Pummel Party v1.3.0e - SKIDROW

Pummel Party torrent download
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Pummel Party — an exciting and fun game, which was presented in the genre of action with arcade elements. Here you can have a great time with your friends, playing up to four people. Also here is a single game that will allow you to hone your skills. At your disposal will be a fairly large-scale arsenal of completely unthinkable and absurd items that you will constantly use in battles with cunning opponents. You will lead fierce resistance with both friends and artificial intelligence, which will also not be easy to cope with.

This game has been updated 10-03-2019, 09:38 to the latest version v1.3.0e.

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AT SUNDOWN Shots in the Dark v1.0.58

AT SUNDOWN Shots in the Dark torrent download
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AT SUNDOWN Shots in the Dark is a multiplayer game project that is a good representative of the action genre. All actions take place with a third person view, and the world has a special atmosphere. The game is not just an action game, but a real shooter where you will stand on the path of struggle against sinister and insidious enemies. The world of the game is endowed with large-scale maps that act here like something like arenas. In these arenas bloody battles will occur in teams of four to four.
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Save Thine Kingdom v07.03.2019

Save Thine Kingdom torrent download
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Save Thine Kingdom — adventure action where you go into the colorful world and try to cope with all the prepared tests. The game is endowed with a pretty good visual component, and is also ready to please you with the presence of an exciting plot line. You will assume the role of the king, who will go to meet the exciting, but at the same time, the most dangerous adventures. The story will tell you that horror has struck the home kingdom, and now it is under the threat of annihilation. You go on the path of resistance to destroy all the enemies on your way.
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The Savior's Gang v1.01 - PLAZA

The Savior's Gang torrent download
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In the The Savior’s Gang game, the player controls the Savior, a powerful creature crucified and trapped between the mortal world and the heavens. This unjust death causes the wrath of his father, an omnipotent suit who unleashes a series of traps, disasters and dangers throughout the world. The Savior must negotiate with his Father to stop these catastrophes and save only his worshipers from all this evil, and try to break the limbo and regain their strength. To achieve his goals, he will have a good friend Stan, he hates being called Satan and the mediation of his mother and stepfather.

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Cheeky Chooks v27 (upd.05.03.2019) - SKIDROW

Cheeky Chooks torrent download
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Cheeky Chooks is very cute in its performance and added a simple in design game simulator, where you will take control and control of a small farm, trying to fully develop it. The main inhabitants of your possession will be the little chickens who need to ensure a happy life. From the very beginning you are given a small plot with a small house for birds. In order to make it easier to cope with the task, you are given the opportunity to undergo some training, where you will learn all the information on the care of animals. The needs of chickens are not that great, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Each chick needs to drink, eat and roost, where she will reproduce offspring or give you healthy eggs.

This game has been updated 5-03-2019, 14:01 to the latest version v27 (upd.05.03.2019).

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Survisland v0.6.1.2

Survisland torrent download
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Survisland is a great adventure action with a mixture of a survival simulator, in which you will go to the uninhabited island as the main character, and you will have to survive in all available ways in the vast spaces of it. The beauty of this game lies in a thoughtful realistic world and a otpadnaya atmosphere, surrounded by the same problems and the same tasks that would surround an ordinary person in reality, if he gets into a similar situation. Having created a character and started the game, you are transported to an island on which you will have to build a house, get everything you need, learn to survive in the wild and just start life from scratch.

This game has been updated 2-03-2019, 08:16 to the latest version v0.6.1.2.

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Glass Masquerade 2 Illusions v2.0.0 (upd.01.03.2019)

Glass Masquerade 2 Illusions torrent download
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Show off your creative abilities and vision skills as a whole, without being distracted by small details. These skills, along with extreme concentration of attention and observation, will help you to solve the numerous puzzles and puzzles that will be in the way. In the game Glass Masquerade 2 Illusions you have to get acquainted with this stained glass art. Many of the paintings that appear before your eyes reflect the achievements of the past century or even belong to the great Wonders of the World. You have to complete a difficult task. Over time, stained paintings were destroyed and literally scattered into pieces. Collect each picture, carefully drawing the elements of the picture together. Select parts based on their shape, making sure that their faces are exactly in contact with each other. In the end, you should get a whole picture again, which will immediately go to the art museum. The task is complicated by a large number of small elements, which will not be so easy to compose.
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ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove - SKIDROW

ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove torrent download
Developed by Humanture Studio, the game ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove, is another installment in the series about the adventures of two strange aliens that look like rappers of the 1990s. Filled with humor and absurdity, the story returns to its roots, developed by the first batch, but at the same time it uses elements of the second part. The world and characters look as if they were cut out of paper, and the realization of 3D perspective in some places gives a deeper name. Naturally, the soundtrack is a mixture of funk and rap, which draws inspiration from the musical trends of the 1990s. Thanks to the characteristic bass, the soundtrack is really memorable.
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Tabletop Simulator Tortuga 1667 v11.1 (upd.01.03.2019) - PLAZA

Tabletop Simulator Tortuga 1667 torrent download
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Tabletop Simulator Tortuga 1667 and you are a pirate sailing through the waters of the Caribbean. Nearby is the Spanish Galleon, and you have persuaded your teammates to work together to steal all his treasures. That you did not tell your fellow pirates that you have no intention of sharing treasures as soon as you receive them. Your teammates have told you that they share your loyalty and that they will help you leave the greedy pirates on your ship to the rocky island of Tortuga. But you saw your friends' loaded pistols and heard their mutiny whispers. You know that no one can be trusted.
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Tech Support Error Unknown v1.0 (upd.27.02.2019) - ALI213

Tech Support Error Unknown torrent download
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Tech Support Error Unknown — the call centers of large companies, technical departments, support services are an entire industry, infrastructure that lives its own life and helps us in a difficult situation. Publisher Iceberg Interactive and studio Dragon Slumber is working on the game Tech Support, which shows the work of technical support from the inside. In the role of Quasar Telecommunications, you will have to work at the computer, interact with customers and solve problems. Or you can fool them for personal gain, but be careful if you make a mistake or are too brazen, the consequences will not keep you waiting.
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