Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath v1.31.58397 - CODEX

Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath torrent download
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Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath — the earth and the people felt that they would soon face an uncertain force. The sudden appearance of a signal from the territory of Triton causes an incredible ability to the satellites of Neptune: now living creatures can easily understand every language and learn the rules of combat. Professors and scientists immediately create the first station, which will create a dome and simply prevent future conflict.

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GRIS Build 20190307 - CODEX

GRIS torrent download
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GRIS — an incredibly beautiful adventure game with elements of platformer, immerse you in the colorful and desperate world of Gries. Players will go on a journey through the tailored world, which comes to life on the eyes thanks to a neat illustration and a musical component. In the game Gris, you have to help your heroine cope with life experience, which came out very painful for her. All her experiences are reflected in a completely unique dress. It is able to endow its owner with new opportunities, thanks to which a girl can better orient herself around her pale reality. As she rethinks the events that took place in her life, Grice begins to grow emotionally, and as a result, new opportunities and new ways will be opened up for her to use her original abilities.

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CASE 2 Animatronics Survival v1.0 (Episode 1-3) - CODEX

CASE 2 Animatronics Survival torrent download
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CASE 2 Animatronics Survival is an excellent representative of the horror genre, where all actions take place from a first-person perspective, which will allow you to plunge into a terrifying atmosphere. Here you are already what time to go to a huge world, whose inhabitants are already legendary animatics. Cruelty, danger and fear — all this will accompany you throughout the gameplay, so you simply will not have time to be bored. This time the main place of action is a small town, where, from recent times, an amusement park has found its existence. After a while, residents of the city began to notice very strange, and sometimes even frightening things happening in the park.
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Empyrion Galactic Survival v9.5.0.2294

Empyrion Galactic Survival torrent download
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Empyrion Galactic Survival is a project under development, but already conquered a huge audience. Unexplored planets, creepy creatures and many dangers — all this will wait for you in the game. The game embodies a few cool genres. Here you can see the elements of the sandbox, RPG and even strategy. You need to carefully think through the plan of action in order to survive in a vast and dangerous world. You play for the protagonist, who got on an unknown planet with a hostile life form. Everyone here wants to take your life, so be as thorough as possible and prepare yourself for bloody battles.

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Save Thine Kingdom v07.03.2019

Save Thine Kingdom torrent download
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Save Thine Kingdom — adventure action where you go into the colorful world and try to cope with all the prepared tests. The game is endowed with a pretty good visual component, and is also ready to please you with the presence of an exciting plot line. You will assume the role of the king, who will go to meet the exciting, but at the same time, the most dangerous adventures. The story will tell you that horror has struck the home kingdom, and now it is under the threat of annihilation. You go on the path of resistance to destroy all the enemies on your way.
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LEGO DC Super-Villains v1.0.0.14183 - CODEX

LEGO DC Super-Villains torrent download
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LEGO DC Super Villains is a multiplatform game project that is once again ready to send you to the large-scale and entertaining universe of Lego cubes, where you will face unforgettable adventures and become part of amazing events. Here, as always, there is great graphics, dynamic gameplay, as well as a lot of exciting tasks that will not let you get bored for a minute. This is the fourth part of the game in the universe of DC, which included a lot of add-ons and unique features that can definitely please all fans of the series.

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The Savior's Gang v1.01 - PLAZA

The Savior's Gang torrent download
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In the The Savior’s Gang game, the player controls the Savior, a powerful creature crucified and trapped between the mortal world and the heavens. This unjust death causes the wrath of his father, an omnipotent suit who unleashes a series of traps, disasters and dangers throughout the world. The Savior must negotiate with his Father to stop these catastrophes and save only his worshipers from all this evil, and try to break the limbo and regain their strength. To achieve his goals, he will have a good friend Stan, he hates being called Satan and the mediation of his mother and stepfather.

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Armello v2.0p3 - RELOADED

Armello torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.0p3 TORRENT RELOADED
Armello is a colorful game, executed in the genre of turn-based RPGs with elements of a card strategy. Your main goal here will be to seize the throne, putting a lot of effort into it. You are waiting for a huge number of rivals, whom you will kill with powerful weapons. You find yourself in the once mighty kingdom, where a brave and wise king ruled. But something went wrong, and the ruler was subjected to a terrible disease. You will be among the best heroes the elders summoned to fight for the right to rule. Gradually, you will conquer one territory after another, while fighting with terrible monsters and treacherous rivals. All maps are drawn to the smallest detail. You can choose from four unique clans: Rabbits, Wolves, Bears and Rats. Each clan is endowed with special power and strength.
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Garden Paws v1.0.6F (upd.06.03.2019)

Garden Paws torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.6F (upd.06.03.2019) TORRENT
Garden Paws is a colorful adventure game in the RPG genre, where sandbox elements have successfully found their place. Here, all actions will take place with a first-person view, which will allow you to plunge deeper into the realistic atmosphere of a fantastic world. You have to take on the role of very cute, but at the same time very cunning little animals, which are sent to meet their adventures. The story will introduce you to our main character’s grandparents, who went on a long journey to travel the world, while leaving you a pretty good inheritance. Your own farm was included in this inheritance, for which you are now fully responsible for the life and prosperity.

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Enderal Forgotten Stories v1.5.3.0 (upd.06.03.2019) - ALI213

Enderal Forgotten Stories torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.5.3.0 (upd.06.03.2019) TORRENT ALI213
Enderal Forgotten Stories — in this full-fledged fashion for Skyrim, plunge into the wonderful and ruthless world of Anderel, with a well-developed open world, and reworked game mechanics and battle mechanics. Gloomy psychological atmosphere and storyline, with realistic characters and their actions. SureAI created for this mod a new open world and side quests, and also reworked the system of classes and leveling. Passage of Enderal Forgotten Stories will take from 30 to 120 hours. Like Skyrim, Enderal is a game with an open world, but with its own lore and landscapes completely separated from the TES series.

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