Tick Tock A Tale for Two v20190311

Tick Tock A Tale for Two torrent download
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Tick Tock A Tale for Two — corporate puzzle for android, for two players. Each player must play on his device and exchange voice connections with each other. In this game, you and your friend will be trapped in the watch world. Time will inexorably go and your task will be to solve difficult puzzles and tasks in order to leave this world as soon as possible. Communication and cooperation between the players is key, because not one of you will have a complete map of this terrible and gloomy world. Play with friends and have fun.​
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The Walking Dead The Final Season - Episode 4

The Walking Dead The Final Season - Episode 4 torrent download
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Opportunity to pass The Walking Dead The Final Season — Episode 4 must first be interested in those gamers who closely followed the franchise during the five years of its full existence. Perhaps, it will not be a secret to anyone that the Walking Dead series for Telltale Games studio became the first best-selling in the company’s history, therefore, developers treat it with particular trepidation. By the name of the last game of the series, which in essence is an interactive drama, you can easily guess that it will be the final one. This in turn means that everything secret and unknown will become clear and easy to understand. In particular, special attention is paid to none other than Clementine.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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Undead Horde v0.9.0.5

Undead Horde torrent download
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Undead Horde is a great RPG with Hack and slash elements. Unlike many games, in Undead Horde you take the dark side, or rather become a necromancer who will resurrect an army of the dead to fight with people. Although your army can act independently, you can also give orders during battles. Get your revenge on the nasty little people who forced you to live in exile for many years. Being a necromancer is not so easy, sometimes you have to spend effort and always become stronger. To do this, you have to carefully examine the locations, look for tombs and ruins, try to destroy the monsters and do not forget to actively use a variety of magic spells.
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Star Control Origins v1.31 - CODEX

Star Control Origins torrent download
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Star Control Origins — a game developed in the genre of interactive adventure, where you go to conquer a huge outer space. This time you have to play the role of one of the team members belonging to a powerful space organization. The purpose of this organization is to fully control the space territory around the planet Earth. At first glance it may seem that such an action is completely safe, but over time you will find out that this is absolutely not the case. So, for example, in orbit, huge space objects can suddenly appear that can provide an imminent threat to the planet. You will be engaged in the study of such situations, so that any object does not bring the danger behind you.

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Matanga v1.0 - PLAZA

Matanga torrent download
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Matanga — a survival game in the style of action, where you are waiting for a frightening atmosphere and crazy missions. Here you can enjoy nice graphics, as well as frightening, gloomy places with creepy creatures that lead to you hunting. The game successfully includes the plot line, in the course of which you will carefully hide from a resident of a dark forest. The story tells that you and the company of your friends went to have a good time at the disco, which was held in the forest.
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The Occupation v1.1 - RELOADED

The Occupation torrent download
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The Occupation is an absolutely unique computer game, in the open spaces of which you will get acquainted with the events that really took place to be you real life. You will take part in the actions that took the lives of several dozen people in the UK. No one then could have imagined that such a terrorist act would take place, because of which so many people could suffer. But the main thing is that now you can feel the full horror of those events in your own skin and thus understand why the police had to take heavy measures and enact a law code called The Union Act. After all, without him, it would not be known what could have happened to the country further, because such acts of vandalism and terror could continue, because of which the further state of the British could be in doubt.

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Sunless Skies v1.2.0.3 Build 20190310 - CODEX

Sunless Skies torrent download
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Sunless Skies is a computer game in the RPG genre, where you have to get into an unforgettable adventure, all of whose actions will take place in the airspace. You will take up the management of a rather interesting looking type of flying machine that works with steam. Take care of trade and supply, as well as try to improve your knowledge in the field of finance. The three of us have a huge world full of mysteries and useful items. Open all the secrets and find all the resources for the perfect passage to the end. Explore a huge quaint world where you will meet a lot of different characters that will somehow influence the course of action. Fighting will have quite a lot and often, so try as best you can to prepare for fabulous fights with crowds of rivals. The atmosphere in the game is amazing, where you can safely plunge for a few hours.

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Apartment 327 v1.2 - PLAZA

Apartment 327 torrent download
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Apartment 327 is a first-person adventure thriller where, according to the plot, you will need to escape from the loop of time in which you are entangled. The story unfolds between 1923 and 2016 in an old house, through which we move in different time periods. During the game you will encounter many riddles, which can only be solved by traveling in time and visiting the same places in different time intervals. Former home of the Elizondo family, full of secrets and dangers. You will have to find out what happened in this house and why it is impossible to get out of here. The habitual logic does not work in Apartments 327. To the traditional way of solving puzzles, what should I do and where should I do this is added when I have to do it.

This game has been updated 10-03-2019, 05:41 to the latest version v1.2.

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Nibu v2.0 (upd.10.03.2019) - PLAZA

Nibu torrent download
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Nibu is a real-time strategy game in the ancient Middle East. Choose between 3 different Allied factions, build your base and hold on to the oncoming hordes of enemies. Try out different scenarios and game modes. The war destroyed the world of the Union Ashtur. The Allied horde has destroyed most of their standing army and is decisively winning. Several battles that decide their fate, in your hands. Manage and build units in the style of RTS, fight enemies on a grand scale, hordes of enemies attack your base, unique sworn enemies who challenge certain skills and controls.

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ARK Extinction Expansion v293.103 - CODEX

ARK Extinction Expansion torrent download
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ARK Extinction Expansion is a multiplayer project on the topic of survival in a dangerous world where your opponents are not only wild animals and natural conditions, but also other players. You will go to a huge island, which must be carefully investigated, find useful items and build the most secure shelter. Here you can team up with other players, and then assign responsibilities, so it will be much easier to cope with difficulties. Wander in search of food and water, and also try to find everything you need to ensure your life is as comfortable as possible. Other survivors roam around, who continually want to take your prey away from you. Be attentive and create yourself a powerful weapon to deal with a crowd of rivals. Constantly monitor your equipment and state of health. Fight with other tribes, as well as defend against the attack of huge dinosaurs, which will also be able to tame if you act correctly.

This game has been updated 8-03-2019, 02:29 to the latest version v293.103.

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