Journey To The Savage Planet v50448 - CODEX

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Not so long ago, you could see the joint announcement of the new PC game Journey to the Savage Planet action. Studio from Montreal Typhoon Studios and authors from 505 Games presented us with a new action game with the possibility of playing in the first person. A novelty in the game world will give everyone the opportunity to travel through the new universe and survive in space. A new project from the famous geniuses in their field gives the hero a new breath of fresh air and space for entertainment in the new universe.

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Surviving the Aftermath v1.4.1.5693 + DLC

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Surviving the Aftermath is a new city-planning survival strategy, which is published by the gurus of the Paradox Interactive genre, and they already know a lot about great games. The action will unfold on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where you have to take control over a small column of people and help them survive in this new dangerous world. You will meet a procedurally generated world with six radically different biomes, each of which will need to look for its own approach to creating a settlement. At your disposal are more than 50 buildings and various specialists with which you will develop. Send your people for the Gateway to a wild world full of dangers and bandits to search for valuable resources and other survivors.

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City Car Driving v1.5.9.2 Build 27506

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Game City Car Driving will be an excellent simulator for that category of fans of virtual entertainment who want to spend time with benefit, but at the same time playfully. The project from the studio Forward Development is aimed at young car enthusiasts who are just planning to acquire a real car. Virtual simulator will help you to get basic experience in handling a car, and also contribute to better mastery of traffic rules.

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Two Point Hospital v1.18.46772 - CODEX

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Two Point Hospital is a simulator in which you will build the best hospital in the city. The peculiarity of the game is that you will not be treated with usual illnesses, but with real mutations, some of which are simply dumbfounded! Because of strange diseases, you need to think through unique cabinets for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, you need to think over the convenient location of the offices, informative corridors and gay waiting rooms, so that customers do not get bored and again come back for professional services.

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Untitled Goose Game v1.0.8

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If you miss an interesting game project, then you will surely like the game called Untitled Goose Game, which offers to go to the farm and take on the role of a harmful goose, which is trying to harm its owner with all its might. It remains only to download Untitled Goose Game  torrent for free and you can embark on this fascinating adventure that you will surely enjoy. Just do not relax too much, because achieving success in the game is not so simple.

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Zombie Army 4 Dead War v08.02.2020 (Super Deluxe Edition)

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Zombie Army 4 Dead War — is a cooperative 3-person shooter developed by Rebellion. This is the next part of the optional Sniper Elite series. Events take place in an alternative version of 1942. Twelve months earlier, Adolf Hitler embodied the so-called «Plan Z», because of which Europe was captured by zombie armies. The heroes of the previous installments eventually managed to defeat the Fuhrer and send him to hell, but in Zombie Army 4 Dead War he returns to sow death and destruction again. During the campaign, we travel through Italy and other territories captured by Nazi zombies, trying to disrupt the Nazis last plan.

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The Sims 4 Discover University v1.61.15.1020 - CODEX

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The eighth DLC Discover University for The Sims 4. Go to college, get new knowledge and engage in extracurricular activities. Attend classes to start a successful career as an engineer, teacher or lawyer. It is also important to remember that class attendance affects the performance of the character, so you need to properly organize your precious time.

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The Sims 4 v1.61.15.1020 + All DLC - CODEX

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The Sims 4 — the new part of the simulator of life from Electronic Arts. Create unique characters in a powerful editor. Design incredible houses and furnish them to your liking. Share your creations with other players. Your sim can express emotions, and also experience a variety of emotional states under the influence of other sims, interactions, various events, memories or even selected clothes and surrounding objects. Various cities will not let you get bored. Explore them, make new friends, visit public places and turn history into life.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mercedes-Benz DLC v1.6.4 - PLAZA

Torrent Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mercedes-Benz DLC download free pc

The mechanic simulator Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 — was released back in 2018, but until today it has a very good fan audience, which does not allow developers to abandon their project. This time, a new addition Mercedes-Benz DLC comes into the game, which brings true fans and auto mechanics 5 licensed cars of the famous Mercedes-Benz brand. Try to find out what these cars are, how difficult it will be to repair them, how the wiring is arranged, what the engine is. All this and a lot of work awaits you in this add-on. Your main task is to find all the soldering cars, assemble them from various parts, and make a real museum exhibit or a racing car. Turn the nuts of these cars, look under their hood and find out why they became a legend.

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Wizard of Legend v1.211 (upd.22.01.2020) + DLC - PLAZA

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Wizard of Legend — a combat magician simulator, designed in the spirit of typical horn-light pixel games. According to the developers from the studio Contingent99, in their game there is nothing superfluous, only action and fireballs. In the game you will visit pitch dungeons and fight monsters there, using magic and physical attacks. Speed is the key to success. You will need to quickly learn to create your spells, just like in the game Magicka, in order to deal with opponents who literally twig from all crevices. Combine magic, make unique spells and use them against all kinds of spiteful critics.

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