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Torrent Age of Wonders Planetfall Revelations download free pc

Age of Wonders Planetfall Revelations — this DLC for PC game, will begin the return of the EsTeq dynasty, whose descendants want to use ancient technology to revive billions of their followers and establish complete power over the galaxy. They have at their disposal a powerful weapon that has incredible effectiveness against technology and is able to awaken the consciousness of the ancient EsTeq. A new campaign awaits you, where you can speak both on the side of the Esteq dynasty and oppose it. The collapse of the Star Alliance marked the beginning of the revival of the long-forgotten and buried EsTek.

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Age of Wonders Planetfall v1.006 - CODEX

Torrent Age of Wonders Planetfall download free pc
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Age of Wonders Planetfall moved away from the fantasy setting and literally flew into space. Together with the new sci-fi image, the game presented received a fair amount of global changes in the gameplay. New races and units, a new system of territories on a strategic map, and a change in urban governance. Battles, in turn, received a system of shelters, where the emphasis is on firefights. One of the important elements in Age of Wonders Planetfall, however, as well as in other parts of the franchise, is the ruler of the faction — a kind of protagonist and avatar of the player himself.

New version Added: Age of Wonders Planetfall → v1.1.0.3 (GOG) + Update only!

This game has been updated 29-11-2019, 15:10 to the latest version v1.006.

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