Boreal Tales v1.008 - PLAZA

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Boreal Tales — separately it would be worth saying about the atmosphere. Strange unusual atmosphere, two-dimensional locations, made in a very gloomy style, characters, among which there will be people, and anthropomorphic creatures, musical accompaniment, sometimes making you shudder, all this creates a truly unusual atmosphere. As for the gameplay, it’s quite simple in Boreal Tales and is based on the simplest mechanics and actions. You will explore various locations along with the main character, communicate with characters you will meet on the streets of the city, from time to time solve puzzles based mainly on various actions and interactions with the outside world, and do much more. In general, Boreal Tales resembles a typical quest from the time of PS1, but at the same time it plays much nicer and has a very serious plot.

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Astrox Imperium v0.097b

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Astrox Imperium is a global space simulator in which you have to go on a long journey through the vast universe, live the life of an ordinary wanderer, and even become the last hope of all humanity. In the story, you find yourself in an alternative future in which people were forced to leave their home planet Earth with only one purpose — to survive and find a new home for themselves. At that time, the Earth was almost depleted, and all that was enough for the available resources was the construction of the Imperium ship. But the Imperium crashed, and many of the people simply died. You will be a man living 250 years after the events described. At your disposal is quite a volumetric ship, weapons, a huge open space world where you can travel for your pleasure, and simply unimaginable possibilities.

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Help Will Come Tomorrow v1.0.3

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Help Will Come Tomorrow — passengers find themselves in an unpleasant situation, finding themselves without any support in the Siberian environs. Actions take place after the October Revolution. Passengers, after the disaster, will have to survive in the most difficult conditions, hoping for further assistance from the authorities. To survive, you will have to establish contact with other people, as well as create some kind of community whose purpose is simple and consists in survival. Some decisions will put people’s lives under a huge question. The user will act as the leader. It was he who was to solve the problems that had arisen and to keep alive all the passengers of that sworn train.

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Fantasy Farming Orange Season v0.6.1.16

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Fantasy Farming Orange Season — is a unique simulator where you take control of all aspects of a large farm and try to develop it comprehensively. The gameplay is aimed at studying the world around you, where you can get a lot of useful and necessary items. You will be able to visit the rocky mountains, go through the thickets of forests, find yourself in the cleanest reservoirs and collect the necessary in flowering meadows. Also, you can take part in city festivals and get something useful there. Comprehensively develop your possessions by growing plants and caring for animals. The farm should bring those e income, which will allow it to transform and increase in area.

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Fortnite v12.50

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Game project Fortnite — a novelty in 2017, which instantly attracted the attention of game critics and users. Epic Games Poland was working on his creation, and the same employees of Epic Games were engaged in publishing. The game product is created in the genre of a corporate shooter, it has animated graphics, good detailed. Traditionally, in the projects of this genre, all the environment and heroes, including, look angular. There is no such feature here. The project is based on the modern engine Unreal Engine, and the process is carried out from a third party. Game Fortnite torrent download you can now, without losing a minute, from our game.

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Mafia 3 v1.10 (Definitive Edition) - CODEX

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Mafia 3 — is a new, improved part of the cult game, which has become famous throughout the world for its thoroughly elaborated and fascinating gameplay. The game will take you to an American city called New Bordeaux. You will go back in time, namely in 1968, when the Vietnam War took place throughout the territory. You have to play for a certain character, whose name is Lincoln Klein a man who has already managed to convey the horror of war and see many deaths. From this followed the conclusion of his life that the family are not those with whom you grew up, but those for whom you are ready to give your life.

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Mafia 2 Definitive Edition - CODEX

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Mafia 2 is a game that will take you to a huge and open world for adventure, where you will become one of the members of the mafia group. The first part of the series gathered a huge number of positive reviews, so the authors immediately set about developing the second part. This time you have the opportunity to play the role of a certain Vito Skalet, who is capable of anything, for the sake of completing a task even of the highest level of difficulty, which he succeeds in.

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Dark Nights with Poe and Munro v1.0 - PLAZA

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Dark Nights with Poe and Munro — is an adventure in the strange city of Augustus with local radio hosts and secret lovers Pau and Munro, as they face six unique puzzles on and off the air. We are waiting for a meeting with radio hosts John and Ellis as the main characters and with a touch of supernatural. In fact, the game is a spin-off prequel to the already famous detective «The Shapeshifting Detective». This time, the main characters will be the characters Po and Munroe, who were secondary heroes in previous studio games. We are waiting for more than five hours of HD video with live actors Clemens Kering and Leah Cunard, who will play the main characters.

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Deep In the Forest v1.05

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Deep In the Forest — is a card game with bagel elements. Only two people work on the game, trying to create a project with a soul. Developers attribute their game to a roguelite card deck builder with RPG elements. Your main task will be to find the missing princess to save the kingdom of the forest from the oppression of the king who was distraught from the loss of her daughter. The hero, like many others, is accused of missing the princess. In this difficult situation, when almost everything is against you, you need to find the strength in yourself to become a hero and help find the true kidnappers of the princess.

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Delivery from the Pain v1.0.9380 + DLC - PLAZA

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Delivery from the Pain is a role-playing game about survival in a pain-giving world. In it, you will get the most realistic experience in post-apocalypse. Prolongation of longevity has always been inextricably linked with the study of the impact on the length of telomeres — decreasing end parts of chromosomes, the length of which depends, according to some scientists, Scientists have learned to stop the shortening of telomeres, but over time this led to irreparable changes in DNA, most people mutated into zombies. At the same time, one powerful person, Ender Fred, being more than involved in these events, created a large-scale shelter and a companion organization called DEP, designed to find all the survivors to use them as a pillar of the new world — the world in which he will be God.

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