Sellswords Ashen Company v0.1.2

Sellswords Ashen Company torrent download
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Sellswords Ashen Company is an action game where elements of a tactical role-playing game have also successfully found their place. Here you will become the place of a brave, powerful warrior who will go to a dangerous battle for different armies. The main task is to determine for oneself the side of the battle and by any means bring it to victory. Opponents will be very different, and often even unpredictable. Here you should always be ready for unexpected turns of events, which means that you need to think over the tactical component of battles in order to be always one step ahead of the enemy.

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Fate EXTELLA LINK v1.0 (upd.19.03.2019) - CODEX

Fate EXTELLA LINK torrent download
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Fate EXTELLA LINK is another part of the Fate series, which takes place in a universe known for its visual novels and anime. This is an action game in which we see the world from a third party. The game is a continuation of Fate Extella The Umbral Star, released in July 2017. The action takes place immediately after the events presented in the passed part. We again visit the digital world of SERAPH and are in conflict because of the Holy Grail desired by all, the Moon Cell Automaton supercomputer. A three-dimensional action game in which we control the so-called Servant — powerful warriors with superhuman abilities. There are many heroes available to players, such as Nero Claudius, Bezymyanny, Gavein, Qu Chulainn, Lee Shuven, Tamamo no Mo, Karna, Elizabeth Bathory, Lu Bu Fengxian, Medusa, Altera, Gilgamesh, Iskandar, Atoria Pendragon and Archimedes. These characters are divided into several classes Swordsman, Archer, Lancer, Custer, Assassin, Ryder, Berserker and Extra class.
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Party Hard 2 v1.1.002r + Alien Butt Form DLC - CODEX

Party Hard 2 torrent download
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Party hard 2 is an enchanting continuation of the game project in the stealth arcade genre that will definitely be able to please its fans with a new development on a more advanced engine. All the characters in the world remained the same, but the locations now have acquired three-dimensional space. As in the first part, you have to go to a noisy party, to your neighbors, who are notably fed up with you by their rash actions.

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Skater XL v0.0.5 (upd.19.03.2019) - SKIDROW

Skater XL torrent download
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Microsoft has fulfilled the dream of millions of gamers and during the event at the E3 exhibition announced a skateboarder simulator called Session. It’s time to return to childhood and nostalgic about the times of Tony Hawk. Easy Day Studios, known for the Skater skateboarder simulator, announced its secret project — Skater XL. Now this is a full-fledged game for Steam, which will appear in early access on December 19. Easy Day Studios has been working on Skater XL for about four years and is going to provide players with the ultimate board control and freedom along with the most smooth and enjoyable gameplay that has ever been in games of this genre.​

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 v1.12 - CODEX

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 torrent download
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is one of the countless gaming adaptations of one very fascinating universe that has been around for about 30 years in a row. This world is many-sided, in it different creatures get along. Some are at odds with each other, others, on the contrary, enter into friendly alliances. And you have to become part of an amazing universe, striking the imagination with its scale. If you even know such names as Tranx, Goku, Piccolo, Raditz, then Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will not seem alien to you. However, other users who are not aware of this universe may be disappointed in the game. And all because it focuses exclusively on the Dragon Ball fan base. In other words, the presented project is not a product for everyone and not for everyone. This, with regard to the plot and the connection of the characters among themselves.

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Mana Spark v1.0.21 - SKIDROW

Mana Spark torrent download
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Mana Spark — quite fascinating in its execution of action, where there are also elements of a bagel, and you have to go on research and conquest of a large-scale retro world. Here everyone who you meet on your way will have artificial intelligence, so it will not be so easy to outwit an opponent. All your enemies at a particular location in a collision will carefully think through each step, trying to trick you in all ways. That is why you must show all your strategic talents in order to more effectively eliminate those who dare to take the side of evil from the locations. Enemies will not only try to destroy you, but will also look for ways through which you can escape, and then block them.
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One Step From Eden v1.6.4

One Step From Eden torrent download
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One Step From Eden is a bagel style game, executed in colorful graphics and has a fairly dynamic gameplay available. Here you will pass many levels with various tests, applying magical actions to solve them. You will collect your own deck of cards, which will have several powerful spells at once, which you will successfully use in one or another resistance with the enemy. Here you will be able to fully demonstrate your strategic abilities by thinking ahead on an action plan to destroy the adherents of the enemy force. To begin with, you are invited to choose one of eight proposed characters, each of which will be endowed with special characteristics and combat skills. All these kittens will be useful to you in the future, so choose the main character wisely.

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World War Z

World War Z torrent download
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World War Z — after the success of the eponymous blockbuster, Paramount Pictures studio together with the developer Saber Interactive decided to create a game project based on the film’s motives. In it, you will plunge into the epicenter of the war between people and zombies affected by a terrible virus. The virus is extremely contagious, so even the slightest touch can turn you or one of your subordinates into zombies. Be extremely careful and attentive, since your human resources are limited, and each infected one is your potential enemy in the near future. Therefore, think over your actions in advance and good luck will definitely be with you. To constantly defeat your enemies, you will not just stupidly go into battle with the whole team, but carefully consider the tactics of the battle, because under your control will be a whole team of fighters and each of them has their own unique skills and capabilities. Try to use them to the maximum and then victory will be guaranteed. Join the war for the future of mankind in World War Z, otherwise zombies will become the new population of the planet.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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Objects in Space v1.0.5 (upd.18.03.2019) - GOG

Objects in Space torrent download
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Objects in Space — a decadent retro space shopping action game where you have to become the captain of a star cruiser and go deep space for making money and catch dangerous criminals. Huge open space, a sea of planets and star systems, ships drifting away from their homes, dusk and bright flashes against the background of distant planets — all this will allow you to feel the local atmosphere and enjoy space to the full. But to admire the local scenery for a long time will not work, because you are waiting for work. And it consists in the implementation of various tasks and orders. You are a merchant, not just a traveler, and your main task is to make money and develop your own business.

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X4 Foundations v2.20 - CODEX

X4 Foundations torrent download
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X4 Foundations is a cult continuation of the legendary game series, which will now become the most ambitious game project of the Egosoft studio. Earlier, the development team has already released a similar game project, however, at the moment it does not look so impressive. Now, developers are ready to hit you with their new details and interesting sides, scale and main features, what to speak about modern graphics and interesting gameplay. It remains only to wait for the release of the game, which will be held in 2018, and then you can download X4 Foundations torrent. There is very little waiting, soon you will again be able to plunge into the vastness of the most ambitious game adventure. As it turned out, the developers had a hard and large-scale work to create something very interesting and quite exciting.

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