Killing Floor 2 v1081 (Digital Deluxe Edition) + Cyber Revolt - CODEX

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Killing Floor 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter in the genre of survival horror, developed by Tripwire Interactive from 2011. Is the continuation of the game Killing Floor. In this part you are sent to continental Europe, filled with clones — the result of the failed experiment Horzine Biotech. Events unfold a month after the first game. The world is in a state of chaos, the governments have collapsed, communications are not working, the armies are destroyed. People are fighting for survival.

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The Spy Who Shrunk Me v1.0.1 - PLAZA

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The Spy Who Shrunk Me — imagine yourself as the most secret spy on whom not only the fate of his native country, but of the whole world depends. The cold war is in full swing, and the well-being of all nations depends on any small mistake on either side. In the game The Spy Who Shrunk Me you have to get inside one of the Moscow company that is engaged in software. Under the cover of legal activity, the director is engaged in the protection of documents related to the most secret secrets of the Cold War.

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Risky Wings Build 521 (upd.19.06.2019) - PLAZA

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Risky Wings — this soaring action, with components of the race, in which place you will have to conquer the vastness of the video game cards, this being the most skill points, during the flight. The pattern is very elementary, something closer to the object of your mercy you fly, this fun points more than a skill. It is necessary to take into account the degree of collected energy, do not allow for the beloved to exist in the minimun. Any newest degree is produced procedurally, this means that there is no cyclic degree here. The main goal is to hone the skill in order to ultimately exercise control of your own character during the flight.​

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A Plague Tale Innocence v1.05 - CODEX

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The game A Plague Tale Innocence transfers a gamer to France of a sample of the 14th century, just at that darkest period of history when cities were massively mingled with plague. Actually, the main theme of this adventure is not just a plague epidemic, but one of the largest in the entire history of human existence. As the protagonists of this story are presented brother and sister — Amisia and Hugo, respectively. The guys had a difficult fate: not only did the nation gradually die out due to the terrible plague, so also their parents were executed by the Holy Inquisition on charges of magic. The heroes, realizing that nothing is waiting for them in front of them, except for the damp earth, are plotting to escape from the city. From the point of view of gameplay, A Plague Tale Innocence is an adventure in the style of stealth, focused more on covert passage than on action.

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The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda v20190620 - PLAZA

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The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda is an incredible, colorful and entertaining adventure with an extraordinary story and excellent visual performance. The storyline will tell you about the fact that the world of the protagonist was captured by an ominous evil. Now he makes a decision to immediately go to the fight against the offender, to restore the former calm and prosperity to the lands. The game will introduce you to a cute panda who possesses special courage and fearlessness, because not everyone dares to meet with sinister forces.

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PixARK v1.54 (

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PixARK is an adventure game where you get into an unusual cubic world in order to compete for your life or for the life of your tribe. Go to the universe, where in the wild and very dangerous conditions live dreadful dinosaurs and a lot of mysterious creatures, with which you can both fight and tame. To save your own life, you need to take on the taming of one or another creature so that it can protect you from any danger that there will be plenty in the way. In the course of action, you will need to study each location as carefully as possible in order to provide yourself with everything necessary for life and for protection.

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Subsistence Build 20190618 - 3DM

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Subsistence is a new game in the world of sandboxes. Here you will find a huge open world, where you will have plenty of opportunities. The environment around you will be friendly in places, but mostly very dangerous, where you have to do everything possible to save life. Build your base and do not forget about its strengthening and protection, so that no one can break to you at any moment. Take care of equipping your home, getting everything you need for life. Go hunting to feed yourself. Before you go on reconnaissance, do not forget how to arm yourself, because the world is fraught with a lot of dangers. Your enemies will be both wild animals and weather conditions, as well as other crazed hunters, plowing open spaces. Try to improve your skills and abilities, as well as improve technology and engage in crafting.

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Cuisine Royale v0.0.20.37

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Cuisine Royale is a game project presented to the world in the genre of shooter, the basis of which is taken from the popular style of «Battle Royale». This game is in a sense not similar to its opponents, so it invites you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of battles. So, for example, in the game you will be able to familiarize yourself with the improved system of luthboxes, which includes popular boxes, but you will be aware of their contents in advance. Winnings from this box will fall out anyway. Also, a distinctive feature can be noted attributes in the battle for the character, where instead of a protective vest you can put a plate on your chest, and instead of a helmet — a colander. All the components and combinations of garments you can find in the course of action, directly on the battlefield.

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Hero Siege v2.5.5.9 + Beta v3 (148) - SKIDROW

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Hero Siege — the gates of hell opened and the time of the heroes has arrived! Save the kingdom of Tarethiel from hellish creatures. Here is a pixel Hack’n’Slash with bagel elements. Choose a hero for your style of play. Do you like to push your enemies to shreds? Then take the viking! Do you like to act covertly? Take the assassin. Do you like to fight in the distance? Take the mage or archer! The game will please with its diversity, and this is not only due to the fact that you are waiting for various characters, but also because the world in which you find yourself is generated randomly. A bunch of different enemies and bosses who challenge this — what else is needed for this hardcore? Choose your difficulty (choice 4 levels) and go save the kingdom.

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Dead or Alive 6 v1.06 + DLC Unlocker + Hotfix - CODEX

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Dead or Alive 6 — powerful epic fighting game, in which you are waiting for new characters, a huge number of new combo attacks, updated graphics and old characters, but in new costumes. At this time, the developers have done the work, thanks to which the game was transformed beyond recognition. For example, there was a special feature for beginners, thanks to which even the first 6 players playing Dead or Alive will be able to inflict powerful combos on the enemy. This will require pressing only one single button. And there was a special scale, which shows the accumulated energy required for the commission of particularly powerful attacks.

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