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Gold Rush The Game — it is a simulator of a gold miner, in which you will use various methods of gold mining, including the use of heavy equipment and various equipment. Of course, you have to understand, the larger your production, the greater the chance of finding gold, but the higher the cost of renting equipment. Look for gold, earn money, buy new equipment and profitable plots of land. Rely on your intuition and, maybe, you will become inexpressibly rich. Personally manage the equipment, you have to spend a lot of time driving the excavator, but it’s persistence that will help to succeed.

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Unforgiving A Northern Hymn v1.2.1 - CODEX

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Unforgiving A Northern Hymn — before you a game in the genre of horror, the narrative is based on the gloomy Scandinavian stories. The game shows the stories that frighten Swedish children, they are filled with horror and constantly kept in suspense. Before you a vast game world in the form of northern forests, very dark and gloomy. You have to answer the most important question, what can you go to to survive. You will understand how much the desire to save will prevail over humanity, whether fears can turn you into an immoral monster. Everything in this place serves one purpose, to frighten you, the whisper of trees, the hellish creature ominously playing the violin, behind each turn of the path you are in danger. Try not to go insane, watch what is happening around and maybe you will manage to stay alive.​

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White Day A Labyrinth Named School v1.0.10 - CODEX

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White Day A Labyrinth Named School is an atmospheric horror game project with elements of action, where you have to plunge into darkness and fight face to face with your most terrible fears. You need to make your way to a strange Japanese school, which for many years has kept terrible secrets, from which legends have gone. You will play the role of a pupil of this school who, together with his company, turned out to be locked up at night at the weekend in his own school.

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Shadow Warrior 2 v1.1.13.0 u16 (Deluxe Edition) - SKIDROW

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Shadow Warrior 2 tells about the latest misadventures of the former corporate shogun Luo Wang. Turning into a solitary mercenary, a glorious warrior fights for a life in a rotten world: now he is obliged to break legions of demons, flooding the planet, in which he will certainly help a large arsenal of pistols, blades, magic tricks and tricks. Beat together with friends on a network in a cooperative mode for 4 players or fight with evil alone on stunning procedurally generated maps, performing dangerous assignments and collecting new weapons, armor and magic artifacts. It’s been 5 years since Luo Wan won the victory over the alliance of his former boss with the old gods of the shadow kingdom.

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