The Long Dark v1.78 + Fearless Navigator - PLAZA

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The Long Dark — this is one of the simulators of survival, which is very realistic about the health of the hero. So, as a result of a magnetic storm aircraft, whose main pilot you are suffering disaster somewhere in the dense forests of Canada. Since you are surrounded by extremely harsh conditions, it is winter with its strong frosts and very aggressive animals, and the most dangerous moment is the presence of other survivors. To begin with, you should explore the area, find a suitable shelter and acquire personal protective equipment, which for sure you will find it useful. Do not trust anyone, every one of the people you meet is very dangerous and this meeting may be your last.

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Before We Leave v1.0043

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Before We Lave — your people came to the surface after a long stay underground. Now you have to restore civilization, starting with the construction of huts and collecting potatoes, and then gradually begin to expand your revived society to other continents and, ultimately, other planets. Manage resources, discover ancient technologies and create a multi-planetary network of colonies that will flourish in your star system. A strategy in which you need to develop your own city, expand its borders and make it more convenient for residents. There is no violence, so the toy presented has no age restrictions. It will be necessary to go through several eras, to survive in a primitive society and to reach the height of engineering and technology. An important feature is the availability of a limited number of resources that require proper distribution and use.

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Saints Row The Third Remastered v1.0 - CODEX

Torrent Saints Row The Third Remastered download free pc
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Saints Row The Third Remastered — is a great shooter game with a third-person camera view and an open world. Also, there is almost complete freedom of action, so you will definitely like it. All lovers of this genre and this series of games, which is already famous throughout the world, are invited to play a magnificent arcade filled with a bunch of missions and additional quests. This is a reissue that has incorporated the essence of previous games. And now a real candy came out of it. The reprint was done «in good faith». The developers really tried and fulfilled all the wishes and requirements of the gamer community. Now you have to try to play in the city of Steelport, which is now controlled by enemy units from the Syndicate gang. Try to destroy all enemies and take an honest and righteous first place in the list of the most important authorities of the city. After all, he must be under your control. Still, you are from a gang of Saints, which means that you are never used to giving in to anyone.

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Surviving the Aftermath v1.7.1.6469 + DLC

Torrent Surviving the Aftermath download free pc
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Surviving the Aftermath is a new city-planning survival strategy, which is published by the gurus of the Paradox Interactive genre, and they already know a lot about great games. The action will unfold on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where you have to take control over a small column of people and help them survive in this new dangerous world. You will meet a procedurally generated world with six radically different biomes, each of which will need to look for its own approach to creating a settlement. At your disposal are more than 50 buildings and various specialists with which you will develop. Send your people for the Gateway to a wild world full of dangers and bandits to search for valuable resources and other survivors.

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Bonkies v18.05.2020

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Bonkies — a fun cooperative arcade puzzle game with a side view in a sci-fi setting, designed for the joint passage of up to 4 people. Each player gains control of a highly skilled astronaut monkey equipped with a bionic arm and a jetpack. In this crazy team chaos, for some time you have to build a spaceship and try to send it into space to meet the stars. An arcade physical sandbox in which players build objects in different parts of the solar system. There are two peculiarities in this case — the game is designed for a cooperative for four, and the construction of objects will be right in space. Each next construction site offers more complex and complex tests and tasks that challenge even the most experienced designers. The game supports both a local cooperative and a game using Steam Remote Play Together.

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Wizard of Legend v1.22 (upd.16.05.2020) + DLC - PLAZA

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Wizard of Legend — a combat magician simulator, designed in the spirit of typical horn-light pixel games. According to the developers from the studio Contingent99, in their game there is nothing superfluous, only action and fireballs. In the game you will visit pitch dungeons and fight monsters there, using magic and physical attacks. Speed is the key to success. You will need to quickly learn to create your spells, just like in the game Magicka, in order to deal with opponents who literally twig from all crevices. Combine magic, make unique spells and use them against all kinds of spiteful critics.

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Two Point Hospital Off the Grid v1.20.51521 - CODEX

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Two Point Hospital Off the Grid — the whole Two Point Hospital Off the Grid add-on will add 35 new diseases to the game including mind bunnies, onions, summer resident syndrome, cattail, holey head, kidney fireplace, baskets and bonfire, as well as cabinets with unusual equipment, environmental decor items, a portal between worlds and more. And in the first eco-city of the district, Weather vane, they rejected the usual power supply and switched to environmentally friendly power plants. Each of them increases the flow of electricity to the hospital. It will come in handy for opening new offices and ensuring the operation of transport systems. The main theme of Off The Grid supplement is environmental protection you have to not just treat patients, but do it with environmental concern. The DLC also includes new sores and locations. The trailer announcement is dedicated to the trailer with the traditional Two Point Hospital light humor.

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Two Point Hospital v1.20.51521 - CODEX

Torrent Two Point Hospital download free pc
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Two Point Hospital — the player will have to feel like a clear winner and go through difficult trials that stand in the way of fame. You are the manager in a local hospital, where dozens of people with various sores are delivered every day, which means that they immediately need to devote enough time to cope with all the problems. The territorial district, codenamed Two Peaks, makes you think about incredible adventures, introduce you to a lot of fundamental points, which in the end will present a real gift. You need to immediately try to earn the maximum amount of money, while in no case do not forget about humanity.

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SnowRunner v4.9 - CODEX

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SnowRunner — is a game project developed in the genre of driving simulator, where you go to the most dangerous world and fight for the life of the main character in the most extreme conditions. The adventure promises to be as dynamic as possible, so you definitely will not be bored. Take on the role of a professional driver of a huge cargo transport, which is taken on a very important and responsible mission. You will visit hard-to-reach areas, organize trips correctly, think over a strategic plan of action and try to deliver the goods to their destination.

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MX vs ATV All Out v2.9.5 + DLC - CODEX

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MX vs ATV All Out is another part in the series of racing games developed by Rainbow Studios. As in previous franchise games, the game was released on personal computers and consoles, and finally it’s time to download these beautiful motorcycle races and all-terrain vehicles by torrent. Gameplay MX vs ATV All Out for PC on the races of title ATVs and motorcycles (among the available cars there are also UTV — small cars similar to ATVs). Problems arise on off-road tracks filled with obstacles, jumps and things, such as groups that facilitate the transition through more complex turns. In addition to classic competitions in which the player must reach the finish line first (including the Supercross, Nationals and Opencross championships), the game features Waypoint races in open areas and Freestyle mode, where players compete for points awarded for performing tricks in the air. In addition, you can freely explore the extensive open locations in the Free Ride mode.

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