prefer travel to viewports, set up your GPS for routes outside the motorways. You will find many beautiful coastal views, forests and rural areas, as well as the largest city in Europe — Istanbul. New countries will be very diverse, because they have a rich history, unique architecture and beautiful sights, which is only worth the castle of Count Dracula in Romania. If you are planning to ride to the Black Sea coast, then on your way you will meet many different small villages and villages that will gradually be replaced by large megacities, for example.

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Detroit Become Human v18.06.2020 - CODEX

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Detroit Become Human is an interactive movie-style game in which you have to make decisions for key characters, perform various actions for them, and then monitor what is happening and the consequences of your own decisions. The plot of the game revolves around an alternative future. You will play for several key characters, each of which is a robot. By the way, in this fantasy universe, a robot has been living in almost every house for a long time. These robots do dirty work, clean up, help their owners and do much more. And everything would be fine, but only every time the robot begins to feel like a person.

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Beyond Two Souls v1.0 - CODEX

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Beyond Two Souls — a unique interactive thriller, which has a strong plot and is able to capture the attention of many users. The main feature of the game adventure will be the very management and endless possibilities of the main character. For example, to perform any action with the help of telekinesis, you will have to try, since even a simple movement of the cup will require finger dexterity. As for the spirit, with the help of it you can move around the location and move into living beings. With the help of them, it will be possible not only to move and penetrate the closed territories, but still it will be possible to commit suicide and even force to attack comrades. The main thing is to use all this wisely and achieve your goals.

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Football Manager 2020 v20.4.1

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Football Manager 2020 — is a football manager simulator, a game that continues the series and now offers even more realism, redesigned gameplay, and much more gameplay features. As before, here you can take control of a football club and begin to build your own career, the career of a real manager. But if in the last year’s version of the game everything was more or less simplified, now the developers decided not to simplify the tasks and made the game much more complicated.

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while True learn() v1.2.90

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while True learn() — have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional programmer? Then we recommend you not to waste time and start a game called while True learn. This time you have to take on the role of an ordinary programmer, who must make every effort and try to achieve excellent results in numerous tasks and other interesting projects. This time you can play the programmer’s simulator and personally experience all the difficulties of creating programs and projects. You should not hope that the game is so simple, but you should not be afraid, as the casual is still present in it.

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Torrent HARTS ISLAND download free pc
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HARTS ISLAND — as for the atmosphere of the game, it’s simply incomparable here. Passing the game, you will plunge deeper and deeper into the storyline of history, learn a lot about what happened on the island many years ago, wander through the gloomy places that are available here, and not only. Here you will find strange and creepy places. like cemeteries and hospitals, and black and white styling, forcing atmospheres, and much more. In other words, the atmosphere in the game is simply indescribable. Install HARTS ISLAND on your computer, go to the infamous island of Hart, and just enjoy exploring it. We have to spend a lot of effort to achieve a good result and try to delve into everything that happens. No puzzles, extra actions and other tasks. Only the willingness to act, enjoy the game and have fun.

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The Quiet Man - CODEX

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An action third-person game in which players take on the role of a man who fights with thugs in the dark corners of the city. The protagonist of The Quiet Man destroys enemies using his supernatural power and speed. We have to enjoy magnificent 3D graphics and facial animation, as well as walk along gloomy and atmospheric streets under a high-quality soundtrack. The authors suggest that you take control of a deaf man named Dane. The action itself will be committed in one of the most dangerous places in which various criminal manipulations take place every day. One of these days the abduction of many famous singer. No one knows any details, except that the offender put on a mask.

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