Yooka-Laylee v19.05.2020 (64Bit Tonic) - PLAZA

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Yooka-Laylee — an incredible and colorful adventure, which is also a platform in terms of the genre, where you have to fight with rivals and overcome a lot of trouble on your way. There is some positive stuff here, so you surely will not be bored and sad. Here you have to learn the magnificent and exciting story of two friends who will set off towards their dreams together. In the world where you go, a powerful corporation has found its existence, which spoils life for everyone around. The graphics in the game are perfectly traced and pleasant in their performance, and will also be able to please the musical accompaniment and the dynamics of the game process as a whole. On the way you will meet not only enemies, but also you will be able to make new friends who can help you in this or that situation. Solve puzzles of varying difficulty, each of which will require an individual approach from you. Also. You need to help other characters, find valuable resources and treasures around the world.

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The Wonderful 101 Remastered v1.0 - CODEX

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The Wonderful 101 Remastered — a chic action-arcade game, which should be played by all connoisseurs of this genre. The game is all that what real gamers have been waiting for. The adventure game will tell about the battles in the Third World War between alien civilizations and ordinary earthlings, people. The human race is almost extinct, but they have to conquer their territories and the right to them. The only hope for salvation is superheroes who will try to save the human race from certain death. Aliens invaded Earth a few years ago and started a war. The Third World War, which people were so afraid of, began unexpectedly and unexpectedly. Who knew that aliens are such evil creatures.

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Atrofil the key v20200518 - PLAZA

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Atrofil the key — when she finds Dmitry, he tells her about the shocking facts — these «others» are no longer people, even though they were once them. Now these are bloodthirsty monsters called Atrophy. Dmitry explains to her what is happening and teaches her shooting. Sonya watches over a difficult defense situation, she decides to help contain the atrophic attack with the soldiers. After that, she becomes ill and Sonya returns to safety. In the future, everything goes out of control, and she has to leave the place that Dmitry gave the name House.

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Arctico (Eternal Winter) Alpha v9sc (upd.19.05.2020) - SKIDROW

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Arctico (Eternal Winter) — a game based on the survival of the cruel conditions. Here you have to go to the impassable blizzard and cold cold to do everything possible to save life. A small team of four faithful dogs is provided to help you. Go to the vast, deserted and snow-covered expanses where you start your activity. You can test your skills in this area. You must monitor the health of your pets, give them food and water on time, and also try to rest together as much as possible in order to gain strength for the next dangerous journey. On the way, you will be able to find various types of buildings, where you will spend the night before the next long road in a frosty blizzard. Your rivals will be not only natural conditions, but also the constant absence of food, without which you will not be able to survive for long.

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Astoria Legends v4 (demo)

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Astoria Legends — 2D Hack’n’Slash, where you play the role of Cybele, a former rebel captain known as Magna Carta. Cybele travels to reunite the divided kingdoms and usher in a new era, free from the tyranny of the gods known as the Astral. As you defeat powerful gods and their followers, you get new weapons to create and customize your own style of play. From gold spears turning into shields to ghostly swords, defeat your enemies in the most stylish way possible. And of course, as you progress through the game, you can learn many tricks and attacks, learn how to combine powerful attacks and create crazy combos, and more. In other words, really spectacular battles await you.

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Sword and Adventurer

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Sword and Adventurer — is an adventure action with RPG elements, where you will plunge into a fantastic, fantastic three-dimensional world and try to destroy everyone who dared to take the side of evil. To begin with, choose one of the three proposed characters, each of which has individual characteristics, abilities and external data. Take the path of revenge and go on an adventure meeting in order to destroy a large number of monsters as quickly as possible.

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Edge Of Eternity Chapter 5 Build 20200518 (Early Access)

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Edge Of Eternity — in a world torn apart by separation, the inhabitants of Erion wage a desperate war against the mysterious invader, the archels. As this conflict against magic and technology grows to a catastrophic scale, a new threat appears on the battlefield. Corrosion of archelites is the most cruel weapon, a terrible disease that poisons the body, twists its limbs and turns people into terrible, deformed abominations. A forgotten soldier in this fighting war, Darion is ready to sacrifice to his country until the day he receives a letter from his sister. Their mother contracted a fatal disease, and they need to find a cure. On this day, Darion will have to make a choice that will change his life — and the fate of his world — forever. Discover the great tale of hope and sacrifice, filled with plot twists and heart moments. Solve quests in different ways, make your own choices and face their consequences. Travel the world of the unique and ethereal environment of Geryon and buy up its most ancient secrets.

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Resequenced v20200518 - CODEX

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Resequenced is a shooter-based game developed by Based On The Play for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, action, adventure game, role-playing game, indie, steam achievements, early access, adventure, female protagonist, open world and others. This is the plausible story of one student who went to her parents in the Sulsky area during the summer holidays, the house and all things were in place, except for the parents. The main character until the last could not understand what was happening, it turns out that the parents disappeared, and where they are and how to find them, this is the main goal of the game. In addition to the plucking story, the game has the ability to use many types of weapons, and superpower. Only by force, you must learn to use, and weapons can be improved.

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Surviving Titan v0.7.0

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Surviving Titan — a two-dimensional adventure project that prepares players to survive and go through numerous levels on the planet Titan, distant from Earth. In Surviving Titan you have to make an emergency landing on the planet Titan and prepare for survival. Using the starter kit, you need to adapt to the area, as well as organize a comfortable stay before the opportunity to escape. Surviving Titan is a mix of Terraria and Stardew Valley. From the first project, elements of survival were borrowed, and from the second, the style and similar gameplay were borrowed. All actions take place on the planet Titan, but it is not at all a satellite of Saturn from the real world.

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Littlewood v0.94

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Littlewood is an adventure RPG with elements of a detective story. Play for the hero, who will unravel the difficult case of the disappearance of a beautiful girl. You have your own village with your inhabitants. By collecting various resources, you can improve your village. Build a sawmill or even a magical library. What will be your village — it depends on you. Communicate with the villagers, listen to their stories, because they can tell a lot of interesting things and even give valuable quests.

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