Littlewood v0.96

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Littlewood is an adventure RPG with elements of a detective story. Play for the hero, who will unravel the difficult case of the disappearance of a beautiful girl. You have your own village with your inhabitants. By collecting various resources, you can improve your village. Build a sawmill or even a magical library. What will be your village — it depends on you. Communicate with the villagers, listen to their stories, because they can tell a lot of interesting things and even give valuable quests.

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Wraithslayer v1.0

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Wraithslayer — ghost assassin takes place in an abstract horror world, where the player is associated with single combat with a monster known as the Ghost. Dodging the relentless attacks of the Ghost, collecting balls to weaken your enemy, will provide a nightmarish and difficult battle. Simple control. There only jump, smash and dive. You must be creative in your movement if you want to defeat the Ghost. Accidentally generated attacks. The ghost randomly chooses from a variety of moves to destroy you, making each fight completely different. Dark silhouette in art style. Explore the many ways to die in the pulsating darkness of the Ghost and his lair. Several game modes. Normal, Endless and True Wraith game modes provide different levels of difficulty.

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