StarMade torrent download
v0.201.347 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
StarMade — game project in the style of a shooter, where you go into three-dimensional space to conquer the cosmic expanses. The graphics in the game are represented in the popular pixel stylistics, and the world is open to full exploration, and also has quite large-scale dimensions. On your way, you will constantly meet various blocks, of which you will be able to create anything you want, using your imagination. You can build small spacecraft, and then go on a long
Action Adventure Indie RPG Simulation Strategy Early Access | 16-01-2019, 14:11 | 293 | 580 MB

This game has been updated 16-01-2019, 14:11 to the latest version v0.201.347.

The Blind Prophet torrent download
v0.3 (upd.16.01.2018) Beta Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Blind Prophet is an adventure Point & Click game with a dark atmosphere, but a beautiful visual design made in the form of comics. Play for the Apostle Bartholomew whose divine mission is to save the city from the Great Evil. You will find a complex story about philosophy, redemption and moral struggle. Your every decision affects the plot.
Adventure Indie | 16-01-2019, 14:10 | 160 | 723 MB

This game has been updated 16-01-2019, 14:10 to the latest version v0.3 (upd.16.01.2018) Beta.

Shortest Trip to Earth torrent download
v0.51.2 Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Shortest Trip to Earth is a fascinating simulator of control of a spacecraft, in which you will have to take part in an intergalactic war and build such a ship that even whole armies of the enemy cannot withstand. A huge open space in which you can travel for your pleasure, a sea of tasks and missions, improvement modules and much more await you. Embark on the most epic journey in your life and become the captain of a space vessel that can destroy dozens of enemy ships.
Action Adventure Indie Simulation Strategy Early Access | 16-01-2019, 14:08 | 33 | 239 MB
7 Days To Die torrent download
Alpha 17.1 (b9) Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
7 Days To Die is a game that will take you to the near future, where you have to fight for your life. The action takes place in 2034, during this period the earth was seized by a brutal nuclear war, which suffered thousands of casualties. All who survived are forced to turn into zombies after seven days. When all of humanity has already given up, unable to cope with a terrible virus, you appear in the person of the protagonist. Who knows, maybe you are the only survivor who
Action Adventure Indie RPG Simulation Strategy Early Access | 16-01-2019, 10:59 | 1 099 | 3.66 GB

This game has been updated 16-01-2019, 10:59 to the latest version Alpha 17.1 (b9).

Unsung Warriors Prologue torrent download
v1.0 (upd.16.01.2019) Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
Unsung Warriors Prologue — an adventure game that will send you to conquer the two-dimensional world of Europe in the Iron Age. Here you have to face not only a huge number of rivals, but also to depart a dozen trials, unravel a lot of secrets and overcome treacherous traps — all of this can take your life in two accounts. You have to find out what a terrible secret is hiding the ancient crypt, but before that, you must destroy everything that stands in your way to achieve
Action Adventure RPG | 16-01-2019, 09:39 | 88 | 125 MB
Bloody Spell torrent download
v16.01.2019 Early Access SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Bloody Spell is a third-person action RPG with slasher elements, which is dedicated to Chinese mythology and has a dynamic gameplay. Bloody Spell is described as an action-RPG and is a mix of Sekiro, Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. In the early access game will be about 8-12 months and it will include only two cards. When the game comes out of early access, it will have 8 big cards, new types of weapons, new equipment and items, new mobs, elite monsters, bosses, new
Action Adventure Indie RPG Early Access | 16-01-2019, 09:23 | 181 | 5.5 GB
Smoke and Sacrifice torrent download
v16.01.2019 (BACON DLC) Full game PLAZA FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Smoke and Sacrifice — fantasy RPG with freehand drawn world. You play as Sati — a girl who is trying to find her son. You live in a small village on a piece of fertile land. After the sun fell, the Earth turned into an icy wasteland, and only small areas warmed by the burning Solar Tree allow people to survive. You sacrificed your firstborn to the Solar Tree, as the priests demanded. But what is really hidden behind the grace of the priests and whether Sati can find his son
Adventure Indie RPG | 16-01-2019, 06:25 | 47 | 698.78 MB
Orphan torrent download
v1.0.2.2 (upd.15.01.2019) Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Orphan is a two-dimensional adventure platformer that tells the story of a single hero who, for strange reasons, has awakened from a special capsule. Earth has long been captured by aliens, terrible cars destroyed all life. Your task is to explore the world and take advantage of the only weak point of the robots — this is their super-powerful weapon that will easily destroy them. Explore the dark black and white world, hide from a variety of machines and try to save
Action Adventure Indie | 15-01-2019, 14:42 | 168 | 687 MB

This game has been updated 15-01-2019, 14:42 to the latest version v1.0.2.2 (upd.15.01.2019).

THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME torrent download
v1.4.0 Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME is a sandbox style game where you will fight for your life in the most cruel conditions of the surrounding world. You will survive and find various ways to do this, doing tree cutting, deer hunting and building your own protected dwelling. Go on exploring the vast and very dangerous forest expanses, where you can get useful resources and valuable items. Obtain food and water for yourself, so as not to say goodbye to life because of exhaustion. You must
Adventure | 15-01-2019, 13:39 | 45 | 57.8 MB
Sally Face torrent download
Episode 4 v1.4.22 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Sally Face is an adventure game that is fully capable of immersing a user into a dark and cruel world. Here we need to go the way of one guy who has blue tails on his head and a very strange mask, behind which he always hides his emotions. The whole game process is divided into small episodes, each of which will be interesting in its own way. At each new level, you will meet all sorts of puzzles along the way, which are pretty difficult to solve. Be careful in your choice
Action Adventure Indie | 15-01-2019, 10:33 | 258 | 802 MB

This game has been updated 15-01-2019, 10:33 to the latest version Episode 4 v1.4.22.

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