Eternity The Last Unicorn v1.0 - CODEX

Eternity The Last Unicorn torrent download
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Eternity The Last Unicorn is a classic role-playing game that offers to go on an unforgettable adventure and try to save the magical unicorns. Yes, these animals were given to elves earlier, so that they would use them as a symbol of protection, peace and love. Now the animals are cursed, and you must save them in order to return balance and normal life. You have to explore a huge world, which is famous not only for its unique and interesting places, but also which will allow you to achieve a good result without any problems.

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Fragile Fighter v1.1 - PLAZA

Fragile Fighter torrent download
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Fraglie Fighter — adventure action with an interesting story and dynamic gameplay. Here you have to take control of the life of a very fragile, but very brave girl. She will travel to a fantastic, dangerous world to cope with the many trials he has prepared for her. You must help the main character to achieve the goal and return to your life well-being. Go to the world of illusions, which must be carefully investigated and try to do everything to pass the tests. As you progress through, you will encounter the inhabitants of this unusual world, some of whom will become comrades for you, and others — sinister enemies.

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Steins Gate Elite v20190225 - CODEX

Steins Gate Elite torrent download
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Steins Gate Elite — the popularity of anime series among teenagers is difficult to underestimate. Therefore, many developers create their projects based on them, especially if the series showed high ratings and was closed — it already has a steady army of fans. One of these projects is Steins Gate Elite — it is based on the popular anime, but does not repeat the plot, but continues the ideas that are in the series. Cult anime series, which have no chance of continuing in the form of a full season, are increasingly receiving a branch of the plot as a visual novel. Steins Gate Elite belongs to those projects that are based on the known universe and continue to develop the ideas embodied in the original.

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CardLife Creative Survival v1.0.62.01 - SKIDROW

CardLife Creative Survival torrent download
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CardLife Science Fantasy Survival — a game that is an excellent representative of the genre of survival simulators, where you have to go to a huge cardboard world to cope with all the difficult challenges on the way to the cherished goal. A feature of the game is that here the world you can remake the way you want it. You have complete freedom of action, but at the same time, the development of events will directly depend on them. Have a great time in the company of your friends by running a multiplayer mode, or go to meet the incredible adventures alone. Turn to the hunt, and explore the territory around you to get useful resources and valuable materials.

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Black Future 88 v0.40.3

Black Future 88 torrent download
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Black Future 88 is a Synth-Punk roguelike 2D shooter. Vertically climb onto a constantly evolving procedural tower to reach the top and kill its insane owner before your heart explodes. Shoot, chop, rush and upgrade yourself to survive the endless waves of death traps, murderous AI, insane addicts and colossal guards standing in your way in a stylish alternative version of 1988. The world is reeling from the nuclear cataclysm created by Duncan, the architect of the tower.
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The Last 47 Hours v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

The Last 47 Hours torrent download
The Last 47 Hours is a visual novel created by the independent game production team Lingtan Studio. A brief history of healing, showing how people are confronted with a natural disaster and seeking to overcome fear with the help of white lies and human love. In this game, players will press to move text, graphics, and sound. He has 1 main character with her own voice actors and character sprites, more than 4 special CG events and a script of up to 30 thousand words. The girl who loved me for six years and will be my dear bride month. It seems strange, she looks serious. In any case, it seems that I have to play with her to start this game, remember all the memories of our past, and finally meet the end announced the last forty-seven hours.
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Fire Pro Wrestling World v2.05.22 + Fire Promoter DLC - PLAZA

Fire Pro Wrestling World torrent download
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Fire Pro Wrestling World — a game on the subject of cruel wrestling, which is filled with the fighting game genre. There is a fairly simple graphics, but the gameplay is notable for its fascination and dynamism. Here you will not be bored for sure, because you will be in constant motion and thinking about your actions. Here, every aspect of a match comes under your control, starting with the choice of the main fighter and ending with the tuning and improvement of the combat area, in a different way — the ring. Create with your own hands a cool and enchanting show where your participants will win victories over and over again. Fight as much as possible and do not forget to improve your skills, then to be at the top of the pedestal with the championship belt. Here you can enjoy different modes of combat, where there are also violent survival matches, where there are no rules.

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AWAY Journey to the Unexpected v1.61 (upd.05.03.2019) - Razor1911

AWAY Journey to the Unexpected torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.61 (upd.05.03.2019) TORRENT Razor1911
AWAY Journey to the Unexpected is an exciting and very unusual first-person shooter, with a rogue-lite mix. You are waiting for funny adventures, battles, colorful world and freedom. In the story you will play for an ordinary child, who had to go down to the basement only because there was some noise coming from it. And everything would be fine, but only in the basement, as it turned out, there was a passage to a fabulous, bright and very unusual world. Now the main character is waiting for adventures, of which he has dreamed all his life, random meetings and events, interesting acquaintances, and much, much more.

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Mr Maze v1.0.3 - PLAZA

Mr Maze torrent download
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Mr Maze is an adventure game where all actions will take place from a first-person perspective, and you have to learn a very sad story and try to fix something. You will learn about the existence of a cheerful family of father and daughter who have lived well in their lives and loved the fun. In one terrible moment, a strange man appears who takes the daughter into his power, and she disappears without a trace. You, in the role of father, make the decision to immediately become part of the mysterious kingdom, which holds thousands of secrets, dark secrets and tangled labyrinths. Labyrinths will be very difficult to pass, as they are equipped with intricate moves and numerous obstacles.
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Epic Tavern v0.975

Epic Tavern torrent download
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Epic Tavern is a fantasy style game developed in the RPG genre. Here you will go on an incredible adventure, where you will become the most real manager of your own tavern lands. Find a variety of characters, and then send them to perform one or another command. As soon as the task is completed, you will receive a good reward. The prosperity of the tavern will depend on your actions, so be prudent and executive. Gather a team of brave heroes who will go to perform a variety of tasks. It is in your hands will be the fate of the whole world. Each completed quest and a selected new character will be able to give you access to a cat for something new and more advanced. You will be able to enter into new alliances, thereby attracting heroes from all over the planet, which is simply filled with magical power.​
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