Void Bastards v2.0.24 + DLC - PLAZA

Torrent Void Bastards download free pc
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Void Bastards is a first-person shooter that offers not only to get acquainted with a completely new story, but also to enlist the support of perfect weapons to save the galaxy. This time you have to go to the Sargasso Nebula, where strange creatures began to appear. They are aggressive, they infect and destroy everything. It is urgent to take action and try not to become one of them.

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Prison Architect The Slammer v1.03 - GOG

Torrent Prison Architect The Slammer download free pc
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Here is the creation of the Introversion Software studio, a toy called — Prison Architect The Slammer, which translates as Prison Architect. Yes, yes, here you have to deal with the construction of a real prison. There are already a huge number of different simulators, but before that there was not a single simulator in which it would be proposed to manage the real real maximum security prison. But in this game, you just do it. Having decided to download the Prison Architect torrent from our website, you will be immersed in the work of a maximum security prison. Here you and the construction, and the economic direction, and social issues, and much, much more.

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Parkasaurus v0.650i

Torrent Parkasaurus download free pc
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Parkasaurus — is a simulator in which you try to build a beautiful, functional and, most importantly, profitable dinosaur park. Each dinosaur needs its own biosphere, so think over the landscape, grow the necessary plants, trees, organize lakes — do everything to make dinosaurs feel good. Of course, visitors will become the main element for the development of the park. When caring for dinosaurs, you also need to consider the wishes of visitors. The park should please people so that they return and leave their money. Parkasaurus is a great economic simulator with nice graphics and an unusual idea.
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Subnautica Build 39 (upd.13.10.2019)

Torrent Subnautica download free pc
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Subnautica is a game project new addition to the series of games on the study of marine spaces. Here you can fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater depths that hide many secrets. The game is a well-developed RPG in combination with a sandbox. You will play for a young man who devotes his whole life to exploring the impenetrable world of oceans and seas. You will surf the ocean, searching every corner of it and finding useful items, abandoned ships, and exploring every pebble and plant. In your arsenal will be the coolest swimming equipment, as well as all sorts of technical equipment. As the storyline progresses, you will have the opportunity to build and gradually improve your own submarine, which will help you in moving across the sea.

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TerraTech v1.3.2.4 + DLC - SKIDROW

Torrent TerraTech download free pc
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TerraTech — designer sandbox in which the player creates their own machines to fight with the machines of the enemy. Your task is to collect resources, but the problem is that not only you are going to do this. That is why you need to create the best mechanism that will give you an edge over others during a battle. A flexible, but not complicated construction system allows you to create everything you want. During the battle, with the destroyed enemy, you can pick up valuable details, and then apply them in their designs. From what will be your car, will depend on the style of play. You can create a fast fighter, which will crumble after a serious hit by the enemy, or you can create a bulky tank that will be targeted from a distance.

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Deep Rock Galactic v0.25.32148.0

Torrent Deep Rock Galactic download free pc
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Deep Rock Galactic is a sci-fi shooter about space gnomes who will go on a meteorite and take part in adventures that will leave their mark on your memories for a long time. Space gnomes with cool weapons and incredible abilities, monsters and mutants, a cooperative mission mode, several specialization classes to choose from, a wide range of weapons, destructible environments and insane atmosphere — all this is not a complete list of the advantages that belong to this game.

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Foundation v1.4.78 - SKIDROW

Torrent Foundation download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.4.78 TORRENT SKIDROW
Foundation is a town-planning simulator that will offer you to build your own medieval city, and thanks to the new flexible building system you will be able to demonstrate your architectural abilities. Buildings in the game can adapt to any surface on which you build them, so you get complete freedom in the placement of your city. Valleys, mountains, forests — you will conquer any territory. Another interesting point is that the residents themselves will start to make their way along their main routes, and you will be able to observe how some roads turn into highways, while others become overgrown with grass. The division of your lands is available with the help of a special brush tool that will allow you to create separate zones: agricultural, military, religious, trade and others, as well as locations for hunting, tree mining, quarries and other things.

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Rebel Cops v1.0 - HOODLUM

Torrent Rebel Cops download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT HOODLUM
Rebel Cops is a tactical role-playing action game with an admixture of strategy. Here you have to take control of a detachment of former police officers and declare war on an entire criminal group that seized power in a huge city. The events of the game take place in a city called Ripton, in which, with the advent of criminal authority by the name of Viktor Zuev, lawlessness began to occur. All power is concentrated in his hands, corrupt police officers and the highest echelons of power are sitting on his feeding trough, and only you and your faithful comrades, former police officers who have resigned, can put an end to all this.

Added new release Rebel Cops v1.1.0.3 — GOG!

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Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands v1.0

Torrent Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT
Stranded Sails Explorers of the Cursed Islands — is an adventure role-playing game with a touch of farming, survival, and more. Try to survive on an uninhabited archipelago and save the father of the protagonist. The game takes place on a strange mystical archipelago, where the main character falls after a shipwreck. he travel with his father and his crew on a ship by sea, but a shipwreck happened and now his father is wounded, and the rest of the crew are waiting for him to recover. What to do? How to survive? Here is the solution to these issues that you will take up in this game.
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Last Wood v0.8.21f2

Torrent Last Wood download free pc
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The game Last Wood will allow users to demonstrate their survival skills in fairly difficult conditions. Key events unfold in an open world that has been severely damaged after a global cataclysm. Your heroes were the only survivors, while they are on a raft drifting in the middle of a vast ocean. Help your wards survive and try to establish their own settlement, from which a new era of human development will begin. Equip your raft by adding new sections from found materials to it. Explore the space around you in search of useful items, food sources and drinking water.

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