Kingdom Two Crowns torrent download
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​Kingdom Two Crowns is a unique in its performance game that will send you to the field of action, where you will become a participant in an unusual adventure. Fundamental gameplay can be noted cooperative passage, which will allow you to have a great time in the company of your friends, conquering this open and colorful world. Users will do their best to develop the kingdom for the better, as well as perform a variety of missions that will bring additional bonuses. You have
Adventure Indie Simulation Strategy | Today, 08:38 | 31 | 1.35 GB
Counter-Strike Global Offensive torrent download
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Counter-Strike Global Offensive — the most popular game in the world of team tactical shooters, where you will have plenty of opportunities, as well as a dynamic gameplay. You will play with a first-person view, and the graphics here are as close to reality as possible that will delight all fans of this project. In this part, as in the previous one, the topic of confronting the police and terrorists, good and evil, is revealed. You will be able to stand on the side of evil,
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Youtubers Life OMG torrent download
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Youtubers Life OMG — if you dreamed of becoming a popular video blogger or a flyer, then you have a great opportunity to do this, as the U-Play Online company creates a game project that will allow you to try on this role. This time you will be able to immerse yourself in the virtual space that is socially active, and you will begin the active virtual life of the representative of video blogs. The main goal in the game will be wealth, fame and self-realization, however, you
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Two Point Hospital torrent download
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Two Point Hospital is a simulator in which you will build the best hospital in the city. The peculiarity of the game is that you will not be treated with usual illnesses, but with real mutations, some of which are simply dumbfounded! Because of strange diseases, you need to think through unique cabinets for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, you need to think over the convenient location of the offices, informative corridors and gay waiting rooms, so that customers do not
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Farm Together Mexico torrent download
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Farm Together — is a colorful farm simulator in which you have to develop your own farm. For a start, you have access to a very small area, on it you’ll plant various crops. Over time, the territory occupied by your farm will increase, which will allow you, for example, to engage in animal husbandry. You need to constantly evolve, to build various agricultural buildings, depending on your needs, to increase the size of your farm. You can also do the banal decoration of your
Casual Indie Simulation | 9-12-2018, 16:10 | 30 | 1.29 GB
X4 Foundations torrent download
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X4 Foundations is a cult continuation of the legendary game series, which will now become the most ambitious game project of the Egosoft studio. Earlier, the development team has already released a similar game project, however, at the moment it does not look so impressive. Now, developers are ready to hit you with their new details and interesting sides, scale and main features, what to speak about modern graphics and interesting gameplay. It remains only to wait for the
Action Simulation | 7-12-2018, 14:45 | 934 | 9.75 GB

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Iris Fall torrent download
The story of the game Iris Fall revolves around the girl Iris, who wakes up and follows the black cat, which leads her to an abandoned theater, where the reality changes depending on the light and shadows. After some time, the heroine begins to realize that all this environment is somehow connected with her. But how? This is what we have to solve. Nothing like? The game partially captures the atmosphere of Alice: Madness Returns from the McGee franchise of the same name.
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For The King torrent download
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For The King is a game developed in the strategy genre, where you will recognize a rather tragic story and you will be able to take your direct part in it. The plot will tell you about the death of the king, after which the queen took all the power in her hands and began to mock the citizens in every way. In consequence of this, the kingdom found itself on the verge of collapse.
Adventure Indie RPG Strategy | 7-12-2018, 09:37 | 205 | 1.04 GB

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V-Rally 4 torrent download
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V-Rally 4 is a new part of the rally simulator. New cars, including legends and novelties, new tracks, improved graphics and physics. You are waiting for a variety of off-road racing, forget about the monotony. Participate in rally, rally-cross, drift, buggy rides and many other competitions. Travel around the world and take the first places to get the best cars. The game with the ability to ride on the road gains a new level. Fans will have to firmly take hold of their
Racing Simulator | 6-12-2018, 15:27 | 551 | 18.80 GB

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Green Hell torrent download
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Green Hell — this new game on the theme of survival in harsh conditions. This time you are waiting for the «green hell» in the depths of the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon. All you have is a walkie-talkie and a well-known voice that calls you. In these incredibly difficult conditions, you will struggle not only with animals or tropical diseases, but also with the play of your own mind. Endless dangers, fear, hunger and thirst are serious tests for the mind, and in such
Indie Simulation Early Access | 6-12-2018, 14:52 | 4 253 | 5.58 GB

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