Nibu v2.0 (upd.10.03.2019) - PLAZA

Nibu torrent download
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Nibu is a real-time strategy game in the ancient Middle East. Choose between 3 different Allied factions, build your base and hold on to the oncoming hordes of enemies. Try out different scenarios and game modes. The war destroyed the world of the Union Ashtur. The Allied horde has destroyed most of their standing army and is decisively winning. Several battles that decide their fate, in your hands. Manage and build units in the style of RTS, fight enemies on a grand scale, hordes of enemies attack your base, unique sworn enemies who challenge certain skills and controls.

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Superfighters Deluxe v1.1.2 - SKIDROW

Superfighters Deluxe torrent download
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Superfighters Deluxe is a free multiplayer game in which all you need is to crush and shred other players on a small map. We run, jump, shoot, kill, destroy and try to survive as long as possible — that’s the whole point of Superfighters Deluxe. It would seem that nothing special, but the game delays and gives a lot of positive emotions.

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Devil May Cry 5 v08.03.2019 (Steam-Rip)

Devil May Cry 5 torrent download
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Devil May Cry 5 is a continuation of the famous series of slashers, telling about the fighter of demons, Dante, as well as about his numerous comrades and foes. The protagonist of the fifth part is Nero, presented in Devil May Cry 4, who again converges in a battle with a blond demon hunter. In addition to Nero and Dante, a new character appeared in the fifth part — the mysterious Wee, whose power is fundamentally different from the power of old acquaintances. Wee is able to call various creatures, and fights with their help — not forgetting, however, to wield a sword. Players are waiting for the good old battles with hordes of demons, colossal bosses, inside-out world and the continuation of the story of the son of the demon Sparda and his comrades and enemies. The game has three main characters.

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Beyond Enemy Lines Operation Arctic Hawk - PLAZA

Beyond Enemy Lines Operation Arctic Hawk torrent download
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Beyond Enemy Lines Operation Arctic Hawk — strategic action game where you go to a fantasy world. In the game you are waiting for dynamic and very difficult battles with different enemies who intend to destroy you in two accounts. You will assume the role of a brave special agent, who will go on the road to justice. Go to the study of the surrounding area to get powerful weapons and equipment. This will allow you to eliminate enemies even more effectively. In the rear of the enemy will be very dangerous, so in your arsenal should be everything you need to survive.
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ARK Extinction Expansion v293.103 - CODEX

ARK Extinction Expansion torrent download
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ARK Extinction Expansion is a multiplayer project on the topic of survival in a dangerous world where your opponents are not only wild animals and natural conditions, but also other players. You will go to a huge island, which must be carefully investigated, find useful items and build the most secure shelter. Here you can team up with other players, and then assign responsibilities, so it will be much easier to cope with difficulties. Wander in search of food and water, and also try to find everything you need to ensure your life is as comfortable as possible. Other survivors roam around, who continually want to take your prey away from you. Be attentive and create yourself a powerful weapon to deal with a crowd of rivals. Constantly monitor your equipment and state of health. Fight with other tribes, as well as defend against the attack of huge dinosaurs, which will also be able to tame if you act correctly.

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Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath v1.31.58397 - CODEX

Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath torrent download
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Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath — the earth and the people felt that they would soon face an uncertain force. The sudden appearance of a signal from the territory of Triton causes an incredible ability to the satellites of Neptune: now living creatures can easily understand every language and learn the rules of combat. Professors and scientists immediately create the first station, which will create a dome and simply prevent future conflict.

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CASE 2 Animatronics Survival v1.0 (Episode 1-3) - CODEX

CASE 2 Animatronics Survival torrent download
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CASE 2 Animatronics Survival is an excellent representative of the horror genre, where all actions take place from a first-person perspective, which will allow you to plunge into a terrifying atmosphere. Here you are already what time to go to a huge world, whose inhabitants are already legendary animatics. Cruelty, danger and fear — all this will accompany you throughout the gameplay, so you simply will not have time to be bored. This time the main place of action is a small town, where, from recent times, an amusement park has found its existence. After a while, residents of the city began to notice very strange, and sometimes even frightening things happening in the park.
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AT SUNDOWN Shots in the Dark v1.0.58

AT SUNDOWN Shots in the Dark torrent download
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AT SUNDOWN Shots in the Dark is a multiplayer game project that is a good representative of the action genre. All actions take place with a third person view, and the world has a special atmosphere. The game is not just an action game, but a real shooter where you will stand on the path of struggle against sinister and insidious enemies. The world of the game is endowed with large-scale maps that act here like something like arenas. In these arenas bloody battles will occur in teams of four to four.
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StarsOne v05.03.2019 - SKIDROW

StarsOne torrent download
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StarsOne is a new game project under development where you have to fight for your life using any available means. History will take you to a distant future, namely in the year 2125, when more and more new planets colonize. When the planet was fully prepared, a group of colonists was sent there to study and make it suitable for life. But suddenly something went wrong and the connection with the Earth was lost. The colonists were gone, and on Earth it was decided to send a group of researchers to investigate the incident, which will include our main character. As soon as you arrive at the orbit of the required planet, you will immediately be shipwrecked. The whole group has broken up on the planet and now you have to find each other, having overcome many obstacles and fighting with crowds of rivals.

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Ravenfield Build 13h1 (upd.07.03.2019)

Ravenfield torrent download
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Ravenfield — Otpad decadent action game with a first-person view, in which you can feel like a real infantryman, pilot, tanker or gunner and huge maps, on which battles between dozens of characters will take place, a sea of possibilities, shooting and killing, bloody battles, flying on planes and bombing, arranged by artillery — all this creates an atmosphere extremely similar to the atmosphere of the famous «BF». Here you have the right to become what you want. Do you want to be an ordinary infantryman and kill dozens of opponents, emitting a barrage of bullets? Easy! Or maybe you want to become a pilot, crushing targets, both ground and air? So it is also possible here! The main thing is not to stand still.

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